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Did the old hard drive fail when it was still running Windows 7? If it wasn't upgraded to Windows 10 when it could have been done for free, then it can't be done now. If it was previously upgraded and they created a Microsoft account, then they have to login into there Microsoft account and the Win 10 will reactivate. It will show the system was previously activated in the account.

My guess is a video driver problem, either an old one or a setting within PowerPoint ...

First, I'd try looking to see if there is a newer video driver available from the computer manufacturer.

Then go into PowerPoint, File>Options>Advanced ... go to the Display section, and tick the box for Disable Slide Show hardware graphics acceleration and OK your way out.

That may solve the diagonal "mirror" image problem.

As I was reading through the topic, I was thinking it's a video problem as you were. I am swaying more to the aspect ratio setting for the video, than the driver. I would check the Win 10 settings to system video and make sure no one has increased the "scale and layout" for text, apps and other items. I would also check to make sure the resolution is set to the recommended setting as well as the proper orientation.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Need monitor help
« on: January 30, 2019, 06:00:48 PM »
A typical monitor flat panel will have buttons normally on the side or bottom, by the power button. On a Samsung monitor you need to change it to PC and not AV (Audio Video HDMI). If you can find the model number, then I'm sure there is a manual available for it.

It's a trial and error normally the button on the top are furthest to the left gets you to the settings. the next two are used to move up and down, then the last fourth button is to get in the specific settings.

When done the top most or left button is to exit.

I hope they didn't design it to only work from a remote control, that you may not have.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Blocking ads
« on: January 01, 2019, 04:18:01 PM »
Another question, I have a cannon printer that I wanted to add to computer. When I found the disc that came with the printer it would not fit into the slot because the printer disc is a round hole & the slot on the computer has a round disc with 3 tabs so it does not fit. I had to go to cannon to install it. I also have quite a few older disc for card making that don't fit. Are they all no good on 10? Hope I have explained this right.

I have Dell Optiplex 9030. On the side where the power button is there are 3 more buttons which I don't know what they are for & I can't find a answer anywhere.

Again thank you. 10 is very different but I guess I am getting it.

The three buttons on the right side are to adjust your on screen display. You can change the brightness, contrast, etc. with them manually. If the screen looks fine to you, just best to leave it alone.

The disc is a for Cd or DVD. You are used to a free floating disc, just drop it in. Because it is all in one thinner and sets sideways it uses a lock feature for the disc, like a laptop. The three tabs are to hold the disc in place. When you put the disc in the round hole in the center, gently push it down to lock it on the tabs. It doesn't take much pressure. You will hear a slight clicking sound. This holds the disc in place. To remove it lightly press on the tabs and lift out.

The other disc for card making, may or not be compatible with Win 10. You will not know until you try installing it.

I guess now I am a little bit confused.

The 1803 is the last build before the 1809 build was stopped.

In your Windows update, is it offering you a 1809 Features update or like 2018-10 cumulative update, i.e? There is a big difference. One is the major upgrade the other is part of the monthly security updates.

The monthly patches should be installed regardless of which Win 10 version you are running.

Is there a way to ditch the partially installed update and download it again without the restart that installs it?

I've backed up my documents/picture folders manually. I had tried to use the Windows backup to update one I made previously, but it failed, so I did it manually.  I don't know how to make a re-installation disk.  The information I searched out indicates its already built into Windows 10.  I've used the creator tool once when I had trouble with updates.  Is that not enough?

I was actually answering this question. What you decide to do is up to you. Many of us are advanced users, so we usually keep important files backed up and just go for it. We are willing to accept the risk. You have the files backed up, that you know you don't want to lose. You will not get the update again until Microsoft releases it again.

As far as I know Microsoft has stopped the 1809 update until further testing is completed. Once it has been verified and tested it should be released again at some point.

You have one of two options, Allow it to install and there is more than a 99% chance you will not have a problem, or stop it from installing and deleting the the update file so it can't try installing again.

winchester73 said it before I finished typing, odds are very slim you will have a problem, if you let it install.

If you are not comfortable stopping it, you could create a bigger problem, then letting it install.

The thing is you are trying to stop the update, from actually installing. Once the software distribution is deleted or renamed, it won't be available to update the computer. It will download again later once Microsoft offers it after further testing. The one you downloaded will not install. Here's a video that will take you thru a few additional steps. Turning off the win-update cleaning or renaming the Distribution folder. Restarting the Windows update. Basically it isn't installed yet and if it is removed from the distribution folder, it can't install.

Don't do the first step in the video, do not click install now. This is really more to resolve a update that will not install properly, but serves the same purpose.

It's also shown here not in a video.

I would also clear the update download.

Search C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Delete everything in the folder. Restart. It can't try to reinstall if it's not there.

I think you should be able to uninstall it, go to settings, update and security, windows update. Now you need to go to view update history. At the top left, you should see uninstall updates. It will popup with the old control panel option. You have to know which update KB you need to uninstall. If it uninstalls, it will require a reboot.

If you have a shortcut to the control panel, program and features, add/remove, you will also see the uninstall a update option.

I haven't tried this with a pending update.

I saw it on the local news and national nightly news. He was kind of always forgotten about, but did much more than just co-found Microsoft. He would have maybe made more if he stayed with Microsoft, but being worth about 22 billion isn't something to sneeze at. He always was involved with something new or adventurous. He was a well known sports fan and that shows by the his ownership of different sports teams.

It's all good until it goes bad.  A backup is recommended. The thing about Windows is all of the important information is saved in your user folder, unless you have it on another drive. My backup is the user folder in it's entirety, it's a overkill probably, but I have everything. I would also make sure you have a re-installation disk. The OS and programs can be reinstalled, just a bit time consuming. The % is low as far as the lost information goes.

My test system has two drives, the working drive and I maintain backups on the secondary. I do manual backups of my user folder, the reason I have seen to many backup systems fail.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: My Documents?
« on: October 16, 2018, 03:52:57 PM »
I didn't really go into this, because you answered your own question more or less. Other users, means you don't have access to there user files. Is it another user file that you recognize, maybe previously used? Is it on a public or private setting? You have to have ownership, permissions set in order to view the documents. Setting permissions can be sometimes complicated.

I guess I have a couple questions. Did you get Win 10 installed? What email are you using, online Gmail, yahoo? Is it a email program you use on your computer, i.e. Microsoft mail, thunderbird?

It changes so often, you may have received the update before it was pulled. I did get a cumulative update this morning, putting me on 1803, version 17763.55

I have a number of systems that need updated, so I usually create a media distribution. It's easier so every system isn't downloading the same thing. I haven't installed it on any other system yet, was waiting for any problems to be discovered.

I meant to say version 1809, 17763.55, not 1803.

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