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I coulda swore that option was available, and now not seeing it. Just when I was getting to like Groove player, now this? It has every other option available for sort except release date. That was my Google Drive backup upload that was thwarted by an MS update, MP3 tags updated with all the relevant info and cool, crisp and brilliant avatars.

Guess it's back to Windows Media Player again, or AIMP to start off listening to year 1974, the greatest year ever for Hot 100 Billboard hits and choice album cuts.

Here's a novel idea, how about a scheduler similar to Microsoft Defrag, at least give us weekly and a day to choose on the week to go with it, that way we don't have to be running to Update settings just to make sure what we want to get done can be done uninterrupted. I'm not always a daytime person.

Digerati, I've seen that post of yours similarly hundreds of times before, and I actually expected that response from you. I'm pretty good at feeling people out. It was almost as bad as the stock answers that are copy and pasted at the Microsoft help center.

So basically I have to go looking maybe for some third party software to get control of my PC updates back, same as it was like with the start menu to get rid of sucky childish looking tiles on a desktop PC.

Yours is the type of stock answer I've come to expect from a Microsoft apologist. To me it's quite condescending. You treat it as though everyone else is an idiot and they need to be told what's best for their own good. I actually stopped reading a little past half-way thru that drivel. Well, here's a clue, I'm not an idiot.

Corrine: I just want control of my PC back. MS acts is if it's there's instead of mine. I shouldn't have to go into Update settings every time just to make sure I'm not rebooted all of a sudden in the middle of something. All that telemetry stuff in the background on these new Windows OS systems I can forgive, it has some positives, but I want control of my updates back, or at least more control. If the options I have now is what's considered 'bending over backwards', well then MS is just basically clueless.

These out of cycle updates are just getting to be ridiculous. DAMN IT! I was having the PC upload 15GB's of data to Google Drive and when I checked this morning I find that an out of cycle update (Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703) had rebooted the PC. On a frickin' Saturday, are you KIDDING ME! It's stuff like this that makes so many hate Microsoft. I didn't even get a third of the way thru with the upload. MS should just stick to patch Tuesdays like before. Damn I'm pissed.

Security Software Programs / Re: Malwarebytes and System Restore.
« on: April 14, 2017, 11:34:21 AM »
System Restore is always monitoring.

Security Software Programs / Re: Malwarebytes and System Restore.
« on: April 12, 2017, 11:07:18 PM »
Now able to restore, but still keeping restore off in the future, prefer the speed up on this older PC. Dang websites always get more and more loaded up with bells, whistles and flashy things.

Security Software Programs / Re: Malwarebytes and System Restore.
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:39:18 PM »
Well it did happen, three times, with different dates chosen, 'til I disabled MBAM startup. I first tried uninstalling Security Essentials which I had for manual scans (not realtime). I have since not reinstalled Security Essentials, at this point MBAM realtime is all I want. I'll try tomorrow (or late tonight) to do a system restore (after re-enabling) and see if the issue reproduces itself and post results here. Still doing stuff on that PC today, felt it needed some Spring cleaning (including dustout).

Oh, and one more thing, I did an uninstall of MBAM and removed all left behind folders as well as deleted its registry values in [Software] in Current User and Local Machine, then reinstalled. MBAM on that system initially had version. 1.75 I think, and updated over and over since, so now it's my assumption that I will not be able to reproduce because of a fresh install of MBAM.

Security Software Programs / Re: Malwarebytes and System Restore.
« on: April 12, 2017, 05:49:24 AM »
MBAM 3.0.

Ran system restore from Advanced menu (right-click My PC). System overall was acting a lot more sluggish of late anyway, so made a choice between MBAM or System Restore, one had to go, and it was System Restore today. I run ERUNT on that system with 15 days worth of registry backups, and ERUNT has saved my butt before when needed.

Oh, had MBAM with defaults also, except Web Protection, I hate its Web Protection Mode.

Security Software Programs / Malwarebytes and System Restore.
« on: April 11, 2017, 07:51:06 PM »
On my Win 7 PC I needed to do a system restore but it failed twice, complaining about anti-virus. Turned out I needed to not just disable Malwarebytes protection, but disable Malwarebytes startup. LOL, that's pretty intrusive. Anyone else come across that issue?

Web News / Re: Coming Soon: Windows 10 Creators Update
« on: April 08, 2017, 01:29:29 AM »
Looks like some software will have to be reinstalled after this Creators Update. So far I've had to reinstalled System Restore Point Creator, Poppeeper email client, sound drivers, and I expect a handful of others as I come across them.

You should be able to go to c:\users\<username>\ and right-click each folder, go into properties, and in the Location tab change it to the other location.

But to where, I've already done this a year ago, and now I got duplicates with this update. I'll just leave the new ones hidden. As long as OneDrive is recognizing my initial User folders that were re-targeted to the 'S' partition and maintaining them, I'm happy, and don't want to mess that up.

OK, what I decided to do for now (and maybe permanently) was hide those extra user folders on C drive so they don't show when I open up the desktop's Documents folder. Only one that doesn't hide is the 'Desktop' folder, but I can live with that, I have no need to open that one anyway. I more often use a shortcut to file explorer and that extra Desktop folder at least doesn't show up there as quick access.

Looks like target location was changed back to C drive by looking in my C:\Users\[Username] folder. Dang it. Windows update should have recognized that the default location targets were changed and left it alone. I'll deal with this later, but most likely will just try and delete these newly created folders. Will most likely have to change some settings, like where MS Edge sends downloads to.

I'll make sure I create a system restore point beforehand. I noticed that was disabled after the update as well.

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