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Security Software Programs / Quality of Support from WinPatrol
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:55:51 AM »
I wax and wane about various Security programs and suites. Sometimes, when I see a sale, I'll splurge and spend the money ... only to find I bought a limited-time licence or that the program itself is insufferable. Then, it's back to Avast! and ZoneAlarm.  THEN, their repeated come-on's for upgrades get me looking for the next sale. It is under the latter situation that I once again renewed my acquaintance with WinPatrol. Actually, I've bought WinPatrol several times over the years to support Bill. Don't actually use it because it's a bit Nanny State for me. But I do install it every now and then and see if it fits MY needs. It's usually gone in a few days. However, I have a future Win10 computer arriving to replace my long-time workhorse, a Win7x64 Pro machine. I decided that I'd take advantage of a Bits Du Jour sale and grab a licence that would cover the workhorse, the new computer (code name RUHROH ... you have to be a Scooby Do! enthusiast to understand the name) and my laptop. The latter also runs Win10, a system that I dislike on many levels.

I DO run a pro version of eSet as my anti-virus. So, I installed WinPatrol Firewall and WinPrivacy, the two items I needed to cover my suite. There were some of the annoyances that I associate with WinPatrol software, but I was handling them. Until the Firewall kept throwing messages up onto the screen about a program that I had told it was OK. Going to the dashboard, I found it kept coming up about a non-existing program called Update. I searched high and low for the program. It was, indeed, missing. So, I contacted support at I got NO answer. The email was, admittedly, confrontational. But not excessively so. NO answer. And this is a program that is now approaching a year without an update.

At the very point that I was thinking about uninstalling WPF, with prejudice, I figured out that it wasn't a program at all. It was a folder called UPDATE. THAT still didn't work. It took adding the targeted program via copy to UPDATE that was eventually proven successful in quelling these incessant WRONG alerts. Unfortunately, after every update to Palemoon (a webbrowser variant of Firefox), I have to resort to the whole rigmarole again. 

Would support give me a PERMANENT work around? Don't know. Two messages in and NO responses. Would an update fix this? Don't know. Never have seen one and it appears I might be in for a long wait. In a software sector that changes DAILY.  Will things like a non-dismissive alert box (seriously, the only way to get rid of it is task manager OR clicking on it to bring up the Dashboard) be fixed? And yes, I know I can turn off ALL messages if I want, which I DO NOT want. Just the fake ones should be dismissed. Or maybe adding the BLOCK INTERNET feature which just about EVERY firewall I have used has, in case I need to chase down a rogue piece of malware. Nope, I have no pathway to expect those two things to happen either.

I am ... disappointed that the legendary support I got from Bill, WHEN needed, has disappeared from the company that supposedly carries on that legacy. Of course, just as I have been unwell of late, it IS possible my requests are going into a black medical emergency hole. So, I ask here, DO YOU GET SUPPORT? When was it last needed and responded to? How long did it take to get a response? Is WinPatrol salvageable? Is the whole suite?

Appreciate any and all responses. ANY responses would be better than I'm currently getting. GM

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