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Forever In Our Hearts / Re: RIP siljaline
« on: February 12, 2017, 03:45:57 AM »
I remember Randy from his days posting at

Rest well, my friend.


Security Software Programs / WinPatrol PLUS hogs CPU
« on: October 07, 2013, 08:22:30 PM »
I'm using the latest version of WPP: 28.9.2013.1:28.9.2013.1 on XP/sp3, and have configured it to load at startup. On a few occasions recently have noticed system slowdowns. On opening Task Manager I see that WinPatrol.exe is using about 50% CPU. When I right-click on Scotty in the tray, I get no menu, so I have to kill WPP via the Task Manager, which solves the problem. The system otherwise works well.

I have taken WPP out of my startup, and will see if  this behaviour returns when I manually start it.

I report this odd behaviour FYI only, as it is recent and has not occured before in my many years using WP. It might well be related to this old XP system, since I haven't seen it on my Win 7 PCs.


I re-booted  with no problems, as I suspected. All programs loaded as expected.

I just reported this as new and unusual behaviour by Scotty, rather than a problem to be solved. And if Scotty wants to bark at me once in a while; that is OK too.  :smiley:

PS:  Joe935???   An alternate identity??

Nope, no relation.

Hi Corrine, and thanks for the prompt reply.

Since I first posted, Scotty has thrown up alerts for just about every other program in my startup list.

Although I keep all my programs generally up to date, I have to say I have not updated anything in the past day or so on the system involved. And its been over a month since I last updated to the current version of WPP.

As a long-time user of WinPatrol on various systems, I can only say that this behaviour is definitely out of character for Scotty (who now has taken to intermittently barking at me, without any alerts, even as I write). Something very odd here.

Security Software Programs / WinPatrol Alerts me to startup deletions
« on: August 29, 2012, 11:49:16 AM »
Out of the blue, WPP alerted me that the following programs were deleted from startup on my Win7 system:

- Winlogon Shell
- Winlogon Userinit
- IAStoricon
- Secunia PSI Tray

In fact, when I open WPP I still see these programs listed under the Startup Programs tab, and my system is running normally. Using the latest version of WPP here: 25.0.2012.5:25.0.2012.5

This smells like a bug here, but I must confess I'm now a tad reluctant to re-boot! I see others have experienced something similar recently. Any thoughts?

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