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Final Update on my space issue and deletions.

WOW, that Revo software really gets rid of a lot of residuals and worked great.
I got rid of the .NET items and MS Office (since I use Open Office) and found a few other things I had out there that I have not used in years.  Cleaned up my games (many many registry residuals cleaned on those) and so far, everything seems to work just fine
Machine even seems to boot up quicker and now I got 30 pct free space so wont run low for a while.
Eventually, once I clean out all the restore points I took, probably will realize even more space.

Thanks to ALL here for the help.   :D

Thanks v_v.  Good to hear from you.  I remember you from Freedomlist back in the day of cheap dial-up connections and problem solving advice there.   Actually, not from Texas (as the Lone Ranger was) but from near the birthplace of Clayton Moore who played him.... Chicago area.

(Was wondering if you were still around somewhere).  It was you that pointed me over to LandzDown here.  I had a signin but forgot my password and lost my email addr for verification/reset so created a similar ID and account here just recently. 

I am still working on my clean-ups and backups and getting close to try the clean-up site(s) suggested.  Right now I am UP TO 24 pct freespace and still have NOT tried REVO yet.  Also in search of another XP replacement machine (locally), one with a bigger hard drive and more memory in case this one goes south.  That next one will be XP number 7.   ;D

Will post my results (eventually) when I have a final. 
Again, thanks everyone for all the helpful advice.

I always saw the Disk Cleanup Utility (More Options) System Restore Cleanup button gets rid of All restore points except the last Most current one).  I dont see the old ones (except the most current) so if it is still keeping copies (hidden) out there, I would not know where (and if) they are there.

I am still in the process of cleaning and backups of files on the stick drives and it is taking longer than I thought. I may not get to the REVO thing by this weekend but I am working on it.  I was down to 16 pct this morning but now up to 17 pct again.  I thought I would gain more faster, but I am doing copys before I delete the big stuff.  This machine, being old is not a fast processor so it takes a while.

I need to go out and buy a USB stick (or 2).  I never realized you could download this stuff to a stick drive instead of loading to your hard drive.

On another note, I still cant understand WHY I am uninstalling or deleting some old stuff, that I an not gaining any free space.  It is going the other way.  Still at 17 pct but free space is going down, not up.
Will give the revo thing a whirl, perhaps this weekend.

Once again, thanks all for the answers and help.
Winchester, thanks for the clarification on the buttons.  Seems a different path to do the same thing thru Control Panel.

Plodr, A first look at Revo Uninstaller seems it is only a trial version.  I think I will take another deep look to unload pics and other files I keep to a USB stick to see if that nets me anything.
I will also Uninstall my games and start with the .NET items remove 2.0 and then 1.1 along with Office 2003 and 2007 (one at a time of course) with restore points.

Corrine, thanks for the offer.  Looks a bit involved(for me).  I just may look for a different machine with a larger hard drive and XP installed.  I used to have a local source but nor sure if he is still in business (as it has become a sketchy neighborhood).  He is a computer business so they are not stolen, just used RE-furbs with no guarantee (mostly Dells).
l really didnt even want to make this thread THIS long and I finally did get rid of AdBlockPlus solving initial thread question. 
So again thanks all.

Just an update for Plodr...
I tried to install UBlock version and after download, it would NOT Install.
Something to do that it did not have Add-On Signing.
Went to see if it was still in FF Extensions and Low and Behold, ADBLOCK was now there,
But as DISABLED and I was finally able to delete AdBlock.  No sign of any UBlock files, even
with a search for it.
I am now getting worse on space right now as I am down to 17 pct (was 19) so will abandon
trying to get UBlock to work as FF 45 still is working OK (even with the advertisements).

So I am down to 17 pct but all I have got rid of is in Disk Cleanup including old Restore Points
and deleted lots of videos I had saved over the years and also some folders of things I had created of saved things dating back to 2008 and still the 17 pct has not gone up.  Games will be next to go until I can get any clarification on using Disc Cleanup on INSTALLED PROGRAMS.
I cant imagine UBlock ate 2 pct of my drive but cant account for the sudden drop (and cant find UBlock if it is still hanging out in the Twilight Zone somewhere.)

Again, just the latest update.

Perhaps you misread or I was not entirely clear.  I have used the Disc Cleanup (along with the System Restore Point cleanup) many times but was asking if Windows Components and Installed Programs cleanup buttons give me a list of choices before doing so (and if this would be a better way to free up more space).

I will take your suggestion about maybe NOT using the Windows Components but what about Installed programs?  Has anybody tried this?  Would it work better than UN-install programs?

(and of course, I would take a Restore Point before doing so).

Thanks Plodr,

Ya know, after thinking about Winchesters answer about disc cleanup, I went in and cleaned up restore points again and while I have used the system restore button cleanup More times than I can remember, I have NEVER used the Windows Components or Installed Programs option for fear of getting rid of something I would still use. 
Does anybody know if these give you a list of what it will remove first (to select or UN-select)  or do they just work like the system restore points and just do stuff.

Would this be a safer way to remove stuff I dont use or need?
Use one at a time or both together???

