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Hi Friends,

I am new to this forum, if any mistakes please forgive me but give me solution :)

I am having a Desktop,

Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 2.40ghz,
2 GB RAM (1GB + 1GB--- Both are New Transcend DDR2)
80 GB HD

These days, i am facing a problem with my desktop..... It was restarting for every 2 hours or less than.
I am using Avast anti-virus with good updates everyday.
To solve this issue,
1) I had formatted my system and had a fresh copy of OS (Windows7), but no use :( :(
2) I cleaned my CPU (unplug and cleaned RAM, HD, Cables everything), but no use :( :(
3) I had removed one RAM (As i had mentioned, i am using 1GB+1GB), means now my CPU have 1 RAM, but no use :( :(

So, can you please guys suggest me how to quit from this problem....
Will be awaiting for your response.

Thanks for your efforts in advance :)

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