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LandzDown Lounge / Happy 4th of July in the US!
« on: July 03, 2008, 11:06:24 PM »
Happy 4th of July!

Testing / @odidio...working on a "concept"
« on: April 21, 2008, 03:49:00 PM »
You got time to assist?  I know you are busy as all get out, but this "concept" came upon me last night.

  It's a secret from Temmu though...shhhhhhhh

LandzDown Lounge / Will You Be Mine?
« on: February 14, 2008, 03:51:44 PM »
       Happy Valentine's Day LandzDowners!


Security Alerts & Briefings / Malicious ads on Myspace, Excite, Blick
« on: January 04, 2008, 02:47:23 PM »
From Brian Krebs/Washington Post:

If you happen to visit the MySpace Chat Forums without the benefit of the latest security updates for popular Web browsers and media player plug-ins (think Macromedia Flash, QuickTime, e.g.), your Windows machine is likely to get a kitchen sink full of malware crammed down its gullet...including Virtumonde, WinFixer, and ClickSpring, as well as a bunch of Trojan horse programs that are very poorly identified and detected by anti-virus programs at the moment.
This is a perfect example of why it is so critical for Windows users not to delay installing security updates for all software applications, not just the operating system and the Web browser.

From Alex Eckelberry/Sunbelt Blog:

We worked earlier today with Brain Krebs at the WP about malicious banner ads on Myspace.  (Malware is being delivered through exploits, but fully patched systems won’t be affected.)
Sandi Hardmeier has also been tracking ads at Excite and, now, Blick (a popular German site).  These are different than the Myspace ads (in that they don’t seem to be dumping an exploit-driven payload).
(Bold by me)

To check if your systems are missing any other security updates or have insecure applications installed, visit .  The Secunia Software Inspector runs through your browser with no installation or download required and does the following:
  • Detects insecure versions of applications installed
  • Verifies that all Microsoft patches are applied
  • Assists you in updating your system and applications
Additionally, remember to remove older versions of Sun Java if found.

LandzDown Lounge / CORRINE MVP Windows-Security 2008!
« on: January 01, 2008, 09:16:13 PM »
LandzDowners!  She did it again!


Corrine, ya know they say live blooming plants symbolize rebirth and new growth. 

Here we are going into 2008...another new year and another re-award for Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Windows - Security for "the rose"! 

The acknowledgment by Microsoft 3 years running is noteworthy.  It is equally heartwarming to have the opportunity to say thank you for your consistent contributions online.

CONGRATULATIONS and {{{{Hugs}}}}

Touched base w/ 4 family members, by phone, to see if they had uninstalled Ad-Aware SE or upgraded to the new Ad-Aware 2007, given that support is ending from Lavasoft on Dec. 31, 2007 for the old, free version.

Even though, Ad-Aware was installed on these 4 computers, none had Ad-Aware SE Personal in their Add/Remove programs.  I used the link/info below, to successfully remove it for 3 of the 4.

From Ad-Aware SE FAQ from Lavasoft:
There are several alternatives you can use to uninstall Ad-Aware SE:

    * Click "Uninstall Ad-Aware" in the Lavasoft folder of your Start menu.
    * If you are unable to do that, open your control panel, click "Add/remove programs," and locate Ad-Aware SE.
    * Another method to uninstall is to locate and double-click the file "unwise.exe" (the .exe may not be shown). You should be able to find this file in C:\program files\lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE [Personal/Plus/Professional]\.

If the above alternatives do not work, or you get a message saying, "Can’t find Install.log," you will need to manually uninstall the software. To do this:

    * Click on "My Computer" and locate your Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE folder (C:\program files\lavasoft\ad-aware).
    * Run the file "unregaaw.exe".
    * Delete the entire Ad-Aware SE folder.
    * Delete your Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE link in your Start menu (if present).
    * Delete the Ad-Aware SE icon (s) from your desktop (if present).
    * Navigate to "C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name] \Application Data\Lavasoft" and delete the entire Lavasoft folder.
    * Empty your trash bin.
    * Reboot your computer.

The one that wasn't successful had 2 Ad-Aware folders in their Program files dir. The first Ad-Aware appeared to uninstall given the reports by phone, yet after a re-boot, the folder was described as having all the same files.  The second Ad-Aware folder when double clicking on both "unwise.exe" and "unregaaw.exe" did "nothing".

