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Started by Pete!, January 19, 2019, 07:15:40 PM

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The "Web News" section of this forum appears to be mostly posts linking readers to off-site content.
Recently, new posts have been getting lost among a plethora of offsite news.

Would it be possible to have posts in this section NOT included when a user clicks "Show unread posts since last visit" ?

I recall, a while back when one of "Scot's Newsletter Forums" most prolific posters was a bot, they did this with it's "Computerworld News" section.

They use different forum software. I don't know if we have that capability here.


Hi, Pete.  Thanks for your feedback. 

It was a bit different at SNF since there was a reason for the Computer World posts due to Scott's position as Editor-in-Chief there.  As to LzD, the news posts are going to be limited to no more than 3 or 4/day rather than the current volume.

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It looked to me like this series of Web News posts were carbon copies of posts already made at another popular forum. This raises the question: Do we even need them here? Those looking for the OP's contributions can just go to the other forum.


I, for one, welcome new forum members.  Not all of us have time to go to all the other forums out there for security news.  For that matter, program updates are copy/pasted (Corrine smiles) everywhere.
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