Lavasoft’s Rapid Response Update to VX2

Started by Corrine, August 13, 2005, 01:41:52 PM

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QuoteLavasoft's Rapid Response Update to VX2
August 12th, 2005

The first tool launched today is a new, more powerful version of the previous VX2 Cleaner. For many Ad-Aware users, the VX2 Malware is an old acquaintance; a vicious form of spyware that can not be removed without an additional removal tool due to its ability to constantly monitor the registry and to prevent any attempts to remove its associated values.

Luckily, the VX2 Cleaner does a great job in polishing the infected system. The tool is a standalone application and can be downloaded from our site, where you'll also find additional information on the tool. After the tool has successfully been installed and manually started, the application efficiently removes those variants that could not be removed normally with Ad-Aware. The VX2 Removal Tool will be available as a desktop icon as well an item in the start menu to make the scanning quick and easy for the user to apply, whenever needed.

Lavasoft's rapid response to this menace shows our genuine commitment to our corporate mission–to protect users' privacy against intrusive privacy threats.

For more information, see the VX2 Cleaner Product Page for instructions on how to download, install and run the cleaner tool. See also Press Releases and the News & Events sections for more news and information relating to the product.

Press release here:

I haven't located the VX2 Cleaner Product Page yet, although it is referenced again on the Latest Threats page.  The old VX2 cleaner is still located in Add-ons.

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