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General Software News, Updates & Discussions / MailWasher
« on: December 30, 2014, 03:12:49 AM »

I am in no way associated with the maker of this software and I benefit in no way from dissemination of this information.

MailWasher is spam filter software and an easy way to check and manage eMail messages.  Think of it as preview software.

Free version works with one email account.  Paid (Professional) version works with all of your email accounts.

MailWasher communicates with the mail server to retrieve new email messages but does not delete them from the server.

MailWasher displays each email message as plain text so that no script, software attachment or malware can run.  You get to review the complete message headers if necessary.  You can then mark the email messages as spam, good, friend.  Spam is discovered by several methods--you can read about that at the website.  I'll only say that it is as effective as any other spam filter I've used.

You can tell Mailwasher to delete any email message from the inbox on the server before you visit the email website or download messages from the server to an email client application.  Because you have screened the email messages first, with Mailwasher, and told it to delete the bad stuff from the inbox on the server, you only download good email messages to your email client application, or you only have good mail to open in your web interface.

It has another function that isn't associated with security but that makes life easier if you have several email accounts to manage.  If you have, lets say, thirty email accounts, Mailwasher will poll all of them.  If you don't see a new message in Mailwasher for a specific account, you don't need to visit that account to check for email.

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