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With Chrome, which I know is up to date, I developed a problem in the past couple of days that I have not had before. 

If I "X" out of Chrome and then later click on the Chrome icon in my task bar, or from my desk top, to access it again, I see 3 pop ups from extensions -- Remove All Politics, Adobe Acrobat, and Ublock Origin, all crash and as fast as the notifications pop up that they crashed that is how fast they disappear, and I was left with a totally black screen (whether in regular mode or in the in-cognitio mode).

Please see my attached print screen of how my screen looks right before the 3 pop ups disappear and I have a totally black screen.  It was quickly taken while I was in Chrome's in-cognito mode.

I do turn off my computer at night and back on in the morning.  When I turn my computer back on the next day, then Chrome browser returns as normal.

I do not know what could have happened to cause this issue that makes it quite interruptive for me to use Chrome if I log out and back on to it during the day as before this interruptive issue occured.

I use a Windows 7 Desktop computer.  I hope to hear from someone so I can get this issue corrected. Thank you.
Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Thank you!

Twice today; once in Chrome and once in Pale Moon I got window alertingdotcome pop up that stopped my computer.  Both times I did an Alt F4 to get out of it.  I was able to do a print screen of it. 

Part of the message:  "Your computer has been blocked  Error #268E3.  Call 1-888-790-2366."

I have ESETNOD32 and Malwarebytes and I ran scans after the first pop up but neither scan came up with anything. 

I have to shut down soon for the night, but I hope to hear from someone.  This pop up came up the last time when I was checking my WinPatrol Plus. 

I have DropBox, a paid version of it.  Some folders I can access from my computer and some I have unchecked that I can only access to them online.

 I have been concerned about ransomeware where your computer is all locked up and you have to pay to unlock it or have your hard drive wiped clean.  What would happen to your Dropbox folders and files if they were erased one way or another?  I read that you would never pay the ransome but rather have your hard drive wiped clean.  I only use one computer so no cell phone or tablet.

So, I wrote to Dropbox about this issue, and I got this answer:

"Thanks for reaching out to us! If I understand you correctly, you're wondering if your files in your Dropbox can be infected with Ransomware.
Your Dropbox folder is just a normal folder on your hard drive. Therefore, if a program can make changes, it will affect the files in the Dropbox folder.

It's common to assume Dropbox works like a network drive because of its many online features. However, your Dropbox folder is actually a normal folder and its contents are stored on your hard drive. The Dropbox application only watches your Dropbox folder for changes and syncs those changes online and to your other computers. One of the benefits of this way of syncing is always having access to your files, even while you are offline.

However, unlike other folders on your computer, the Dropbox folder can be reset with a rollback to prior the infection. This is a free service that we offer and it will allow you to pick up exactly where you left off."


I thought DropBox was a "cloud"??  I asked about this "rollback" and I haven't gotten an answer yet.  I was just wondering if anyone here ever had to deal with restoring folders and files in a "cloud" account which I think dropbox is due your hard drive being wiped out one way or another? What is this "rollback" and how is it accomplished and does it mean you get all of your folders and files back that were there before you were infected?  It sounds like you do, but how to do that I don't know yet.

I don't have ransomware going on that I know of, but it is good to know if something that drastic happened what will I lose forever.  I do have flash drive back ups, but not with absolutely everything I'm sure.

I always thought my Dropbox account folders and files would be protected because they were stored online, but apparently not.  Thank you.

I have a Pixma M280 printer; granted it is from around 2009, but it is a wired printer and still works good, but in the past few days now when I turn it on I get this message popping up that says something like the ink absorber is almost full and to see the service center.  I found something about it in the Help, and it just mentions to press the black or color button, which I do and then I am able to use the printer. 

But, I'm sure I'll have to resolve this, and I don't know how.  I don't want to have to buy a new printer.  If anyone has any suggestions on what to do to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you. 

Hi everyone.  I have a Windows 7 Dell desktop computer.  I am using Chrome Browswer (not chromebook) presently.  I did download the GooglePlay "App" on my computer.  However, I was re-directed back to GooglePlay from Instagram to install it, and all I could find was an unofficial Instagram app to install.  I read some reviews about it and decided not to install it on my computer as I don't need any more computer issues than I already have.  So, if anyone here has some other suggestions, please share.  Thank you so much. 