Any ideas what is going on, and how to remove? 

LandzDown Lounge / How are YOU giving thanks?
« on: November 21, 2007, 01:01:58 AM »
Thanksgiving is celebrated 11-22, in the US this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to [username] whether you are in the US or not! 

All of us have something for which we can be thankful.  It is a day to recognize the blessings in your life.

I am thankful for many things, and it includes [username] at LandzDown who share their time & knowledge, as well as those, who ask questions, I hadn't thought to ask.


LandzDown Lounge / HALLOWEEN Bowling
« on: October 22, 2007, 04:21:30 PM »

The PINS!!!! 

Well, I took the bait and played...see score at the top.  Was difficult to be soooo...consistent!


NOTE: MY score summary below


I betcha few people can match my game...

LandzDown Lounge / Luciano Pavarotti RIP
« on: September 10, 2007, 02:17:39 AM »
My passion for opera usually leads me to a fight for time to listen to the new exciting artists rising in the current scene, and the past greats that are no longer with us.

Pavarotti is not my favorite tenor, but he is the most endeared to me.  Knowing his battle with cancer would eventually bring this funeral, I have, over the last year, dug out old CD's, and regularly listen to links of his music.  With each computer "tutorial" I sent to family/friends, I included some tidbit or song clip of Luciano's as well.  The result would be rolled eyes, but they had to indulge me if they wanted their requested info.

I also regularly rig my Bose speakers to reach outside on my deck, and played his wonderful booming voice thru the neighborhood.  No cops were called, but got plenty of calls & drop in guests  :lol:

I haven't found online coverage of the funeral service...anyone got a link?

I have read of his/or his family's choice for music for the funeral.  Griminelli, Kabaivanska, & Bocelli.  All 3 Italian, w/ the exception of Kabaivanska, born in Bulgaria, but resides in Modena, Italy Luciano's home town. Who are they?

His international debut was in 1984 at the age of twenty-five when he was invited by Luciano Pavarotti to perform at a concert in New York’s Madison Square Gardens. This was the beginning of longstanding collaboration with Pavarotti leading to unforgettable concerts at London’s Hyde Park in 1990, New York’s Central Park in 1993, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Red Square, Moscow.
In addition to Griminelli’s classical recordings, he released "Cinema Italiano" featuring sound tracks from the world of Italian cinema arranged by Bacalov and Morricone and interpreted with the artists Sting, Luciano Pavarotti, Lucio Dalla, Deborah Harry and Filippa Giordano. Ex. below (I picked a western)  He also collaborated in concert in 2002 with Ian Anderson (flautist from Jethro Tull...remember Aqualung/Locomotion Breath?).  Now THAT would be a concert I'd had loved to see.

Cinema Italiano
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 2:57

Is not as recognizable by name, but has a rich history and wide repertoire in opera, which has included  roles along side Luciano, as well as Corelli, Ghiaurov, Domingo, Sutherland, Kraus, di Stefano, del Monaco.  She currently does "master classes" as did Luciano (he has been teaching students in the last months in a wheelchr). She sang Ave Maria from Verdi's Othello.

ANDREA BOCELLI, a former attorney, (would be getting raised eye brows from the high brow opera purists...having limited opera stage history), is a dear friend of Luciano and has an interesting story I can share later as to how Luciano, Bocelli, Bono (of U2), and Zucchero (Sugar) Fornaciari paths crossed over one particular song back in 1992.  He sang Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus.

Some Italian airplanes flew over the Duomo (Cathedral) of Modena twice I guess.  An amazing visual...

News online also says they played a duet of Luciano and his father Fernando (also a tenor) singing Panis Angelicus...I have 2 links to that if anyone is interested in hearing.  However, I am going to post a link to a video of Luciano singing the same with Sting back in 1992 for a benefit concert he put on to donate the proceeds to a foundation researching blood disorders, specifically thalassemia (I have 4 in my family with thalassemia).  Sting's layered vocals balances brilliantly with Luciano's singular voice. 4:45

Pavarotti's official site has been down since he passed...must be re-working it I guess.  Decca (Pavarotti was Decca recording artist) seems to have added a new one, with info, memorial, and a few vids/audio clips of his discography if someone is interested >

Lastly, this Nessun Dorma aria he sings?  Anyone know what he is singing about?  Tomorrow I'll have more time to answer, as the non-English language  doesn't help.

