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Started by Corrine, August 02, 2005, 03:51:03 PM

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Isn't this interesting -- as many of the other A/S vendors are removing much of WhenU from detection -- or changing the recommendation to Ignore, LS is adding variants of the same software to detection.  I would be interested in knowing if Lavasoft has labeled these additions as "critical" or "low-risk threats".

Note also that the removal of the searchbar was included in the update notice.

IMO, this update further substantiates the need for multiple programs. Of course, it may confuse the user when one vendor indicates "ignore" while another references the finding as "critical" (if that is the case with AAW). It makes it incumbent upon the members of the security community to point out the options available, particularly considering all that has been going on lately as far as WhenU is concerned (See,601.0.html and The State of WhenU Detections

See the full report of The Spyware Warrior Guide to The State of Adware Detections.

SE1R59 02.08.2005

New Definitions:

Updated Definitions:

Removed Definitions
Advanced Searchbar

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