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I had/have a Control Panel icon on my desktop, and it still appears to be viable.

I often wait on these major updates... but with time on my hands today, I went for it.

The update [from 20-04] went quicker than a monthly cumulative update!
I haven't used it yet, to say if anything unusual/different is happening... aside from noticing the START menu seem different (and more colorful).

Security Software Programs / Re: MVPS Hosts
« on: October 25, 2020, 09:57:02 AM »
The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [Ocotber-25-2020]


How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file

HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: the "text" version makes a great resource for determining possible unwanted connections ...

Get notified when the MVPS HOSTS file is updated


"Due to Covid-related impacts, NSS Labs ceased operations on October 15th."

I have a different take on "cumulative"... that this an update offering new features, as well as including the essential contents of previously released updates.   So for example, a person may install the October update, gaining all the protection of everything released up to and including October, without having to go through the drudgery of having to sequentially install first the January, then the February, then the March & etc. and through September, as prerequisites to installing the October.

Of course, anytime something is changed or added, there is potential to introduce new problems :-(

Sorry, when I did a copy/paste, it looks like part of it got truncated:

If a moderator can fix/adjust in my original post please...

Windows 10 Update causes error installing third-party drivers

“This issue occurs when an improperly formatted catalog file is identified during validation by Windows. Starting with this release, Windows will require the validity of DER encoded PKCS#7 content in catalog files. Catalogs files must be signed per section 11.6 of describing DER-encoding for SET OF members in X.690,” Microsoft said.


This update also addresses a Group Policy service issue, when a policy has been configured to delete cached profiles.

This issue might recursively delete critical files from %systemroot%\system32 and cause stop error “0x5A (CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED)” boot failures.

TWC link edited by winchester73

MyPal 28.14.2

The update [also] corresponds to PaleMoon version 28.14.2.
Fixed ffmpeg crash #262 #268 #270
Set toolbars colors to system #265

No changes to my add-ons from my previous post.

Available via the internal updater:   Help / Check for updates

or from

Web News / Google may be forced to give up control of Chrome
« on: October 15, 2020, 11:15:38 AM »
Google may be forced to give up control over its Chrome web browser and parts of its Ad business, under regulatory pressure stemming from a likely antitrust legal battle against the United States Department of Justice.

Security Software Programs / Re: SpywareBlaster Updates
« on: October 01, 2020, 07:50:11 PM »
SpywareBlaster database update 10/1/2020

9 NEW items (IE/ActiveX)
17 NEW items (Edge/Scripts)

for a total of 18,379 items in database

After updating, be sure to manually enable all protection

MyPal has been updated to version 28.13.0 ; however, the internal updater does NOT seem to be finding this update.   You may manually download/install it from

My current add-ons are:
uBlock Origin
HTTPS Always 5.2.25
NoSquint 2.2.2


The cited download page for MyPal 28.13.0 contains the following "announcement":

PAY Attention original palemoon developers declared that we abuse their sites they even tried block them from mypal but failed, and it will be likely an excuse when they begin abuse us. So no excuse ещ to me i removed all links to their sites from mypal, the addons page synch and other stuff regarding palemoon will not work, do not complain and create issue about this. You can open their sites manually but i do not suggest who knows what they invent next time. If you really want to open their site use another browser. Anyway i can build new versions while they stay opensource and eventually we set up our own alternative sites.


WOW!   Looks like there's bad blood between MyPal and PaleMoon.   Searching, I located the following post at the PaleMoon forum:

(That thread continues on for another two pages).

I'm really not sure what to make of all this  :(


The attacks, on both sides, aren't the easiest matters to follow.   What I think the objection is, is that MyPal users typically download their add-ons from the PaleMoon add-ons server, "hogging" bandwidth there... PaleMoon wants them to have their own, independent server   [I doubt there are that many MyPal users, so what I just stated may not be the actual reason.]


I had been under the impression that MyPal was an authorized/sanctioned "fork" of PaleMoon.   If it [ever] was, that's clearly no longer the case.   So I'm debating whether I should continue to mention MyPal updates here... unless/until the matter is amicably resolved.


Security Software Programs / Re: Re: SpywareBlaster Updates
« on: August 22, 2020, 09:23:03 PM »
Just noticed that in Edge, implementation of SpywareBlaster's protection results in the message "Your browser is managed by your organization".
Unfortunately, even upon disabling protection, the message remains, as the two policy names, CookiesBlockedForUrls and JavaScriptBlockedForUrls are still "there", albeit with NO "policy values".
I've reported this in the SpywareBlaster Forum:   
See attached screenshots.

I just installed the update on my Win8.1 HP Stream7 tablet, and (at least, in my case) a reboot WAS required.

EDIT:   I see that KB4578013 was apparently installed at the same time... perhaps that's what required the reboot?

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