Acer Monitor Flickering

Started by JazzPurr, August 31, 2022, 09:50:33 AM

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I'm having monitor flickering problems! It's an Acer B193(digital) monitor. It uses an Intel HD graphics 4400 driver.

Coincidence or not, it started Monday morning when I was watching a You Tube video and decided to use the pop-out "mini-player" option. I thought it would be an "always on top" player, but it wasn't, so I closed it. Literally within one minute of doing that I started to get screen flicker that I've never had with this (Windows 10 Pro) computer.

I don't know if this is more a monitor problem than a computer one, but I did watch a few videos on how to deal with this and tried most of what they said, things like:

    Checked for screen damage: None.

    Pressed the "auto" button on the monitor to see if that would shake off the flickering. Nope. Also went in the monitor screen menu and hit "reset." Nothing.

    Disconnected the monitor from the computer and reattached it to see if that did anything. Nope.

    Checked the driver for updating. Needed none.

    Uninstalled driver and reinstalled. Did nothing.

    Did system restore to a restore point about one week ago. Did nothing -- or made it worse!

    I have not done -- and really don't want to do -- a total purge/factory reset. I'm not even sure at this point whether this is a computer or a monitor issue yet. But I don't know what else I can try. And I do not have another monitor to hook up to see if things are different with it. And I have not installed any new programs (in months) nor have I gotten any MS updates that could be the cause. The system restore should've addressed that anyway, right?

    So, I thought I would post here to see if there's something about this issue that someone might have advice on. Maybe some other program or scan or something to try.

    (Beyond that, I suppose my only option is to get a computer guy here to physically look at things and determine where the problem is.)

    Thanks for any feedback!



I don't have much to offer, but can you take your monitor to a friend to see if it is a problem on their computer?  That might at least clarify whether it is the monitor or the computer (or a graphics card if you have one).

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Computer techs don't deal with monitors. You'd probably be told to buy another monitor.

I tried quite a few places a few years ago to get a monitor repaired. Everyone declined and said e-cycle it and get a new monitor.
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Thanks to you both for your replies!

Yes, I figure there isn't much to do for the monitor itself, but as v_v suggested, I thought I should at least try to find out whether it's the monitor or not that's the problem. I'd hate to spend $300 or whatever and find out the new one flickers, too!

Anyway, I'll see if I can get it checked on another computer (or check another monitor on this computer) and prepare myself for a purchase in the near future.