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Internet / Mozilla Firefox
« on: December 20, 2012, 04:49:50 PM »
I have been using firefox for many years but just recently it has been malfunctioning. I can log-on OK and read my emails (in mail2world) but I cannot see attachments. A blank square appears and if I click on the attachment indicator below the email a notice appears saying something like "Server is busy etc." This never used to happen. I have emailed mozilla firefox for help but the the reply was unhelpful. This problem doesn't occur on Internet Explorer. I have reinstalled firefox without result. Someone might say "Why bother, use IE" but there is something wrong. Any ideas anybody?

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / slow computer
« on: January 08, 2012, 05:47:53 PM »
I have a compaq sg3 220uk computer running Windows 7 Home Premium. I don't have a lot of programs on it. The hard disc is about 1/4 full. recently it seems to have become very slow. I use Firefox and these days it can take over a minute for a proram or change of program to appear. Just now it took ebay nearly 2 mins. to load. I have used Windows clean up program but it has made no difference. A broadband speed checker showed a download speed of 7mps. What can have happened.? I am sure this slowness is fairly recent.
Kindest regards  to Corinne

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Stand by restart
« on: November 09, 2011, 05:00:28 PM »
I have a Compaq SG3-220UK machine with Windows 7 Home Premium. I have "Shutdown", "Hibernate" and "Standby" icons on the destop. If I double click on "Standby" the machine goes into standby for a short time and then restarts itself. This can occur several times in succession. Then sometimes it will go into "Standby" and remain until I press the space bar to restart it. The self restarting occurs much more often than staying in "Standby" mode. Shutdown" and "Hibernate" are OK. Any ideas as to why this is happening? It is irritating.

Phishing, Spam and Hoaxes / Is this a genuine forum?
« on: July 19, 2011, 04:46:15 PM »
I have received an email containing a "personal message" to me about a forum. It is signed as below:-
"The Suggest A Fix PC Support Forums team."
Is this genuine? I haven't come across it before and I am wary of uninvited emails other than from sites I know.
Regards to all,

Security Software Programs / Zonealarm
« on: February 07, 2011, 02:16:15 PM »
I installed Zonealarm Free from the Cnet download site. It has completely upset my machine. The internet connection no longer exixts, there are no restore points available, the date and time are all wrong. I am finding it difficult even to access Safe Mode because it immediately restarts. Although the Desktop appears most of the programs don't work. I have been told that only a complete reinstal will cure it and then I will have to find and install my programs afresh. Is this correct? Fortunately I have an old spare machine I can use. Any comments,anyone?

I have 2 machines connected to the internet via a Netgear router. Both have XP3 and updates. One is a desktop and the other is a laptop. The laptop works perfectly but the desktop will boot and all loaded programs are available but it can't access the internet. The laptop can. This problem sems to have occurred after uninstalling AXG Free and installing Avast on the desktop. Also on is Superantispyware. I don't want to reinstall Windows from scratch if I can help it. Any ideas as to what can have happened? A search seems to indicate that "reynopj" experienced a similar problem on 20-12-2010 but didn't get any responses as far as I can see. He must be disappointed.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Hard disk problems
« on: December 13, 2006, 01:37:46 PM »
I have a 40g hard disk which doesn't get "recognised" every so often. I bought an 80g disk and cloned my 40g disk on to it with Acronis disk cloning program. I made the 8og disk the master and the 40g the slave and ensured the boot sequence was correct. If I disconnect the 40g disk the machine boots up to the "Loading settings" window then "Logging off" appears and then hangs. If  I connect the 40g as slave the machine boots from the slave and I get a message "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close etc." If I cancel this notice quickly the machine remains booted and operational until my 40g slave disk decides to go on strike. If I try to boot in "Safe mode" only using the 80g disk  the 3 windows appear in very rapid succession and it won't boot. I was coming to the conclusion that I must reload Windows but how do I ensure it loads on to the 80g disk?
2.4g cpu 512 ram 40g & 80g hdd, xp & sp2

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Linux
« on: November 26, 2006, 08:51:05 AM »
I have read so much about Linux that I thought I would like to try it. I thought i could find a Linux site on Google and download. What a hope!! I am not exactly computer illiterate but I am not a "geek" either. I found the Linux sites utterly confusing with all kinds of provisos and options. It seems that I was mistaken in thinking that I could download some files and then set up. The files I downloaded didn't make sense. Most of them had files which Windows couldn't or wouldn't open. One of them-ubuntu-produced a dvd maker. I don't have dvd. Another gave me a CD creation set up which I used but when I came to run the cd it produced just a repetition of the cd setup. I notice some contributers are very happy with Linux. Perhaps one of them could tell me how to get going. I have XP, SP2, 2.4g, 512 ram, 40 and 80 hdds. :help:

Analysis and Malware Removal / Zumlif's merged topic
« on: October 05, 2006, 01:34:03 PM »
I have 2 unwanted icons in my lower L.H. toolbar. A yellow flashing triangle with an exclamation mark and a blue circle with a white question mark which alternates with a red circle with a diagonal red line. Also I keep getting a box with "System Alert...... clickthis balloon to download official security sotware". I use AVG antivirus, Spyware Catcher and ewido antispyware. I have run scans with all of of these, I have used Add andRemove programs to get rid of VirusBurst but these 2 icons  and their associated System Alert boxespersist. If I activate the red circle I think it loads VirusBurst again. The yellow triangle box Says "System Alert: Trojan_Spy.Win32@mx". My scans showed several bits ofspyware and Trojans and dealt with them. Any help gratefully received. On switching on today the red circle seems to have disappeared probably temporarily. I have run Hijackthis and have the log available. I now have "Security Alert:Networm-i.Virus@fp"
Celeron 2.4, 20g and 40g hdd, 512 ram, Nvidia graphics, XP Pro + SP2, broadband with router.

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