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Never mind.

(My Windows 10 laptop that I barely use decided to 90% freeze up on apps and Settings after letting it on long enough to do updtes.  I did a Restart and now everything is fine.

Windows 7 never did this to me.  I'm starting to wonder if Microsoft has stock in hair dye because now I have even more white hairs.)

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Prayers or virtual hugs appreciated
« on: June 29, 2016, 12:05:35 AM »
Thank you, all!  (( hugs))  :'(   &  :)

(and, yes, Freedomlist...and before that Lavasoft because my first computer was the WinMe I christened 'Fabio' on account that he was such the hairy beast.       I'm such the non-techie.  :o )

Thanks, Corrine, I'll forward that info.
For reasons I've listed elsewhere, we're both feeling a bit scatterbrained of late and he most of all being laden the most.  Hopefully, he'll remember which....or just list them all!  :-\

LandzDown Lounge / Prayers or virtual hugs appreciated
« on: June 28, 2016, 11:04:02 PM »
It has not been the best of... decades really...  but the last two years have been especially difficult what with other family members needing major surgery.  Went from nearly doctor free to seeing the inside of a hospital's visiting room several times each year.

Now one has been diagnosed with cancer:  My dad.  It's early stage and he was normally a stubborn cuss, but he's aged something fierce the last five years.

Prayers or virtual hugs appreciated.

RIP Freedomlist:  my second 'tech forum' and it was invaluable during my dial-up years.  I think it was just a couple of months ago I went back (nostalgia) and saw that all the posts were old.  Not surprised its been laid to rest, but still a bit sad.  Nice memories.

I and my sibling purchased the Lifetime WinPatrol Plus program when it was offered at the super special of $1 awhile back--same day.

When he upgraded his computer to Windows 10 the upgrade apparently *ate* his WinPatrol and....well, he's not the best record keeper of late due to hordes of recent family issues thrust upon his shoulders.

Question:  what info would he need to send to WinPatrol in order to get his registration code?  (I should mention that he's not sure which email he used to register as he quit one or two within the past two years.  Yes.)

If it would help, we not only purchased on the same day, much of the info will be the same.  Let me know how and I'll repeat this plus my info in an email.

The party's over.  :(

Whatever is doing it is making me want to scream.
Problem is back and this time neither solution is working to clear it up.  Even my old tablet's Request Desktop Version selection doesn't work on it anymore let alone clear my desktop computer.

Am still not clear on just what entity declares which it is set at.  Obviously not the web browser as as soon as Firefox did this IE did as well. and Amazon basically shrugged but then they like most stores probably farm out their support to someplace in Asia.

I hate tablet view because it hides things, but guess will have to get used to it.

Problem SOLVED.  (kind'a)

I went into my tablet and opened its version of Firefox.  Found the path to ask for viewing sites in desktop mode.  Went to all my sites on it and asked for desktop mode.  Closed tablet and booted desktop....

ta-da!  Amazon, Target, and the rest are in Desktop view.

So even if they use different operating systems, browsers, methods of connecting with the net, and are not otherwise synced... somehow sharing the same computer HOME NETWORK messes up the view?  And only during this year?  :o

It is a puzzlement.

Well, it's fixed for now anyway.   ;D


The above is a Mozilla Support link for people with Windows 10 who have the same problem.  Unfortunately, their answers didn't work for me.

So I definitely have had my browser go from Tablet View to Desktop View.  And History>All History> right click on site> Forget This Site option no longer works.

Man oh man oh man.  Computers hate me.  ::)

I was starting to think it was because I have a small tablet I sometimes use to view these sites, but that tablet is not synced to anything on the desktop other than the wifi connection.....and for over two years it was fine.

Well, I've sent a Help (me!) email to Target, but I doubt it will come to anything.  Amazon's Help always confuses me on how to get to the right form.
Probably a browser issue.  Currently Firefox 46.0.1

This has become a hassle of late:
I click my bookmark to go to a site and instead of the desktop view on my desktop computer I get a tablet view (larger icons, less links to other areas and so forth.)  I don't like Tablet View.  Especially on my tv screen/monitor as I need to either do a lot more scrolling around or try to miniaturize everything.

Somewhere and weeks back I found a workaround by Googling.  You go into your History, right click the website in question and select Forget This Site.  Worked like a charm....for all of two weeks.  Now refreshing the website doesn't switch to the viewing mode.  Nor do the websites that used to have a bottom link to switch have them anymore.  So I'm stuck wondering if the tablet/mobile revolution has finally toppled the last bastion of desktops---a decent website page with lots of linking options laid out in one area.

I'll give two example sites as their addresses are nice and short to type:

Desktop:  Windows 7 Home Edition.  Firefox browser.

Do you get these in a Tablet View now as well?

 :) Thank you, Corrine, guys, for the info and the link.   I swear this stuff was making me feel like a bug splat on a Window.  As in there I was ---an innocent ladybug--- when suddenly the weight of double-pain (no, that's not a typo) was pressing down on me.  :o

I've never changed my mind so many times in regards to a computer program, but can't shake the old paranoia that it's better to have two computers and two different os, browsers, etc just in case one gets compromised for any reason right when important work needs to be accessed.

I went and answered on a wrong yet similar topic.  Forgive me for panicking, but I really did have a few important things I'd yet to backup.  Think I have a few dozen more white hairs than I did a couple of hours ago.

Anyway, I'm still the owner of a Win7 computer.  Unfortunately, that KB3035583 not only is still on my system, but apparently has given birth to a child (On my history with a 5/25/16 and a 12/17/15 as dates.)  Yes, I did the Uninstall thing.....that's how the whole one-hour-long reconfig scare started.

Anyone have any ideas wtf happened, I'd love to hear it.

Update:  My desktop is still on Windows 7 (whew!)
However my Uninstall of KB3035583 innocently installed on 5/25/16 (and on 12/17/15?) are still listed on my system plus the GXW is still Hidden on my Notification Icons.  Yes, it's hidden.  Yes,  :( ,   it's still there.  Like some sort of horror movie monster.

Can no one rid me of this demonic plague?

I didn't.  I tried to Uninstall the KB it rode in on.  Instead when I hit ShutDown I got a configuration underway screen that has been that way now for....over 45 minutes.  Even with trying to turn the power off and then on again.  Now I'm afraid that when/if that screen goes away I've either bricked my main computer or have an unwanted Win10 desktop.

My laptop is now past the trial 30 days despite...yeah, I seem to recall going to do a through-the-motions revert to Win7 on this little thing, but my Update window to reverse the change never looked like the screens they showed on YouTube.  So I put it drama.  Stuck there too.

We'll see what happens (hopefully before I have to go to work) on what I've got, but to say I'm very angry at MS right now is an understatement.  I didn't have all my latest work saved to another disk!  Not to mention the time loss.

Mac may just have won me back by default and without even trying.

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