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Hallo Landzdown Forum
Just came to think of...
Is FAKE "Spyware" Programs, like ErrorSafe still legal operating?
I´ve heard that there is some "helpful" pup-up programs, who offer free scans -
and put files on the PC, so you have to buy their program to get rid of the hundreds of threads,
who was put by the programme itselves.

Are such programs still arround - fooling people?
And if - What action by the law have been made to stop them?

What are the names of those, who still do this durty buisness - if they still do it
Maybe it is aStupid quistion to ask :stupid:But I am curious.

Three years ago I send eCards from 123Greetings, and there was such a pup-up
from DriveCleaner ? (Do not remember the name) -
And I was foolish enough to accept a free scan - did not know then that it was unwise of me to accept it.
- Had not heard of those FAKE products.
And I had ofcause 1000.. threads (even though my computer was new) :blink:
It was another PC then this I have today.

Hallo again Landzdown :gwave:

Well - I just wondered...
How "Danger" is MyWebSearch/SmileyCentral really?
- What harm can it do to your PC - Or to the recivers of your e-mails?

(Another quistion is if a person like them or hate them - But that is a matter of taste)
- As they come in all versions from :smash:to :rose: !
And most "serious" news-groups get "wild" having one single  :? have I notiched !
- They only want plain text not HTML and expecial not smileys or pictures !

I had it with my PC WindowsXP on Internet Explorer + OutlookExpress.

- And I know that it is on line as spyware by Ad-Aware, SUPER AntiSpyware

Also I know that some of my e-mail was reported as spam, because there was some
smileys on, and the person I send them to had a strong spamfilter.

On my new PC with WindowsVista (2 months old) first I could not download it,
because it said: Sorry, do not work with Vista.

After 3 weeks I tried again - and it worked now on Windows Mail, just like on Outlook Express.

But - can it "destroy" anything for anybody - me or others - since it "redmarked" ?
- And what excatly can be the problem with it?
(I am not asking if they are "clever" or "Stupid" - Only about their spyware/mailware risk)

Have a nice day and thank you for your help so far.
Think it is a interesting place to visite...

Jørn Rudolph

Security Software Programs / ??? Skins For Ad-AwareSE Personal ???
« on: June 23, 2007, 05:44:37 PM »
Hallo !
I used Ad-AwareSE Personal with the skin MediumBlue -
besides default.
But some weeks ago I reased this programme, because I downloaded the new 2007 version -
If I had vaited some days, and read "the warnings" on Lavasofts Support Forum
about that it did not work with Windows Vista, I never would have erased it.
But I did (and did not think of saving the MediumBlue skin).
Because I thought I was going to use 2007 version.
- It is right: It do not (yet) work with Vista -
So I earsed 2007, and was lucky to find a place (PC World), where I again could
download "The Good Old" 1.06r1 Ad-Aware Personal.
 :Hammys pint:
But I can not find a place to download skins -
It is NOT on Lavasofts Homepage, who now only tell about 2007 version,
and have nothing for the version just before that.
Is there anyone from who can tell me where I can find
MediumBlue on the Internet?
I also read, when I searched by Google, that there was a www.adawareskin page,
who is closed down, and that there was quite many custum made skins ...
Film, Music, Christmas (Not the season now) Mickey Mouse? and others.
Is/was that so?
And can anyone tell me where I can find the skins?
Or perhaps someone would send some skins to me
(If you have any)
- Not Greyscale or Yellow Sky ... I like default better...
But I miss MediumBlue - So that would be real fine !
- And if there is other I could "test" and perhaps use

Hope for :help:
on my (small!) "problem" -
Because the main thing is of cause that the program work -
and it do !
Still I am interested in new look 8)
Best Wishes
And Good Weekend
From Jørn Rudolph, Copenhagen Danmark

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