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Started by Corrine, June 20, 2011, 10:01:07 PM

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Recently someone asked me why the WinPatrol has two .exe files, WinPatrol.exe and WinPatrolEx.exe.  I was able to explain the difference between the two components from information provided by Bill Pytlovany.

In order to provide the best possible performance, WinPatrol is split into two components.

WinPatrol.exe is the small component which monitors for changes on your system. This is the program which displays the little Scotty in the system tray and remains running in the background at all times. This component does not require UAC access and should not bring up the UAC prompt.

When you double-click the little Scotty icon in the system tray, it launches the main tabbed interface or WinPatrol Explorer (WinPatrolEx.exe). WinPatrol Explorer provides the main interface that allows you to review all your various programs.  On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the WinPatrol Explorer component will result in launching a UAC (User Access Control) elevation prompt.  This is because the WinPatrol Explorer is the power house that is allowed to change your system configuration values. 

When you click to "Close" the tabbed interface, WinPatrol Explorer (WinPatrolEx.exe) is removed from memory, resulting in only the smallest required portion of WinPatrol to be running (WinPatrol.exe).

Note that the tabbed interface WinPatrolEx.exe is also launched if WinPatrol.exe is launched a 2nd time.

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