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Thanks Corrine.  (But I warned you I was just an amateur.. :-[)

I have bookmarked.  In IE if I open that bookmark, it takes me to "LandzDown Forum ยป Recent Unread Topics".  If I open in Edge, it takes me to a login page every time, even though I'm still logged in if I go to

Both Firefox and Chrome based browsers do this.  I think the reason is that, while the Forums are secure (https), the login page is not.  Check the address bar when you try to login directly into the "Recent Unread Topics".  The address bar will show a hash-lock symbol in Firefox and a "Not Secure" text in Chrome based browsers (Google & Edge).  The fact that IE will automatically log you into an unsecured web-page, might be a reason that IE is no longer recommended.  The fix probably has to be made at the login page itself (ie making it a secure page).

But then I am just an amateur so I could be completely off-base.... :P

I disabled WOT for the reasons you stated...

I decided on BitDefender TrafficLight which works well and got good reviews.  It is also free...  Just go to Addons, then search for BitDefender TrafficLight.

Others here may have better suggestions, but it has worked well for me.


Suggestions and Site Feedback / Re: Last read post
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:32:04 PM »
  Clicking New would take you to the next post after you last visited that thread.

Thanks Corrine (and others) for the tip about the "New" flag.  I should have realized that that would be the solution to finding the lasted unread post since my last visit to that particular thread.


Suggestions and Site Feedback / Last read post
« on: January 11, 2017, 01:55:25 PM »
Wondering if there is a link to "view first unread posting" type of link to find the latest unread post in a specific topic string.  Normally when I long on, I click unread posts to see new posts.  No real problem except when the topic post has a lot of responses.  Then it becomes tedious trying to go through several pages to find where I last viewed the topic responses.

For example, the Malwarebytes Beta topic is currently running 5+ pages.  Finding where I left off since my last visit can result in re-reading many previous posts...

I know this is not a big deal, however most forum sites have this kind of "View First Unread" button for active posts and it would be convenient if this forum could have such a button..

Unless it already has such a button and I can't find


Corrine & Scott,

Latest version of AdwCleaner (5.116) no longer tries to delete WinPatrol files.

Thanks for helping to get this fixed...


Thanks Scott

Special thanks to Corrine who patiently helped me along with this issue...


Corrine (or Scott),

Do you want me to wait on the FRST files to see if the next version of AdwCleaner fixes the problem?

Or (Corrine) do you want me to run the scan (with your script)?

PS-  Figured out the empty WinPatrol folder -- I'm sure it is a left-over from before Bret took over WinPatrol (ie pre-Ruiware)



In Program files, I have a Ruiware folder, but it contains only WinPrivacy sub-folder (no WinPatrol), with all the WinPrivacy files.
In Program files, I also have a WinPatrol folder (empty), so letting AdwCleaner delete C:\Program Files\WinPatrol (see above attachment) would not be a problem).  It is probably just a left-over from when WinPatrol went from 32 to 64 bit...

In Program files (x86), I have a Ruiware folder, and it contains WinPatrol subfolder, with all the WinPatrol files.

In AdwCleaner, I am assuming that when it lists C:\Program Files\WinPatrol, it means C:\Program Files\WinPatrol    and NOT     C:\Program Files(x86)\WinPatrol

And then there is the other REAL issue of the C:\Users and C:\ ProgramData files that if deleted surely would disable WinPatrol.

This problem is new to AdwCleaner 5.114 & 5.115 and not any previous versions.  Since I have not reinstalled or updated WinPatrol for months (none available for awhile), I am not sure what AdwCleaner is finding now that hasn't been there for the last several months.

I am not bothered by this, since I never select the "auto" or "default" actions of any utility program.  I just wanted to point this out to those, who in a hurry, may not be looking as closely to the results of the scan, as they probably should.

If you think FRST logs would actually be of any real value, I will run them and post them for you.


Response received that this could not be confirmed with with v5.115.

Downloaded V5.115 (from Bleeping Computer).  Ran it.  Same problem (see attached log).

Windows 7 64 bit with all current updates.  Running Malwarebytes Pro in background.  Never had a virus...

Apparently I have confirmed this problem (on my computer at least... :P)


Here is the log file (attached)

Security Software Programs / AdwCleaner tries to remove WinPatrol
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:51:43 PM »
This morning updated AdwCleaner to version and ran it.  It wanted to remove WinPatrol from Program Files, App Data, etc.  Obviously I unchecked those boxes.  First time AdwCleaner ever tried to remove WinPatrol.

Just a heads up for those in a rush... before just hitting "Clean" after running a scan with AdwCleaner...


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