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LandzDown Lounge / Re: Where in the world?
« on: February 02, 2010, 11:05:53 PM »
Maybe Amsterdam?

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Where in the world?
« on: January 30, 2010, 06:29:24 PM »

Sorry I don't Memmer how to post an image picture thingy...

So I just give ya the link annna then yull no where it is anyOneWay  :hahaha:

Havin fun................. :D

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Yum, or Yuk?
« on: January 24, 2010, 01:15:28 AM »
Chex Mix


Rasin Bran anna Chocky Milk

Forever In Our Hearts / Re: A Tribute For AAPlus
« on: May 31, 2008, 10:15:32 PM »
AAPlus was the soal that is in my heart.
He created me
That man was the backbone that I have
I still cannot deal with his going home
I loved GoGo mor than myself
I appologize for the time it took for me to aknoledge this and speak my peace...

That man was the Gold of Gold....

I miss calling him and his words that kept my head held high.
If it were not for Rojas, I would have never had the balls to join you all.

I cannot say nothing more than this......

He was the best

Forever In Our Hearts / Re: A Tribute For AAPlus
« on: May 31, 2008, 10:03:50 PM »
I have finnaly came to terms with this.

I simply could not deal with GoGo being gone..
I have no words to explain it till now
I wrote something then it after reading it a few times, I knew who I writ it for....

Rojas I know you will appreciate it, I miss you so much my brother

Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings,
They are screaming and dancing again....

Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings dancing in my brain
None come, nor do they go
Appearring uninvited as I carry on
Disrupting the chain of my normal thought
Where do they hide when I need them
Looking into the eye of my own confusion
Seeing answers to problems I do not have
Others thank me and walk away
A twisted smile covers my long face
    and I stand here alone without
    without the clue or the missing piece
    to find the empty hole that is in my heart
    so I agin wander alone in my own abyss.
As I listen to their songs and watch them frolic
Inside my soul their happiness
Seems to be my continuing streaming tears
Uncontrolled they are, all seventeen
Only making the scene when I can feel pain
The pain that comes from within a wounded heart
A heart that has bled for others for to long
My feet do not carry me away from this pain
So I stay, listen, and help others with thier issues
    soon as always, I stand agin alone
    agin all alone, searching for the clue
    or the missing piece that I cannot find
    Knowing that my wisdom has helped another to continue on.
The screaming and dancing SpollyDoyings seem to know
My closing hour as they pick up their **** and go
Back into the depths of my brain or wherever they hide
As my conciousness catches up with the confusion factor
Created by the mindless fools that only care to take
I once agin I find my feet, this time they carry me away
Carrying me away to yet another place of unforseen greed
Greed contained inside of another shell of a once good person
Walking through clouds of hidden faces and minds of lost soles
    i silently cry as I once more see outstretch hands
    all of them begging and none with any nourishment
    so to the fields of my own open mind I find the food
    food I need to consume to continue on continuing on.
I am looking down at the feet that carry me on from field to field
Wondering how much of my own empty mind I can consume before
Finding those Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings that anchor me down
It seems that now I am eating into my own conciousness
Not bandaging the wounds that are bleeding me out
I know others see the stains on my heart and yet they continue
Continue cutting away at the wounds that they or others have opened
Feeding upon the kindness that I unmercifully share with all
While walking alone confused wondering why I am walking alone
    as another sunset comes and the sunrise goes
    backwards, yes it is, but it is my course and I walk it
    not all all alone as I have thought time and agin
    cause the vibrations are beginning to rattle my bones.
As one by one, the Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings appear
This time they emerge one at a time from my inner ear
They cross my cheek to stop on the tip of my nose
Standing there each one looks me deep into my eyes
Then simply start laughing, each with a different pitch
Looking deeper yet into my eyes they find what they want
I twitch feeling the loss that is their gain, feeling my awareness they turn
Laughing as they run away back to wherever they hide inside my brain
Dissappearing before I can capture one, I hear the dancing begin agin
    the headache is coming on now, but I live with it
    living with the hope that one day someone will appear
    someone that may help me round up them little bastards
    cause I know they have the clue to help me find my missing pieces.
The missing pieces I need to answer my own questions
The missing pieces that are the hole in my heart
The missing pieces needed to stop all of this rain
The missing pieces that are the blue skies of my life
The missing pieces of the sunshine of my soul
The missing pieces which are the ones needed by those who love
The missing pieces that make up the stage inside of me
The missing pieces of myself on which the Screaming SpollyDoyings preform
If it were to happen, then I would be able to dissappear
    the Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings know this
    and so do all that I know, and most that I have yet to meet
    the badgering will continue and I will keep scratching backs
    of those who are simply those who make up the human race.
As noone looks, I slip into my own clown suit and begin to laugh
Laugh I do, laughing with others as they do
Do they know it is me, do they care, do they?
The confused Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings emerge
They jump up and down upon my head until I agin
Wake up from that dream
Waking up to hear the reality of them dancing inside my head
Even in the neverKnow land of the asleepin
I am fooled by my foolish thoughts of an unknown happy reality
    so the hidden pieces stay hidden
    I continue on without a clue
    loving all life as I always do
    even with the thunder that reverberates inside of my head.
...I feel the Seventeen Screaming SpollyDoyings dance on and on
Singing the same song long into the night
and the lonely tears flow freely down my cheek
Dripping off, landing on the ground joining the others there
At my feet they pool together
Creating what is known to most
Simply as a mudPuddle...
Tired, I somehow find a place that I can truely rest
Time goes by and I recover, awakening to begin another path
    but, i know they are still there
    waiting for me
    to be me
    so they can once agin dance inside my brain
I will never change my simple vulnerable ways even though I alone feel the pain
Of those Seventeen Smiling SpolyDoings that live inside my brain.
Co-Founding Member of ASAP
Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals

