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Security Software Programs / Re: Quality of Support from WinPatrol
« on: July 21, 2018, 10:39:07 PM »
I stop in here every now and then to catch up on whatever news there is about WinPatrol.  And to lurk some of the other forums.

I did notice the web site is selling anonymous licenses for $4.99.

My main interest is in WAR which I still use on my primary desktop, an old i7-3770K clunker running Windows 7 SP1.  As such I don't find the need for updates (divers, libraries) as they were pretty much ironed out by early 2017.  I consider it still provides rock solid protection relative to its mission as detailed at winpatrol dot com.   So, that $4.99 might be a Pretty Good Deal for some.

WAR hits servers at akamai, cloudflare and netdna on a routine basis, definitely during program installs and updates, and as Bret explained it to me at one point early on, that's for license validation, checking for updates and whitelists.  As I'm not seeing any errors returned, some one is still paying the bills for the server side duties or paid for a multi-year contract(s) that no doubt will expire at some point.   It can be assumed the whitelisting data is old, but that data was just to speed up things on the client side.  WAR doesn't depend on any white or black lists or sigs or defs, local or cloud.

One day I might block warsvc and wargk outbounds to see what happens...

The WinPatrol domain expiration date is October 7, 2023 at Go Daddy.

The news about Bret's mother is disheartening, especially reading that newspaper account posted in that other thread. 

I hope he can rebound and get Ruiware back to business soon.

Security Software Programs / Re: Quality of Support from WinPatrol
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:22:16 PM »
I've got over 60 gmail threads with Bret going back to June of 2016 when I was running WAR beta versions on my Windows 7 primary and 10 test systems.  By the time January 2017 rolled around, WAR matured to the point I no longer needed support or desired more beta work.  Then was about the last time we corresponded.

Since WAR continues to work without issue on my tower and a laptop, both Windows 7, support has been unnecessary.   Product updates are not of a major concern to me.  Which is to say I'm not dismissing 10 users considering those four Redstone bulldozers.  (I have only one active 10 box and it's dedicated to NAS and restricted to FTP and my LAN, so no need for WAR.  And I have no concern to run WAR on my 10 test system at this point.)

I notice that WARSvc still bangs a couple or three IP addresses in ip dot secureserver dot net (for my SW USA location) when I install/run new stuff.  Of course, there's no way to tell if the server side has seen any data maintenance.  However it most likely continues to act on its core functionality. 

That domain and winpatrol dot com are hosted by Go Daddy - Domains By Proxy and some one is paying the bills.

I had only recently become aware of Bret's absence and hope he soon recovers from whatever family and business troubles are disturbing his calm.

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