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I know. Isn't that awesome?

Reading through the thread, I see that I did clean the internal parts of the mouse, but never thought about the optical opening being semi-blocked.  Or that there might be so much dirt on the mousepad that it got shiney.  ^_^

Wanted to make an update to this topic, because I have figured out how to fix my mouse.  My center scroll button click functions are back!

So after 3 pages of suggestions and a consensus that I should just replace the mouse, I've put in my order. Of course, I figure this out the day after I place my order.  sheesh.

Then,  my cursor started moving erratically so I did a search on why that might be happening.  So I blew the dust out of the optical opening and the mouse is now working just fine.  I also cleaned a very dirty mousepad and that may help as well, but I've tried functions and I can now open links with the center click,  open tabs from the tab drop downs and even discovered that I have a scroll left or right function by bending the scroll wheel left or right that I never knew I had before.

So the word is,  if your wireless mouse  is not working right, try cleaning it before you go through all the other machinations listed in this topic.

Thanks for that. (I updated Windows as soon as I saw this topic.)
From reading the article, it sounds to me like if you avoid printing anything directly from the internet and only print from your hard drive, that should prevent exploitation of the rest of the PrintNightmare vulnerability.  Is that accurate?

One of the services that come through on my news feed was reporting that this was an oopsie.  That the white hat guys publicly released directions on how to exploit the vulnerability because they thought it had already been patched. I can't find the source now to see if it is a reliable one or not.  Anyone else have any information on this?

Looks like they removed the PC Health Check app.  Where the download link used to be is just the words "Coming Soon".  Wonder what that is about.

This article talks about the incompatibility issues and how to reconfigure your computer if it is new enough:

The view is presented that it is not that Windows 11 can't be installed, it is that the installer package is what checks for TPM and other stuff, so you can install if you don't use the installer package. Here is one user's work around in the comments:

It seems odd that MS would block so many computers from using its product. These system requirements are elminating a lot of users.   Maybe something will change before the release.

Aw. i got the doesn't support Secure Boot message too. :(

Does this mean I can't use Windows 11 until I get a new computer?

I love that we can now have the weather/temp display on the taskbar.  I installed this update sooner than I usually do just to get that feature.   Mine News & Interest was apparently already turned on, because the display came on when the computer rebooted after the update installed.

What I was saying was the MB browser guard is the underling to MBAM Pro.   So why should Browser Guard be calling the shots instead  of MBAM Pro?

I know I am the boss of them all. Nay, I am the queen.  ^_^

Good point about browser guard overlapping the other extensions.  But I thought that it had some unique blocking feature.  maybe it  was PUPs or scams.   I'll have to revisit.

I've decided not to enable browser guard to "manage" MBAM Pro.  It just seems wrong-- like the underling is ordering the boss around.

If it turns out I start to get a lot of annoying duplicate warnings, I may reconsider, but I'm pretty careful about sites I visit, so I don't get warnings very often.  It should work out to be a non-issue for the most part.

Thanks.  Yes, have Firefox and Chrome installed, also Palemoon and Brave, but  use them mostly for testing web design.

I know we give MBAM like super high level permissions to do its job. I guess this kind of illustrates that since they can install things in other programs.

Yes, I was offered the install of the browser guard on this most recent MBAM update.  I declined it.  I found this a bit confusing as  I already had installed it on Edge.   

 If I had allowed it during the update, would it have installed it on my other browsers that don't have the extension installed?

Thanks for that.   So you can toggle it in the Browser Guard settings.

I'm kind of with you though.....two eyes watching seems better than just one.

Thank you ky, that makes sense.

The only thing I could find when searching was that sometimes browser guard was too aggressive on blocking sites, but nothing about how it works together with the real-time MBAM.

Security Software Programs / Don't know how to answer this MBAM query
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:44:38 PM »
Just updated MBAM premium and got this pop up on my Edge browser that has had the MBAM browser guard installed for some time now.

Have Malwarebytes Premium installed?

Give Malwarebytes Browser Guard permission to manage blocked website warnings for Premium.
Decline - Allow

Not sure if allowing that is a good thing or not.  what do the resident guru's say?

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