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Security Software Programs / Re: Windows 10 Technical Preview
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:32:30 AM »
Thanks for the news Corrine. I have always created WinPatrol following MSDN recommendations so I wouldn't have expected problems.  Yesterday we actually flipped the switch so the WinPatrol server is hosted on Bret's new secure machine so I didn't get a chance to download the Windows 10 tech preview.

It's really weird not getting any of the emails, even all the spam. I'll still be available to Bret because I'm sure he'll run into some tricks I used in WinPatrol.

Looking forward to WinPatrol 10 and other new technology from Microsoft. Also proud that I have again been awarded MVP status by Microsoft.


Security Software Programs / Re: igfxtray & filesfrog
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:44:42 PM »

Thanks for taking the time to mention this.  As you may have read I have figured out the scheme Windows 8.x uses in the new Task Manager for setting a startup program as disabled.  So, I have put a method in place to sync up the disabled status. I did have a little help from a Microsoft fellow so in theory when a Windows 8.x user disables a program in WinPatrol I also set the Windows disabled status and vice versa. I have igfxtray on my system so I will check it out.
I suspect filesfrog is a 64 bit program which is work in progress.

The new task manager also includes a value indicating how much activity a program uses on startup. I haven't added this yet but if enough people ask we'll see. The disable sync'ing is a good example when I tell people WinPatrol will take advantage of new Windows 8.1 features while it supports Windows XP and beyond.

Thanks again,

Security Software Programs / Re: oddity in the File Types monitor
« on: November 10, 2013, 03:19:24 PM »
Yea, I couldn't rest until I was able to look and figure out where the main failure is occurring.
I still need to find out why I'm not in sync but I can confirm that the list used in the display of file types is obtained in the followinf registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\Class

The default value will typically appear as the file extensions separated by a semi-colon.


RTF should be included by default but if it was somehow removed it could screw things up.  I still have some research to do but I was able to confirm this string is used in the display of file types which are shown on our list as being monitored.

( I guess I was tired because I just noticed I wrote this last night and it was still unsent on my screen this afternoon.  ) :laughing:


Security Software Programs / Re: oddity in the File Types monitor
« on: November 10, 2013, 03:17:40 AM »
I would really like to thank everyone for taking the time to research what well described as an "oddity". There is obviously a bug in the core of the File Type monitoring code.  As I read though I though about a few possibilities including could some other program be removing RTF from the WinPatrol list? Considering the program still makes the change when you chose not to use RTF's it might be suspicious. Naturally, I'd be surprised by any program going out of their way to mess with WinPatrol.
Based on your details, that isn't happening.

I also thought about the fact Windows actually has 2 to 3 different locations for file associations.  There is a regular file association registry, there is the Class registry hive that allows you to associate a file with an extensions and there is even a special registry key that is used just by Explorer.  That still doesn't seem to be the main problem.

The key issue for me is the mystery of the missing .RTF listing. I so love screen shots and your samples show that there is something very wrong and it has been confirmed by ky331.
It doesn't make sense that RTF does not show up in the list but when you try to add it Scotty says it's already in the list.  There aren't any extensions hard coded. By design WinPatrol will look at the registry folder you displayed. That is the same list I check when you try to add a new file type.

The next version of WinPatrol will have a fix that resolves this mystery. I really should be going to bed but I don't think I can sleep until I try and figure out how this could happen.

Again, thank you Ancient1 for having the patience and for taking the time to explain this so well. Thanks also to Corinne :rose: for trying to make sense of it and urging me to stop by. And even Ky331 for making me confident this isn't just a fluke. I haven't had any other reports like this so if not for the details here I may not have given it the attention it deserves.

I'm sure if I can track down why RTF isn't showing up, it will also explain why WinPatrol isn't blocking LibreOffice from making its change.

Thanks again,

Security Software Programs / Re: 28.8 does not show disable programs
« on: September 05, 2013, 01:11:50 PM »
Thank you to everyone for taking the time to report any problems they have.  For everyone who takes the time to post their experience I expect there are dozens who just give up and may remove WinPatrol. So yea, I am grateful to everyone as much as I am thankful to Corinne who devotes so much of her time to help with no expectation of reward or even acknowledgement.

