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Hi guys.  Remember me?  I wonder if you can help with an annoying little problem.

We have 3 computers at home.  One runs XP, the other 2 run Vista.  All operating systems are fully updated.  All three computers use AVG 2014 free edition.  They connect to the internet through an aged BT Voyager 2000 router, 2 of them wirelessly and one via an ethernet cable.
Recently, whenever any of these machines starts a scheduled AVG update, all computers loose connection to the internet.  I have found that if I temporarily disable the firewall in the router, the connection is restored.

I suspect that AVGs scheduled update uses a port that is not enabled in the firewall.  Port 80 is enabled, so if my suspicion is correct the scheduled update uses a different port (there is no problem with a manual update).

Does anyone have any idea if I am right, and if so which port the scheduled update uses?

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Problem with netbt.sys
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:31:34 PM »
Hi guys - remember me?  I've got a wee problem you might be able to help with.  Yesterday, when I started up our main computer, it wouldn't connect to the internet, and I quickly worked out it wasn't able to acquire an IP address (we use an old BT Voyager 2000 modem for internet access and the home network).  I changed the settings from a dynamic IP to a fixed Ip.  This restored internet access, but the machine still couldn't get onto the local network.  I ran DEVMGMT.MSC, and saw an error icon against netbt.sys, which is a dependant service for the DHCP service.
Going into properties, the status reads "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)".  If I try and start the process from the Driver tab, I get an error message -"Data error (cyclic redundancy check)".  I've tried to replace the file in the System32/drivers folder with that from the ServicePackFiles/i386, but I get a similar CRC error message, as I do if I try and just delete the file, even if I try and delete it from the Command Prompt window.
Do I need to run chkdsk, or am I missing something less drastic?
My OS is XP, fully patched. My antivirus is AVG Free Edition 2012 (although I'm not sure that's relevant).
If anyone can help, I know you guys can.
Cheers  :GRAFX:

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / DVD writer problems
« on: May 27, 2010, 01:46:23 PM »
Hi guys.  Remember me?   :hammy:

I wonder if you can help with a problem that has just started on my machine. I have 2 internal DVD writers, one which came with the machine ( I think the writer was made by Philips) and a LG I put in my self. I have been able to use both drives to burn DVDs quite happily, until just the other day. Now, Nero 9 will go through the encoding process normally, but then displays an error message "There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this disc. Please insert another disc that provides more space.", notwithstanding that there is a brand new blank DVD-R in the drive.

If I look at the properties for either drive when there is a blank DVD in the drive, it says Used space: 0 bytes  Free space: 0 bytes, whereas with a blank CDR, it gives Free space as 736,960,512 bytes.

I can play DVDs in the drives, but neither seem to be able to recognise free space on a blank DVD-R.

I am using XP fully patched.  As I say, the problem occurs with both drives, which are each of different manufacture, suggesting the problem is with the OS.  I have tried uninstalling the drives and then rebooting to reinstall, but the problem persists.

Do any of my old pals have any suggestions?

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