LandzDown Lounge / Bridge collapse
« on: August 02, 2007, 05:05:54 PM »
Regular members at LzD might have noticed my location in Minnesota.  The bridge that collapsed was my frequent, regular commute above the river, as well as occasional visit boating below on the river.

I was fortunate to be in another location on a road north of this area at the time of collapse.  Due to the randomness of who could have been on that major road which allows passage to and from the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and surrounding towns, I have been making and recieving calls non-stop since the incident.  Whilest at this time I can report "my" people seem all to be accounted has been and continues to be a surreal time here, as some I knew crossed over it within minutes of it collapsing.

The 2 closest medical facilities to the bridge are staffed with top notch people, many of whom I am acquainted. Minnesotans as a community are routinely helping "strangers" at the time of our usual "challenges" which routinely are assisting each other during common blizzards/cold or severe storms/tornadoes.  THIS particular surprise devastation has been shocking.

The few stories I have had time to watch on our broadcasts of the initial first responders are no surprise to me and of whom I am proud to share a community with.

On a personal note, as a diver, and being familiar with the dangers of search & recovery under the water, it was one certification I have avoided.  But having diver friends who are trained and have provided this type of assistance in heart goes out to those who will be engaged in this in the next few days given the currents of the Mississippi river and the "sharpness" of the debris in low visibility, as well as those above the water in the wreckage. 

Hopefully caution with recovery will be balanced by quickness to bring some closure/healing to those directly effected with the injured & missing.  Whilest this hope of mine has been similarly shared by others in different parts of the country/world on a much larger is a dumbfounding experience to be thrust in a situation where you are scrambling to "locate" your loved ones and friends at times like these. 

As most of you are still wondering "how" this could have happened, which will obviously be reported at some future date, or how the "official" response time/organization was handled in our comments now are just my particular experience being so close to it, and to "check in"  :rose:

LandzDown Lounge / A loss in the opera world
« on: July 07, 2007, 08:09:30 PM »
America, and the opera world lost a very talented individual when Beverly Sills died of lung cancer (a non-smoker) at 78 on July 2.

There are many complete tributes and discussions online to be found concerning her life and her singing career.  However, since she retired from performing stage work in 1980, I would like to point out some other activities of hers that might not be widely known if you don't follow opera.

I can't find it now, but when she retired, I remember reading a Time magazine article that printed she was the highest paid opera singer in the world.
For the next 10 yrs she was the General Director of the New York City Opera.
In 1994 she became the Chair of the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, also located in NYC. 
The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts is the largest (serves as home to 12 arts organizations), most versatile performing arts center in the world can encompass any form/aspect of the performing arts...

She was the first woman and first artist ever to lead that prestigious arts institution...which includes
the New York Philharmonic,
the Metropolitan Opera, and the
New York Ballet, to name a few.

In 2002 she then moved on to become the Chair of the Metropolitan Opera (The Met).

So in addition to being a coloratura soprano that could pull off a trill with amazing control across decades, she also was a force in support of her craft.  And for being an opera diva...quite "down to earth", with unpretentious sense of humor.
She had stated in the latter years of her life, "I wanted to leave when people were saying it's too soon, not when they were saying when is that woman ever going to stop."
A few other memorable quotes of hers...
"My family, my husband was never in love with my high notes.  He would attend my opera opening, and never come again." :lol:

"I really do believe I can accomplish a great deal with a big grin, I know some people find that disconcerting, but that doesn't matter."

"In youth we run into difficulties. In old age difficulties run into us."

"There is a growing strength in women, but it's in the forehead, not in the forearm."

"I lived through the garbage. I might as well dine on the caviar."

She had known personal challenges, with her daughter born hearing-impaired, her son born developmentally disabled, (She carried two watches, one set to her son's schedule in the time zone where he lived, so that she could always know what he was doing), underwent successful surgery for cancer in 1974, and lost her husband last yr after a long illness.

An American treasure was lost with her passing.  Rest in peace Madame Sills.

