Started by Metallica, November 01, 2023, 01:43:46 PM

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Hi all,

I'm workng on an article with some security tips for the shopping season.
Can someone that uses Brave please confirm if these instructions are still current to disable the autofill?

In Brave, open Settings > Advanced > Autofill. Toggle off "Auto Sign-in."

Thanks for your time.



So in Brave 159.124, what I had to do to get the information you wanted was:

" open Settings > Autofill and passwords > Password Manager > Settings ".

Finally on that screen there is a section that says:

"Sign in automatically
Password Manager remembers how you signed in and automatically signs you in when possible. When off, you'll be ased for confirmation every time."

There is also a section above that that says "Offer to save passwords".

On my system I have both of these disabled (toggled to the left and grayed out).


In addition on the following screen:

" open Settings > Autofill and passwords "

There is a setting that says:

"Allow auto-fill in private windows
Info from regular windows can be read/auto-filled in private windows".

On my system this is enabled (toggled to the right and colored orange).  I don't ever remember establishing this setting.


I hope that this assists you.

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Thank you very much v_v. That is helpful.

And the part about private windows is interesting.