Hopefully, this will not be too difficult! But, I have an issue in a library of my Pictures where the "Today  Earlier this month   Earlier this year   A long time ago"  categories with the files in each showing up in that arrangements. 

I have a screen print showing how this arrangement looks.  I want to just have all of the folders showing without this time period breakdown. 

In the photos folder, however, under the PICTURES folder the listing is the way I want it and I have a screen print of how that looks where there is no time period designations.  I do not know how to obtain the same view in PICTURES that I have in the Photos folder.  If someone can point me to the steps.  I have looked in several places but could not find anything specific to this problem. 

Thank you in advance for your help.  This is for Windows 7.


I have a problem using older flash drives on my Windows 7 64 bit computer.  Using the newer flash drives,  I don't have this problem. 

(I am also a long time Windows XP user),  I tried to use some older flash drives that I have had for awhile on my Windows 7 64 bit computer (it is a refurbished computer) and they either go into that "autoplay" where they are stuck in that or just are unresponsive and you see the floating hourglass until I pull it out of the computer.  Also, I note that when this happens none of the libraries open up at all and if you do a control alt delete you see that libraries are unresponsive.

I remember with Windows XP, if you had a faulty flash drive in the computer, only that drive did not work/open up, but you could still use other flash drives or the main "C" drive. 

So, is there some setting or workaround for this problem?  I appreciate your help, and thank you all so much for your help here.  Otherwise, I have a lot of flash drives that I won't be able to use on my computer. 

I have a song on a CD saved as .wma, and I saved(ripped it to) onto my hard drive.  I would like to be able to convert hard drive file from .wma to MP3.  I would like to share the song with others if possible.  I am using Windows 7 64 bit computer. 

So, thanking you in advance for help! 

I received an error when trying to do the Adobe player update today that I saw in the email that came in from the Security garden.  I clicked on "Okay" in the error message box, but when the box disappeared after that nothing happened and I was not able to do the update.  I have a Windows 7 Dell desktop and 64 bit.  I am trying to attach the screen print of the error message, but not sure if it will attach. 

The screen print is 452KB. 

The error message reads:

"The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer Service because the program to be updated is missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program.  Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch." 

I am a long time Windows XP user.  I just recently 'upgraded' to Windows 7.  Not quite ready to jump into Windows 10 yet if I don't have to!

But, I am having problems trying to search for a file by name of in text in a flash drive like in Drives "E" or "F" to find the files in those drives.  It seems I am only able to do a full search of the "C" drive.  (I remember with Windows XP the search or find would even pick up the names in files in my Facebook folders)

So, any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Internet / Firefox Problems - Untrusted Websites
« on: December 22, 2015, 11:54:27 PM »
Hi.  I am using now a Windows 7 Dell Desk top computer, it is a 64 bit computer.  I had been using Windows XP for a long time before this.  I downloaded Firefox to my Windows 7 computer and was horrified that with every website I tried to access I kept getting a pop up message telling me that it is an untrusted website.  I was not able to use Firefox at all.  Please know that I am not a computer 'geek' and can only go so far to understand complex steps and instructions to 'fix' this.  Thank you.  I attached a screen print.

I do turn my computer off when going to bed and turn it back on in the morning.  For two days now, the old version with the yellow background on the Scotty dog icon keeps coming back.  I did take the steps in the Options to click on the box to remove old versions and I didn't see them afterward in the add/remove listing when I checked that on my computer, but that didn't change anything.  Yesterday while the machine was still showing the green background, I  saw two yellow background Scotty dogs in the start-up listing and the one latest green background.  When I changed one yellow background Scotty Dog to the delayed start; all of them changed, including the green background Scotty dog to delayed start.  I got an email this morning from Security Garden saying something about copying over a history file from the BillP version into the new version, etc.  I wouldn't know how to do that.  I don't know what to do now and I would need steps to try to correct anything in this new version.  Please help, I appreciate it.  I am a paying customer.  Thank you. 

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