Please help me with Edge.

Started by ron350, February 16, 2022, 01:37:43 AM

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Today this old Dell with win 10 performed an update.

Now there is a screen that says you got the latest Windows update with a window about edge in the upper right corner.
It says " Help us make search better for you Microsoft will collect results from searches that you perform in this browser."

It gives the option to click "Got It" or "Manage Settings"
What is the correct steps to take?  i do not like EDGE.


You can turn that feature off.  See the illustrated instructions at [Tip] Disable Microsoft Edge from Collecting and Sending Your Search Results.  The upper section is for Windows 11 so just scroll down to the section for Windows 10.

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Thank you Corrine i found that switch and turned it to off.

Edge has taken over the computer and will not let me use IE11 any more. I have or had my favorites in IE11 on a left side toolbar. I have had a left side favorites toolbar for 20 years so MS is going to make sure i cant have any thing that looks any thig like  i am used to.
Did i mention how much i love EDGE?

I am forced to post this using Win XP machine.


Found the way around that for now.