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All I did was go to apps and features and reset it. works perfect now. thanks
Email reset
Howto reset wimdows 10 email application fix.
Apps & features
Calander &mail
Advansed option
Whe it gets a checkmark on reset it's done reset
When emails won't send & receive this is the cause

Thanks for all the useful information Dr, M I used all of it
and setting the W- features fixed all. I slept good last night.
I learned a lot on this sight, thanks again

Dr. M I done that and the people was off so I rebooted and went to on line
and sent an email from there to yahoo and it will not send'
On the desktop nothing after 4-28-20

Yes I had trouble in march  it worked ok until 4-28 every thing in email stopped.

Yes I'm confused. I signed in at microsoft to associate google with Microsoft. Just trying anything I can think of.
I can sign in at and it seems to receive but not send my emails.
I'm going to try Dr.M  answers to this when I have time. Thanks all for ideas
Iam using w-mail program

I reset W-10 and signed in at Microsoft and added google. For awhile I could go to Gmail on the web and it would work,now that quit to.
I've worked on this 2 days now and no luck.
Never had this kind of problem. Sure could use some answers.

Yes that's the blue one .I added Microsoft so google sends that email to my inbox.
thanks a lot. Rverything working good.

It's just a blue envelope

client ID

I think it is Microsoft program,not sure how to know what it is.

I have email to my inbox but now I have to go to to get my email.
I think my w-10 version is 1903. I've been using. Microsoft edge.
I meant I restored to earlier date. Thanks for your input. I don't need to have my email
in the inbox but I really would like to know what caused it.


No email in inbox
On the 3-23 email worked fine On the 24  email
quit nothing in inbox and nothing in spam . Then I deleted all my emails.
In the trash I have all emails up to the 23d I deleted them
and restored computer to a later date. no help there.
regsvr32 urlmon.dll loads ok
these 3 do not.shdocw.dll
Would these have anything to do with my email quit working?
And if so what can I do to make them work?

Ya thanks all I tried both ways and no luck. I think you are right I'm not connecting to the internet with old XP. No updates for so long. Just asking for trouble.
I'll use it off line for cd's and things. Thanks again

 I've got an old XP computer that's getting wifi & cable from a w- 10
computer in another room.
The online monitor icon is in the notification area.
When I click on it it says I'm connected enabled.
But when I try to use a browser it says it can't show this page
because I'm not on the internet.
I would like to try something to make this work.
I would like the education of this.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / tracfone problems
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:08:07 AM »
What to do when trac fone dials and don't work. In coming calls don't work and I have 109 minutes left and it's all charged up.It was working and started acting this way.It's a pretty new phone and hasn't been used much. I dial my own land phone and it won't ring in there either.

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