Thunderbird Malware ???

Started by Pete!, August 17, 2015, 07:45:34 PM

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A week ago my wife asked me to add her Verizon Email to her set-up. Since Verizon doesn't have an IMAP server, I couldn't use the Windows Mail App.

When I tried to run the Installer for Mozilla Thunderbird, her Norton AV tried to stop me.
I installed it by running as an administrator, and everything worked.

I noticed that it was a newer version, so later that day I updated my computer's copy.

Today, on my computer I got a pop-up from AVG. It wanted to quarantine an old Thunderbird installation file that i had on a USB stick.

Recalling the recent problems with the Winpatrol website.......

Is there something going on in the AV industry, that's creating false positives?
Is the latest version of Thunderbird actually Malware?