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I thought of that too, caps lock is not on, I don’t remember if Larry sent a recovery disk. I pulled the battery, to do a hard reset but when I turned the computer back on it came up to the same page wanting my password. I have to dig around in some boxes to see. I also email HP, but they stated they would not help me bypass my password, it was against their policy.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Password not working
« on: May 02, 2019, 02:54:51 PM »
My laptop won’t let me sign in. I’m on an HP Notebook running windows 7 Any help would be appreciated. Anna

Forever In Our Hearts / ANNOUNCEMENT With a sad sad heart
« on: December 23, 2017, 12:56:14 PM »
I felt the need to share with you all who knew "Ghost": He passed away unexpectedly on 12/20/2017 at 9:30pm, in his sleep with a massive heart attack. I know there are many of you who helped him solve computer troubles and shared other thoughts and insights. Ghost left behind his wife and a son who are completely devastated. With no life insurance his wife (my sister) is struggling. Please pray for God to send her comfort and peace.

Hey, I'm back. Sorry this is so stressful for me. I've been checking the TP-Link, I found a step by step method to install the TP-Link onto my Windows XP, but lost the link and can't find it again.
I live in the country and don't have any other wireless networks in the list. Not even the one I am trying to connect to. I right click the signal strength icon and click the name of the wifi I want to connect to, and it searches for a while and then connects for about 1 min and then disconnects. I tried to click repair and it says it can't find my IP Address, so I tried to change the IP address and it won't take the command. A friend tried to connect on his wifi at his house and he said one of my registry keys was something(can't remember the term he used) so he fixed it and the computer connected to his wifi. Brought it home and it still won't connect.  :sos:
I can't get on the internet to update my Avira (antivirus). Could have malware, not sure how to scan for that. I'm trying to run a system scan with Avira, looks like it is running. Yay! Not sure how to check for error in Device Manager. I can't remember if the computer stayed online when connected with the ethernet cable.
I sure appreciated any and all help you all can give me. Thank you, Anna

I appreciate all the help, but I have to disconnect for today, my head hurts so bad from trying to figure this all out. I will check back in tomorrow. Thank you all,  :thud: Anna

Hammy: I'm so sorry but Google Chrome is what I am on right now and this notebook won't let me copy and paste.  :sad: Here is the info you asked about
Maker:  TP-Link
Model#: TL-WR720N  Version 1.1
I have an ethernet cable, do you want me to try connecting with it?
Thank you, Anna

Gr@ph, I'm unclear as to what you mean. "How I get on"?
Thank you, Anna

If I'm thinking correctly, if I change the channel won't that affect the other users on this internet. I can't mess their connection up. So unsure as to what I'm doing. Thank you, Anna :embarrassed:

No difference if I move right next to the modem/router. Won't stay connected. Thank you, Anna

I unplugged the router...unplugged the modem...internet/cable company just replaced the cable coming into the house. Still can not stay connected to the internet. My boyfriend has been living here and he has never had the issues I am having, he has a notebook and a laptop. I am not computer or internet knowledgeable, some of the ideas that have been posted...I am unsure as to how to do them. Like change the idea how to do that. Thank you for all of your responses. Still can't stay connected.

I moved to a new address with different wifi. I get on the internet but I lose internet connection after about 3 minutes. The lap tops that have been using the same internet wifi stay connected with no problems. I get this message when I try to re connect to the internet, "Acquiring network address". Please help, thank you, Anna

I recently moved and my lap top won't stay connected to the wifi. It only stays connected for about 3 minutes. Status says: Acquiring network address. I turned the windows firewall off...didn't help. I hope you all can help me.
Thank you, Anna1362

Corrine and DonnaB: Thank you very much for all you did in assisting Ghost with repairing my LapTop. I am so greatful to you both. Oh, I did get my bootie chewed (to put it nicely) by my Brother Inlaw. :-) And I did read (three times!) "How did I get infected"! Hopefully I have learned from this experience. Thank you again. Anna1362 :rose: :goodie:

Yes my brother-in law is a very special person. No worries here...I won't be lending my shiny clean, inside and out, laptop to anyone! Thanks to you Corrine :rose:  :dance:

Hi Corrine, Love your Happy Dance :rose:

I deleted SecurityCheck from my desktop.
Followed your instructions to uninstall AdwCleaner.
Clicked start >Run and copied/pasted ComboFix/Uninstall and clicked OK.
System Restore, When you mentioned this earlier I think I did that.
I will defrag after I send this message to you.
OK, I will update Malwarebytes.
I will keep all Third Party Programs such as Java, Adobe and Microsoft Security updated.

I am so happy and thankful for all you did to help me get this great computer in tip top shape. You really rawk!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :hug:

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