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Does the latest installer contain something more objectionable than previous versions?

No, just the same pre-filled checkbox to agree to installing another clean software from a relayed company.

Potentially Unwanted Program/Application.

I'd have more faith in the reporting software if they suggested unchecking the box in such wrappers.

CCleaner still appears to be functional, and so is the pop-up that nags me to update.

I missed this - it's an indication that it has internet access, possibly spying but certainly checking you have the latest clean/verified version. Disabling 'net access will lead to some delay before CCleaner can be used.

It's specific to the installer(s), not the product.

If you already have CCleaner set up correctly and blocked from accessing the internet, you can upgrade to a later version by downloading the zip/portable version and overwriting the .exe files in your folder. CCleaner.exe - x86, CCleaner64.exe = x64 CCleaner, you only need to overwrite the file that matches your Windows bitness.

For windows 10 users:  I read that some are having problems with Windows Defender virus protection being turned of an not able to reactivate.

I have my updates paused currently, so don't want to unpause if this is going on in any major way.  Is the April  update causing problems for anyone?

The problem was fixed with the signature update 1.313.1687.0.

You can manually check for updates. In Windows 10, open the Windows Security window, go to Virus & threat protection and select the Check for Updates hyperlink under Virus & Threat Protection Updates. Then the new signature file should be installed by update. For MSE, you should have Windows Update check for updates. After a long search I was offered update KB2310138 with the above signature. After installing this update the error in the MSE seems to be fixed.

I'm moving on.

Hopefully to a basic online reading comprehension course, good luck.

Moderate/mediate - do you understand either/both?

I'm defending no-one and everyone, I'll get my coat...

Binary Outcast = Tobin and he can only moderate his own area plus his 'special' Off-Topic playground.

Browsers with bloat like built-in pdf reading capabilities and DRM are relatively new. Google-backed browsers are allowed to use DRM, see this link as an example of how the smaller browsers are treated.

"difficult/hectic/repetitive (times)" can be very big factors, esp. for people without decades of rigorous training in blocking out all factors except the orders of the day. Some people are different and we need to realise that and make 'some' allowances, stifling their personalities isn't likely to keep them all on track with what they're best at, and keep those people with special skills in specialised tasks.

Any US/CA-based helpers on the PM site wouldn't require a VPN
I realize that. My comment was in response to you suggesting "he" (presuming you meant Moonchild) didn't set this up. My point is, that should not matter. He should have checked out the link plodr provided.

He(yes Moonchild)'s based in SE.

Tobin's NOT a site or forum moderator.

PM's a web browser, it's never had DRM, not likely to either, for reasons linked to in that topic.

Seen similar topics elsewhere involving Edge when all that was required was triggering a WMP codecs download.

Nothing and no-one's perfect, esp. when times are difficult/hectic/repetitive/...

... since so many PM users live in the US, such a test platform would already be set up.

Any US/CA-based helpers on the PM site wouldn't require a VPN, Tobin's US and he made the call on DRM, presumably after eventually running a quick check.

(I'm sure he was aware of the issue; why did he not mention it until he had me jump through hoops?)

Perhaps he didn't feel he had the immediate time to set up a working US/CA VPN (not all 'American' VPN's are allowed access, as I discovered) and test it for himself?

No such issues here, either with the test version or release, might be related to an extension?

I don't have time for updating fluff that will never be used on my PC, lean is good, less of a target for malware. No printing/scanning here, or any LAN file sharing, what I need/use is all that's left from the default W7 Pro install:

Web News / Re: Fake members?
« on: February 23, 2020, 09:28:24 PM »
I used to see something similar at forums. One person would ask for a program to help do something. That person would register as a different poster and post a link (usually for nefarious purposes) to a site or a program.

Astroturfing. MS sites (used to be) full of it - so if someone links there as an 'answer' - that needs checking out too.

Pale Moon checks at startup, it's a common feature with browsers, security being paramount.

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