I try hard to make sure any WinPatrol news including updates are widely circulated. There is a Fans of WinPatrol page on Facebook because we can't deny there is a large audience and it's convenient for many if I post information on this page. I share the privacy fears which have been expressed here so I discourage using Facebook for support questions. In fact, on the WinPatrol website I provide a link but ask users not to join Facebook just to use our Facebook page.  Emailing is typically the best source of support although there are days you may be a quicker answer right here on Landzdown. :)

Thanks again,


Security Software Programs / Re: Problem with delayed start up programs.
« on: January 04, 2013, 01:58:16 AM »
Thanks for helping Corrine,  your last question is what I need to know the most right now.

What version of WinPatrol is the most important right now. 
I'm actually making final touches on a new version and the help file included for Delayed Start should be helpful.

If programs are launching, the main question is if WinPatrol.exe is opening ok when the system starts up. I have run into situations where other programs are blocking WinPatrol from starting.  Obviously, if WinPatrol isn't running it won't be able to launch the programs on that list.

Why the delay time can't be changed had me puzzled.  I have never heard anyone report of that kind of problem with any version.

Check our our new version 26.1.2013 tomorrow and if you continue to have problems contact


Hey Max,

Thank you for the follow up.  Yes, I am looking at our localization process for two reasons.

As you know, currently our local languages are stored as a registry script that stores translations in the registry. In the past most browsers except Internet Explorer wouldn't allow running registry scripts. Instead, the browser will just display the script in its text form.  This is for the protection of users since it was very common for malware to use .reg files to infect users and infiltrate a computer.  Even Outlook won't allow you to receive files with a .reg extension.  Many security programs change the file type assocation of both .reg and .scr filetypes so they open Notepad so even if you want to use registry scripts you can't.  .SCR file type is a screen saver type also commonly used to infect computers.
The new Internet Explorer now displays .reg scripts instead of running them.  The only way to run a registry script is by using RegEdit or calling it from within a program.

As I've mentioned elsewhere last year my wives illness reduced the time I devoted to WinPatrol and localized versions suffered from lack of attention.  Things are going well now and it's very important for me to show respect to all our non U.S. WinPatrol fans.  Thanks to the quick response from volunteers I have already built and updated a half dozen setup programs so they install localized versions. By building it into the setup program users don't have to run the script. I'm just waiting for other volunteers and probably need to follow up to see if they're still on board.

The 2nd reason motivating me to make a change is %#&ing 64 bit Windows. The 64 bit versions won't allow scripts to add our local text to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive. In a quick decision to support users, the scripts now add text to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tree. The downside or upside, depending on your view is that localization only applies to the single user.  If you have multiple users on a machine it means the script or WinPatrol setup must run for each user.

This still doesn't explain why sorting columns doesn't work for you if the local text is found in the registry but I'll tackle that when I make the change. Now that I have upgraded Visual Studio I also need to modify the function I use for comparing text. I have to replace all "lstrcmpi(...)" to "CompareString(..)" to support non English. Unfortunately, this isn't a simple change for XP machines so I'l need to pay special attention to every single piece of code where I compare text. I'll also need to test each routine to be sure it works as planned on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 AND 64 bit versions of each including 64 bit versions of XP which is growing.

Luckily as I said, my wife is doing great so I am able to devote proper attention to WinPatrol this year.

Thanks again,

Security Software Programs / Re: Cannot get rid of Win Patrol
« on: May 14, 2012, 05:13:48 PM »
As always, you ask and I'll do my best to make everyone satisfied with their WinPatrol experience.

I have created a single WinPatrol Remove program which cleans up all the entries created in the registry (including the one previously mentioned) and all the files in our Program Files folders.

Ironically, the exefile registry entry could have been removed on the WinPatrol options tab by unchecking the Explorer Integration option.

Ultimately, all the features of the new stand alone WinPatrolRemove.exe will be integrated properly into our normal Add/Remove/Uninstall applet.  I will also be creating a WinPatrolRepair.exe program that will allow folks to fix individual requests without having to Uninstall WinPatrol.

