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Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Fill pdf forms
« on: March 23, 2018, 07:16:43 PM »
Hello.  :)

I have to fill some pdf forms, and I would like to ask if there is a way to do this, without using Adobe Acrobat software.


Just a thought:

Could it be possible re-entering the username and password in router's page help?

The internet light in my modem is on only when the telephone is in use. Otherwise, is always off.

Since I installed it, I use it every day. It's a very useful tool for me. No other notebooks and hand notes.

I have the OneNote 2016 in the computer and the app in the phone. Now I need a tablet. :)

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Talking about cars
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:07:02 PM »
DR M, I'm going to take a wild guess where you're at you use a decimal to separate the thousands groups, and a comma for the decimal (so 15.000,00), yes?

Exactly, Aaron. The decimal here is for separating the thousands of euros/dollars/pounds etc. (when it is just a number, no money, only a space is needed). I didn't know that there was a difference on this. But it is well known that when we talk about a billion we refer to 1 000 000 000 000, instead of 1 000 000 000 which is the number you, in USA, refer to.

Your points are very helpful, thank you. I agree with all of them. I just wanted to hear from someone else the same thoughts, to confirm. When I saw the price (a similar new is more 30.000 euros) and the km covered, I thought that it was a good offer, for a convertible car I always wanted. :)  But it seems that a more logical thought is buying a new, different kind of course (not a luxury car), with less cost. The car I have now is also used, it belonged to a relative and it's in a very good condition, although it's a 2005 Opel Corsa. So, it can wait. (But it's beautiful, isn't it? I mean the Mini :) )

LandzDown Lounge / Talking about cars
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:21:40 PM »
Not a computer... Not even a hard drive...  :)

What do you think?

A colleague sells his car.

Cooper S convertible, 2014, used (30k km), 15.000 euros (negotiable price).

Very similar to the picture:

Web News / Re: Daylight Saving Time Arrives Sunday in the States
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:17:53 PM »
I didn't mind going to work in the dark...

But that would not be easy for the children, especially for the smallest children (Kindergarten and the first classes of Primary School). And of course for the teachers, and for students' achievement etc....

As a retiree, I just get up when I'm rested, eat when I'm hungry, and go to bed when I'm tired.

I like this. :)

LandzDown Lounge / Re: If you want to kill your time
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:24:41 PM »
Don't you dare find ways to kill your computer!

Why not?  :)
One of these days. Delly became very boring living in legality and order for so long. I started back-up my documents.   ;)

Web News / Re: Daylight Saving Time Arrives Sunday in the States
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:06:04 PM »
''Summer Time'' as we call it, will be applied on the 25th of March in Europe. So the time difference between you and me will become smaller for a few days. I don't like the time change. Also I don't agree that we should keep DST forever. Most of the jobs start at 7:30 a.m. here, so people would have to get prepared in the darkness, having in mind that we are the the easternmost island in the Mediterranean.

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Fun/Heart-warming Stories
« on: March 06, 2018, 01:00:41 PM »
Two posts above, I expressed an opinion about heart warming stories. I was angry about something happened to me, so ... I wrote that thing!  :o  I'm taking it back and you can delete that post! Today, I will write about a story that I think is heart warming enough, to make every one smile. It's about an old friend of mine. I had months to hearing from him. He was not answering my calls, he was not replying to my emails. He sent me an email a few days ago. I post a part of it, having my friend's permission as no personal data are included. I tried to do my best with the translation.

