Prevent Internet Explorer Browser Hijacks with WinPatrol

Started by Corrine, June 21, 2011, 01:06:36 AM

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WinPatrol will prevent browser hijacks of Internet Explorer and notify you if there is a change to the IE home page or search options. To set this option:

A. Right-click Scotty in the system tray to launch WinPatrol, selecting "Options", accepting any UAC prompt.
B. Click the "Detect Changes to Internet Explorer Home and Search Pages." option.

  • WinPatrol PLUS subscribers have the option for Scotty to Monitor in Real-time as shown below.
  • For WinPatrol (free), Real-time monitoring is not available.  However, moving the slider all the way to the right will set monitoring to 30 minutes. To increase the length of time from 30 minutes before you want Scotty to patrol again, type in the number of minutes (up to 99) in the minutes box.

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