Testing / Few tests
« on: June 26, 2007, 08:16:55 PM »

LandzDown Lounge / Skype announces Fragrance API for Business
« on: April 01, 2007, 07:18:57 AM »
Skype announces Fragrance API for Business                   

"We're just taking things to the next level" said a Skype spokesperson. "Smell is vital to many industries. The Skype Fragrance API gives (SFAPI) developers the ability to securely pass odors over the Internet." eBay should smile as sales rise in categories like perfume, food, used clothing, and new cars. Portal partners, like LavaLove, are thrilled that pheremones can be used at dating sites. Gamers will be able to find enemies in the dark.

Advanced features include fragrance conferencing, fragrance groups, fragrance emoticons and fragrance moods.

Some IT managers are upset. "I can't believe that unapproved smells will be travelling over my network" said one. Several companies are rushing to respond with Smell Killers, deodorant sticks, and air fans.

"Gamers will be able to find enemies in the dark..." 

LandzDown Lounge / New USB Memory Stick
« on: April 01, 2007, 06:34:11 AM »
USB Memory Stick

Do you have trouble remembering stuff? Would you sometimes like to share your memories with others? Well now you can with the IWOOT Memory Stick. Using razor edge technology that's so advanced it's really quite ahead of itself, the Memory Stick enables you to download and upload memory fragments via a temporal lobe sensor and store them on the USB Memory Stick. You can then load the memories onto your computer - essentially backing up your brain for when you forget stuff in your old age!

The PC (not Mac compatible yet regrettably) software allows you to store up to an amazing ten years of memories, sort them alphabetically, and even e-mail them to friends and family - though they will need to have their own USB Memory Stick in order to 'run' them, as well as your security code to unlock them.

Customer Reviews for The Memory Stick
Thanks IWOOT, since receiving the phenomenal USB Memory Stick I've not missed a birthday of a friend, family member or work colleague. No longer can people tell me "that's not what you said" or falsely fill in the gaps from the office Xmas party. Unfortunately, I now do remember the aforementioned party and my wife has divorced me after 'Memory Sticking' my last boys' night out. THANKS IWOOT.
Martin, Romford

I bought one of these and it worked like a dream. Did a complete download in about 10 minutes. The only downside is that I've forgotten where I've put it.
Dave M, Wembley

Do not use when drunk as it could end up containing corrupt files.
Malcolm M, Queenborough, Kent

Fantastic value! Your users may also be interested in the free 'Gill-T' applet I have written, enabling you to download, then permanently delete, those memories that you know you will not want to recall in later life or risk anyone else being able to view.
Barry W, Tring

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Sun Java "Issues"
« on: February 25, 2007, 09:25:21 PM »
I had noticed another member posting the comment below, but it didn't apply to me til now.
Quote from: Narov
If I remember something got disabled in Java 6 when I upgraded FF, I think it was only the error console though, I'll have to look into it.

I have J2SE(JRE) version 1.6.0 as well, and lo and behold when I updated my Fx to last night I got the same message as Narov I think.  As soon as I re-started Fx after updating thru the Fx updater, I got this message: The following add-ons are not compatible with this version of Firefox and have been disabled: Java Console 6.

First of all, Java isn't an add-on/extension, Java is not listed in the Fx extension list, and all the Java 6 Plug-ins show in my about:plugins. In the Java Control Panel I have checked the boxes for setting default java for browsers. And to make it stranger, the few Java applets I viewed on pages, including the Sun website, load just fine. If you have the Java icon set to show in the bar (lower rt) I can rt clk it and have the Java Console appear.

My search on this brings up only 2 threads where ppl reported this same issue, with no solution recommended, or to use MrTech'sLocalInstall extension to "fix" it? Of note, both those threads I found had the topic of updating Fx from 2.0 to (the FX previous version change)
Here's one of the threads (scroll half way down)

There was some discussion that the Java version 6 was the developer version and Java 5.9.0_11 was for end users, but my read is that Java 6 is for end users as well, and if you have enough memory to handle the whole new version of Java 6 then it seemed the way to go.   

No where can I confirm there IS an incompatibility, and if there is, it doesn't seem to disable *much* Java function. As my Java seems to work fine in Fx, and as I don't "use" the java console (Java Control Panel works fine) because I don't understand how to use it (I have it set to be hidden) I am inclined to ignore that "message" for now?

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