Jokes / Re: The Village Idiot
« on: May 31, 2008, 06:35:05 AM »
Funny thing...
All that happened on the deck of a LongBoat...

Guess who was Cappin

ShutDown, ....well holditnow.
Insure that U R not admin....
Then shut down, boot to safe mode, choose yerself ifn U can (Sum varieties of XP do not differiant... tate) between the to once changed.
I mean if winnerz included the profile in the WMCP fhen the security becomes a issue, and if this is XP Home or Media, then arguements will follow from those more able to guide the standardz excepted y all of thud\s.



The issue is a service + security that you are having and Windows is not unnerstanding your commands as sent.
Where the disk and machine do not "know" each other, you would have ben better to use an (Bill G. forgive me) upgrade disky thing stead of an OEM which in your csae cannot "see itself"
 You could also rewrite the boot sector and then do a hack to the BIOS...
Hell I just send you a Winnnowz XP Pro that I rewrit....
*Jerry is shutting up now, Aaron, my appologies and ......
Please disreguard this posting. I forgot you no longer live in Detroit.



Oppppppps, IAMWRONG ...
I am speaking out of line here altho...
Burn that CD to HD C:\i386 or whatever u choose, then retry the ADD\Remove duehicky ...
U must ensure that Windows "sees" the files tho...
Can be done from right clickin my computer then going to Proprties and renamming the drive (computer) ...
Then the same shell extension action on C:\ then properties security and in the C:\ drive to let windows know who owns the drive.
AAron, can explain more detailz....

Your OEM diskiz not allowing for the realization that it discovers the files are on yer hard drive, then unmercifullessly dissallows you to to access CabFiles....
Also, this must be an HP or Compac, there is a service that can be terminated that will allow such lateral movement...
Aaron can explain this much better than i Tho...

Have fun......... :D

Security Software Programs / Re: "Error retrieving update"
« on: April 22, 2007, 03:33:47 PM »

They -- ThemOnez -- Dat Ad-Anewcompletestaffonceayear  :shock: ....They Did This To Me  :tease: <<<=============

I still inRecuvverin....


Havin' fun ..................... :D

LandzDown Lounge / Re: A New Addition to "LzD Friends"
« on: September 19, 2006, 08:19:32 AM »

Well here now.......
Well there to......
Waz it a bird?.......A UspaceSaucerFO........


It waZ ripley Do Ya believe it :blink:

SumHow that wasnt Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay........

I lostedded traK agin......

Welcome ripley, we are honered to have you among us, you have done a lot and for that there are millions that are thankfull so you doant haFFa listen to me ;)

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Have Fun................... :D

Security Software Programs / Re: Spyware Blaster Question
« on: August 27, 2006, 08:23:17 AM »



I iz OldOneIdiUt....But I STILL like...

Fer the startUp craaap...
Then the ole CookieWall  :Win73: still shoots em down fer me:

It is alwayz up to the user and thier preferences....
As I see it, a lot of support will steer to monitoring the mass amounts of software that is availabbbble today.SoftWare that seems to be desinED to "customize" the users machine to fit thier needs and protect the system W \O any conflicts or "holez" in the Blanket....
Then one can advise to others on the quality and integrity of those toolZZZ...
Some like the "hands on" approach and there are great user interactive toolZ that allow one to be a part of the "action"
Then, sumOnePeople iZ not liken to wanna play with all that and again there are toolZ that auto scan-fix-delete-cleanUp-filter-block-monitor-BakeCookies and make bred while yer in the BathTub....
I like to feel the computers need to hav me actively takin care of it as it werks for me without complaints.....
[end of rant]


I just MemmerD----- Me oven is not progammable and me dinner is ......

Have Fun...................... :help:


Very fine werk youAll.......

While keepin it up, have one of these:

or, one of these:

Themz goood ALEzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Have Fun now.......................................... :Hammys pint:

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