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Hi Winchester73,

It was not under warranty, it's almost 4 years completed. Computer was working fine for that time (reboots for every 2 hrs, right... rest of the time works properly) and even in taht 2 hrs i will be downloading soem movie too
Rebooting works exactly for every 2 hours :(
I hope, mostly its an hardware problem, My Computer case will always be open (one side of CPU is open every time, to overcome the over heat)
If my guess was right, SMPS will be the culprit(I am not sure) :(

Hi Friends,

I am new to this forum, if any mistakes please forgive me but give me solution :)

I am having a Desktop,

Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 2.40ghz,
2 GB RAM (1GB + 1GB--- Both are New Transcend DDR2)
80 GB HD

These days, i am facing a problem with my desktop..... It was restarting for every 2 hours or less than.
I am using Avast anti-virus with good updates everyday.
To solve this issue,
1) I had formatted my system and had a fresh copy of OS (Windows7), but no use :( :(
2) I cleaned my CPU (unplug and cleaned RAM, HD, Cables everything), but no use :( :(
3) I had removed one RAM (As i had mentioned, i am using 1GB+1GB), means now my CPU have 1 RAM, but no use :( :(

So, can you please guys suggest me how to quit from this problem....
Will be awaiting for your response.

Thanks for your efforts in advance :)

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