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OK...I have a Windows ME that was given to me by my brother; he removed the hard drive as it went kaput but the motherboard and everything else is supposedly fine. I would like to get this computer up and running for a friend of mine. Can someone give me a bit of direction? I do not have the make, model and serial numbers right now as I gave the computer to my friend but I can get that info. My friend does not plan on doing anything more other than banking online and simple surfing and emailing. Eventually he would like to have WinXP of course...What "kind" of hardrive is needed? About how much do they cost? Do I need boot disks? Install CDs? What do I need?? I haven't a CLUE but I do know how to put the hard drive back into the computer...sorta...I think :hysterical:

Thank you...any direction would certainly help me figure this out..jdc

Testing / Uhm...
« on: July 12, 2006, 03:48:28 PM »
I just gotta try this out...

[move*][color=red*]"YOUR TEXT HERE"My text here?[/color][/move] :stupid: nope...back to the drawing board

 :hysterical:...guess it's an "old dog/new trick" thing...not much "moves" very well any more... now including my text LOL

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