Thanks for your opinions on my latest question.
Like I mentioned, I am at 19 pct and wont attempt to do any of this till I get below 15 percent.  And yes, I am familiar with Windows Disk Cleanup Utility, and I delete temporary files always before I do a shutdown.  Also keep track of Restore Points and Reg entry backups (every little bit counts). 
I may also grab up a few of those USB stick drives for my photos I keep (and scanned) and also double back them up on a CD as a belt and suspenders thing and delete off pics and vids afterwards.  There is software for making DVD's on this machine but I have never used it... Just CD's.   
I usually do the backups and transfer them over to a duplicate machine I have but both are old and can fail at any moment.  At one time, I had 3 XP machines but now I am down to TWO.
I was just looking for some quick room to get rid of stuff I didnt think I used.  I sorta remember the .NET stuff being on this machine from day one so I thought it came Pre-loaded from Acer.
Some of my games I loaded I can also get rid of in a pinch as those take up room as a last resort.  Again, thanks.

I thought maybe MS office items Web components had something to do with getting online (as in Internet Explorer).  I dont know this stuff, maybe has something to do with Notepad and WordPad (Which I do use still).

But the big one is the .NET framework.  Lots of space to be had there.
.Net is NOT on my XP1 (20 year old) machine but then again it is not a Professional load.

Will leave the Visual C++ items alone then.

Thanks for the link for UBlock.  Will give it a whirl.
I did learn a few things like where to get old versions of stuff I would use so
thanks again for everyone who tried to help me out.
Regarding the 880 System files, I have had this machine for 14 years (bought
new) and it came Pre-loaded with all sorts of stuff since it was advertised as XP
.  Be it over the 14 years or initially, I have no idea what all this stuff
is. It had WORD but that was only a 30 day trial and they STILL try to sell it to me
if I open up a word doc and dont go thru Open Office to do it.  Many years ago, I
loaded Open Office and I use that. 

Only thing I use that is not Open Office is Notepad and WordPad.

This machine said it had a 80 gig hard drive but ACER steals half of that for some
sort of backup and so as far as I am concerned, it was only a 40 gig usable drive
to me.  And even then it is not a full 40 gig split so where the rest of it is, I dont
know.  I try not to load any special tool bars or features or extensions and use this machine to
play games (mostly offline) but some online and I also use it to copy and make
Music CD's from my LP records before I sell the albums.  I go online to research stuff and started with Mozilla when IE 8 stopped support on it and many sites would not work with IE.

A totally different subject question though.

Not that I need it yet, but I only have 19 percent free space left and I know that
once I get under 15 percent I wont be able to do a Defrag. 
I would like an opinion if I can get rid of some of the stuff I NEVER used and
would not know how to use it even if I wanted to. 

This is to free up some space on the (usable) disc drive C (if and when I need it).

Attached are screen prints of my programs but the ones I would maybe like to get
rid of (or would I be asking for trouble if I do), are circled in red on the third screen print (to get some extra disc space once I go below 15 pct left). 

They are Microsoft.NET Framework,
Microsoft SQL Server and
Microsoft Visual C++ items.

I have no idea what this stuff does or is and I think it maybe has something to do
with the XP Professional stuff on this Machine???
I would use the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs function to delete.

Any ballpark consensus if this would mess something up if I deleted this stuff?  I am not technical enough to put in a bigger or additional drive.

And again, thanks for all the help.

I did the search and it tossed up 880 system files.

Got a warning that I should not mess with system files
and I dont know a whole bunch about this stuff and a bit
apprehensive just deleting things willy-nilly.

I really dont know what all this stuff is and all the cryptic numbers associated with it.
Again, I am not that technical on this PC stuff

I did not find anything in the Extensions folder at top of page (1st screen print) but rolling down, I found browser extension data (on 1/19/2020) which I estimate the time I installed FF 52 and AdBlock just afterwards.
This matches the d10 string you mentioned in 2nd screen print attached below.

I did not find (in the 880 files) any string that started with 08...

AdBlock is not coming up on my version 45 of FF now when I boot up so do we really want to mess with it anymore?  Right now FF 45 is working great.

I forgot to ask you about the other UBlock thing you and Corrine suggested, if
that is a better choice and easy to install (or uninstall).


I never saw ANY extensions when I clicked on the Jigsaw Puzzle piece, (SAFE MODE or NOT).

Oh and I fixed the not secure by updating my bookmark here to have it do a https.  I must have had more than one old bookmark in different folders that did not have the https.

I UN-installed FF 52 and Installed FF 45.

It tossed me up a screen that said AdBlockPlus is available and would I like to add it.
Hell NO... I declined.  Screen print attached.

So appears that it is available somewhere but not installed now and not showing,
and this thread can be officially closed as solved (I guess) but it sure was buried in
deeper than an Alabama tick in a hound dog.

Thanks ALL for the help.


Well, as you say, No Joy on both choices.

Basically both of your suggestions get me into safe mode and the AdBlock stop sign is NOT present under both of your choices and says All Add-ons have been disabled in Safe Mode.

(But there really are none to delete and nothing ever showed up in the first place.)

Now it seems that when I sign in here, I get a message that this page is NOT SECURE on the initial sign in screen that I have a favorite of (no https) but once I sign in, https is present.
That had not happened previously. 
I think I will just UN-install Firefox and put a different version on to see it that fixes it.
While I liked Firefox in the past, it has become more of a liability to me on my 2 (old) machines lately.   I will do that later tonight and report back on results.
Thanks all for the input.

Actually I RE-booted the system and the AdBlock stop sign has RE-appeared so it must be removed only for the session.   Its BACK now.

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