For now however you can go to and click on the WinPatrol Removal Program.

Thanks again,
Bill Pytlovany
BillP Studios

Thanks for taking the time to post information on your experience.
So far it's high on my list of bugs that make absolutely no sense but I'm told computer do what you tell them to do so I'm sure there's a fix somewhere.


It’s not unusual to see duplicates of autorun program if you’re running a 64 bit version of Windows. Windows maintains a duplicate entry which is redirected when running as under 64 bit mode. The duplicates are identical.

For your security WinPatrol will still display both locations to make sure some kind of malware doesn’t try to trick Windows by saving their autorun information directly.  What you’re seeing is expected behavior.

When you use Remove WinPatrol will get both copies.  Keep in mind that the "Disable" used by WinPatrol has no connection to the feature used by MSConfig for disabling.

Hope that helps,

I haven't had a chance to thank everyone for their support yet but I might have a solution for this issue.

I don’t know how it happens but it sounds like you have multiple copies of WinPatrol in your Startup list. It's also possible that WinPatrolEx.exe was added to the startup list.  In the newer versions of WinPatrol I have implemented a quick fix.

Open up the main WinPatrol tabbed Interface.
Click on the Options tab.
You should see a check box that says, “Automatically run WinPatrol when computer starts”
Just Unclick the box in front of this message.
Now click it again so the checkbox remains.

This action will remove the multiple copies of WinPatrol in the Startup List and initialize the correct startup setting.
WinPatrol is split into two components to provide the best possible performance.

WinPatrol.exe is the small component which monitors for changes on your system. This is the program which displays the little Scotty in the taskbar and remains running in the background at all times. This component does not trigger or require UAC access so at boot up the UAC should never appear.
The only exception is if you set this file to "Run as Administrator". They Windows will trigger UAC.

When you double click on the little Scotty icon it launches our main tabbed interface or WinPatrol Explorer(WinPatrolEx.exe).  The program provides the main interface and allows you to review all your various programs.  When you click on "Close", this program is removed from memory so only the smallest required portion of WinPatrol is running. This component has the power to make configuration changes in the registry so it will always require UAC.

Thanks again,

Security Software Programs / Re: "Spycar" anti-spyware test tool released
« on: September 04, 2006, 04:16:41 PM »
One of the problems with test programs is that programs like Ad-Watch, WinPatrol,etc... are frequently smart enough to know it's only a test.

It's kinda like the Star Trek episode where Data tried to prove the Nanobots were alive but they knew enough to beat the test.
 Wow, now I really sound like a geek.    :tease:

In this case, Scotty knows it's just a test program.

The Real-time Detection in WinPatrol does differentiate and will not warn you immediately if a test program that you allowed to run makes the change.
If we hooked into every registry change the system would crawl.

The methodology behind WinPatrol PLUS (R.I.D) is based on particular events which occur when programs try to execute or infiltrate your system. Manually editing the registry or changing program options may not trigger a R.I.D. alert but infiltrations by 3rd party programs will. This way you'll enjoy optimal performance during your normal computing tasks but Scotty will still wake up when significant changes have been made.

In our testing we hired a third party to infect their system based on well known infections.
The results are at

It's a shame that Consumer Reports and others are using test programs like Spycar.  Of course we may have done really bad except because WinPatrol doesn't advertise it doesn't seem to make it into the main stream magazine conparisons anyway.

Jokes / Re: Funny 404 Error Messages
« on: September 04, 2006, 03:57:51 PM »
And thank you Corrine for letting me know about this thread.  Some of the 404 pages are hysterical and it really makes me want to create something special for my sites.

I actually heard from Google this morning and they wanted me to provide them with the url I tried so they could clean it up.
They also wanted to be sure that my page includes a "What's This" link which points to the following...
I'm still more annoyed at Gateway for continuing to make money off me after I just spent $4000+ on my new system.

Dell is no better.  They also use  BAE.DLL and explain it at

Thanks again,

BillP Studios

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