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Started by Corrine, June 21, 2011, 01:56:43 AM

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The Delayed Start feature in WinPatrol allows you to specify the time to wait before launching programs which may typically try to load while other system initialization are happening. This feature of WinPatrol will greatly accelerate your system startup time.

Adding programs to Delayed Start

  • Right-click Scotty in the system tray to launch WinPatrol, selecting "Options", accepting any UAC prompt.
  • Click the Start up Programs tab in WinPatrol and then right-click the desired program to select it to be delayed.
  • In the options provided, click "Move to Delayed Start Program List".

Adjusting the Delay Time

  • If closed, launch WinPatrol and select "Delayed Start".
  • Right-click on the program you wish to adjust the delayed start time.
  • Select "Delay Start Options".
  • Click the "down arrow" next to the Minutes box and scroll to the desired number of minutes for delayed start. Repeat for Seconds, if desired.
  • The seconds setting for Delayed Start is in increments of 10 seconds from 0 to 50. Once 50 seconds have been met, the next step up is minutes, where a delay up to 60 minutes can be selected.

        Note: To adjust the delay time, you can also type a number in the minute and/or second selection box ; i.e., 10, and use the keyboard arrow keys to raise or lower the number. The minute options are raised/lowered by one minute at a time and the seconds option in increments of 10 seconds. Also try clicking in the boxes and use the keyboard arrow keys the same way.

  • Click Apply and the Delay Time will be set.

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