''...The last couple of years were difficult for me for many and different reasons. OK, I know that my difficulties are not as big as others, and perhaps bigger problems are going to occur in the future, but the fact is that I had to struggle. Anyway... For two months, I got into a strange condition. No mood for doing anything or talking to anybody. Feeling useless, unsafe, and as the cause of others unhappiness. No one of my family and friends realized what I was passing through. For them, I was the one who reads all the time, trying to finish something. I was drinking every morning, just to start the day without remembering anything (although this is a lie, because the more you drink, the more you remember everything), then sleeping, then trying to talk to my computer. No courage for asking for help. And no one knew. Except from one person. She was an internet friend. I started talking with her, for another thing, and she didn't need more than one message to realize that I was not OK. What are you doing these days? she asked. It seems that you are still depressed from all that happened and you make me very concerned... You are too young to shut your self off the world... You need an outlet, something to take your mind off what happened [...] I'll be fine, I said, as I started seeing that someone was there for me. And her answer: You better be fine or I will reach across the waters and slap you, silly! Get off that track right now and find yourself! That was a shock for me. I cried a lot that day. Her words are still in my ears. I felt God's Love, in that woman's concern. And decided that I had to do my best to get out of this condition, before it was too late. I scared in the thought of the possibility of passing a depression. And I stopped thinking that the world goes around me. Now, two weeks after, I feel much better. I found my outlet, but it's better to say that ... the outlet came and found me! There are still really difficult times, because a fact is a fact and doesn't change, but at least I understood that things sometimes just happen. We may make mistakes, people do mistakes, but the life is going on. It's up to us to correct the mistakes, if we can, and keep building. It's strange, because often we advise others to go out and find real friends, but a virtual real friend helped me to start the recovery procedure. And I'm sure, she did not understand anything of what she did! Wish me luck for now and on!''

Well, this is my friend's story, and I wish I was the one he helped him. I share it with you, because you are my virtual friends, and I would like to say that every message, every good thought, every word of what we say to others, matters, even though the communication is taking place through a computer. Have this in mind. :)

P.S. My signature below, is my friend's conclusion.


In my machine, it's in folder located at C:\Windows10Upgrade.
The folder was created in August 2016, last updated in May 2017.

Thank you. Mine too.  :)  Date modified: 14.12.2017. So it's there. Disabling it from the start-up items during the updating procedure, lets the Windows update to occur, since otherwise, the older version returns with computer's restart. Without WinPatrol's help, this could not be identified. But of course: I'll try the suggestion as listed above, when the problem re-occurs, and let you know.

Yes, I noticed that it's not a service.  :)

I bookmarked the page with Andre's answer. If the same problem occur again at the next big Windows update, I will try the steps he recommends. I will also check it in my nephew's computer.

A general question: if I disable a start-up item, I just disable it, not remove it. Right? If yes, where can I find GetCurrentRollback.exe file? Why it just disappears?

Is that the full name?  I looked in the Services desktop app, Task Manager and did a Bing search and didn't find anything named GetRollBack Service.

Actually it's GetCurrentRollback. It's the 5th time I see it. I attach an image from the yesterday's computer.

The steps I follow: 
1. Accept the change from WinPatrol
2. Disable the service from WinPatrol

This warning appears ONLY with the use of the Microsoft tool. Otherwise, the update process ends with an error, due to a restart that gets the Windows back to the previous version.

OK, Corrine. I understand.

Some thinking aloud now (I'm doing it very often these days and I must be careful :D ) :

This happened also to a number of computers without any security software. I told today to the computer owner to install WinPatrol.
I disable the startup GetRollBack service. This means that I don't let it being installed? If I don't disable it from the start-up items, it will never stop to getting the computer to the old version of Windows. It's a start-up item...

As I already said, I did the same thing to my computer, in November. Should I check or correct something now or whatever has been done it's done? (ο γεγονε γέγονε)

I know that this is an old topic (and perhaps I should open a new topic), but I have to say that the issue above continues to occur.

As I wrote before, the automatic update (for the 1709 version) is starting and seems to come to an end many times, but after every restart the computer returns to 1703 version. When updating using the Microsoft's tool (either as an update for the computer or as an update from a bootable media), during the procedure, WinPatrol warns about the Rollback service. Update is being completes successfully after disabling this service (either from WinPatrol or the Task Manager). Before updating using the tool, no sign from the Rollback service, but it is obvious that it's the cause of this issue. I had a phone call from a relative from Greece today, who told me about his problem. I immediately suspected that this was the problem, followed these steps, and he managed to get the 1709 update. A thought: perhaps this is something happening to old computers (mine is six years old). And another thought:  we have many cases to say that this is happening accidentally. Corrine?

General Software News, Updates & Discussions / Re: Another cleaner
« on: February 27, 2018, 07:25:28 PM »

Yes, but only because I provided it to add to the site from here before we lost our special emoticons , including , or course.

I remember our special emoticons!  :)

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