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I've just been delivered the KB4497165  Intel microcodes  update.  More about it here:

It is downloaded and installed but I've delayed the restart for now.   There is a list of  the Intel processors it is meant for here:

I can't find mine in the list. Am I just missing it?
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E6750  @ 2.66GHz, 2667 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

I wanted to ask before I do the restart.

I forgot about that program. I think I used it once when Corrine was helping me clean up a malware problem.  I remember it does a really deep dive into the system.  I didnt reinstall it after the update to Windows 10, so it was off my radar.

Thanks for noticing that.  (updated)  I was doing some web designing  a while back and was using Opera, Chrome, IE and Edge for testing.   I  need Chrome for a couple of applications, so I still use it occasionally.  But I'm mainly a FF/PM user for most things.

I'm currently moving back to FireFox after being on PaleMoon for the last two years.

Opera folder deleted.

Thanks guys!

Digerati, thanks. Thats a great idea to rename those suspect files to be sure its ok to delete.

Quote from: Winchester
If you don%u2019t use Opera (and I assume that is the case since you uninstalled it), it is safe to nuke the entire folder, not just the launcher executable.  Then again, there is nothing malicious involved in leaving the folder alone.  Your choice.  You can always reinstall Opera.

So if I ditch the whole folder and want to reinstall Opera later, it will just create everything new? 

If Opera is reinstalled...what happens to the extra stuff that was left over like in application data and such?  Do they just overwrite it?

Its not running after the uninstall.

Checked the Details tab on Task Manager, and there are no Opera icons there.  I'm assuming that uninstalled along with the Opera browser uninstall.

Weird how it all of a sudden started displaying.  I hadn't opened Opera browser for months at that point.

Apparently Edge thinks it should be loaded up and ready to launch, because its showing on that Lists page.

O, forgot to attach my screenshot of the Opera folder contents:

the file is named:  launcher.exe15902261668.old

I decided to uninstall Opera browser.  So I uninstalled from the Apps page in Settings (Windows 10-64bit)

I don't use it, and it had developed an annoying habit of showing up running in Task Manager uncalled, and some weird little Opera helper icon had started displaying on the task bar near the clock.  Unacceptable behavior, Opera!  It had to go.

The Opera folder is still in  Windows(C): Program files (x86) and still contains an .exe file. 
The rest of the folders just hold one debug file each.

It doesn't seem wise to leave an .exe just laying around.  But maybe its not a big deal?   Can I delete the whole Opera folder safely? 

I'm sure there are other remnants hanging out in various places, but I don't mind if they are not vulnerable.

I hope you find some joy.   It is so frustrating to be paying for high speed internet and have to wait forever for pages to load.  Maddening, really.

Maybe this little discovery will help someone.

Its been 2 years since I moved away from FireFox.  I  just couldn't figure out why it kept maxing out my CPU and memory and crashing.  Disabling all my many addons had no effect.  I tried all the remedies I could find to no avail and eventually gave up. 

So about a week ago, I started having slow loading issues with Palemoon.  Palemoon has always crashed occasionally for no apparent reason, but the slow page loading is a new thing.  Its generally been lean and mean in that area.  So recently it was sometimes taking 2 minutes to load a page, and then even after the content appeared, the page kept loading.   

Frustration level got too high a couple days ago, so I fired up FireFox again just to see where it was at, and sure ran for a short time and then started overloading my resources.  I found an obscure reddit post that mentioned the performance settings and how they should be related to the capacity of your RAM and your processor set up.    The performance settings are set to 8 processes by default.  The poster mentioned that you should limit the number to match how many cores your machine has if your RAM is less than 8gigs.   Well, mine is 4GB and I have a dual core processor, so I changed my content process limit to 2 and  removed limits on the memory handling. I had apparently set those to a finite number in past efforts to fix the overloading issues.

The effect was immediate.  From running at 1200MB memory or more, it dropped to about 500-600MB.  That's still twice what Palemoon runs at, but it seems an acceptable level for my machine.   All of a sudden, I could browse again with normal page load times.  Pale moon is still misbehaving, but I'll leave that for another discussion.

You can find the FireFox performance settings on the general page of your tools > options menu.  You have to uncheck the default box to see the options.

I am using the basic mail function right now but I'm not happy about it.  Its the principle of the thing.     Its a bullying tactic that I don't want  to give in to.   If you are going to force people to pay to stop ads, the right way is to do it with new features they want, not take away something you have already been providing for free.

My  email there goes back to 2005. It would be a massive transfer because I'm terrible at deleting junk. I'm glad I can opt for just recent posts.   I think that is what I will do, and wait and see if the thousands of unhappy complainers about this on their feedback forum  cause them to reconsider.

Thanks for the thoughts on IMAP.    I didn't see anyway to tell how the provided Yahoo  interface connected in the windows app, and was wondering if it would be better to set it up manually.  Sounds like it should be ok.

Linux is a great idea. Thanks!

I saw an ad for PCmatic anti-virus, and it said their product (since its whitelist only) can be used to protect a Windows XP machine.

Is that correct?  And if so, is it adequate protection?  We have an old XP that it would be nice to use for our magic jack connection so I didn't have to plug it into my tower.  Would it be safe to use an XP machine for that purpose?

Ok, so researching and I have a question:  Does the Win10 email app store the emails on your hard drive? I've found conflicting info from searches.  I'm thinking I don't want that to happen.  I don't need to be storing spam on my hard drive!   I'm just interested in an interface so that I don't have to deal with the ad issues in Yahoo.    I also couldn't find out if the default connection the mail app uses is POP3 or IMAP.

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