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Hi!  New user here.  Here's my problem:

I was surfing the internet over google, researching about korean music (which I wanted to try for a while), and I came across a site, and a pop-up came up.  It asked me to run Java, which it shouldn't because it was on a forum, so I pressed No/Cancel and then Windows Defender popped-up saying I had two trojan viruses.  Though I never used windows defender, I thought, what the heck, and said to fix it or whatever it said.  But apparently AVG didn't detect it at all, which was odd, because I've never had it NOT detect anything.  Anyways: after a while, Chrome, the browser I was using, started to go bad, started the "Not Responding" routine and I had to terminate it through task manager.  I reloaded it and the first message was the shortcut was destroyed and/or the exe file was buggy.  Note: All my AIM, ooVoo, Skype, MSN, etc still worked.  I then closed it, immediatly ran the AVG scan (which I probably should have done under safe mode), I then thought I might as well look up this problem on the intenet, and then it went buggy.  Chrome then said there was no trace (?) of the program, so I immediatly restarted the computer (Shut down took at least 3 minutes to actually shut-down) and ran it under safe mode.  Ran the scan, and it came up with five warnings and one infected problem.  I then fixed the problem and restarted it.  All went well until I re-opened Chrome.  Told me some error that the application needed to be terminated and after pressing okay, chrome was still up.  Tried loading up gmail, facebook, the whole sha-bang.  And nothing worked.  I then realized I could use the --no-sandbox method for the shortcuts, and it worked.  I ran AIM, MSN, etc, but gTalk didn't work.  Odd.  So I said, I'll worry about it tomorrow, but I then ran Malwarebytes overnight to do a double check (I used Full Scan).  Came up with 2 infected.  Immediatly fixed it, and ran the scan again, clean.  Ran a Flash Scan, clean, and the First Option scan (medium or something?) and came up with one infected, fixed it.  Then, I started going around the internet safely this time without going to any random sites.  Did the regular "check e-mail" thing.  But then I opened up MSN, ooVoo, Skype, and then it pulled the "Not Responding" on me and Chrome went buggy also.  I then immediatly started safe mode and now I am running a full Scan with 18 minutes into the scan with no Objects infected.

I will post up the results when the scan has finished.  I've seen Logs of these scans (? I think) and if you want me to post it up, I would need some instructions on how to do so, since I am completely clueless under this section of computers.

Windows Vista Bussiness 32-bit
Intel Core2 Quad
Nvidia GeForce 8600GT

Dunno if you need any other information.  Thanks in advance (I'm on another computer atm).

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