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That went a little more smoothly.  :)

Help + About didn't work this time (said I was up to date).
Never had that happen before.
Got it from the download site almost as effortlessly.

Phishing, Spam and Hoaxes / Re: Outdated Firefox ... New Scam?
« on: June 24, 2020, 05:22:44 PM »
Thank, Pete. 
A quick search indicates that it's NOT NEW. It just happened  to be the first time I stumbled upon it.

I guess it could also have been an ad that the Mercury News didn't screen thoroughly.

Phishing, Spam and Hoaxes / Re: Outdated Firefox ... New Scam?
« on: June 23, 2020, 07:16:56 PM »
Follow up:
The same link appears clean now.
The MercuryNews (a California based news site) must have been hacked, and then cleaned up.
OR ... Google had a contaminated redirect link.

Phishing, Spam and Hoaxes / Outdated Firefox ... New Scam?
« on: June 23, 2020, 03:48:36 PM »
I was just browsing the "Google News" page.

I clicked on an interesting looking headline.
My browser froze for a short time.
When the new tab opened, it was a page telling me I had an outdated version of Firefox.
The download window opened (without my consent), with a file that contained the word "Firefox" but was otherwise unfamiliar.
I closed the download window and the tab.
The download window opened again.
I closed it again.

"Help" + "About" reassures me that I'm up to date.


Try Major Geeks for WinPrivacy,1.html

Unfortunately they appear to be linking to the WinPatrol site for WAR.

It's been so long since they updated it, that I've been wondering if it's still safe to use.

I'm having trouble getting the WinPatrol & Ruiware pages to open, but I think the program can be downloaded at BleepingComputer

I've looked in on the site before.
It looked pretty much like it looks now, and seemed to be marketing the unlikely combination of cosmetics and bearings. It made me wonder what kind if company it was.
After the additions I saw today, I'm wondering if they're just hosting ads, and aren't particularly careful about  what's being advertised.

Has anyone been curious enough to visit freedomlist recently?

Today one of their advertisers was openly marketing heroin, cocaine, and "pills".
I thought that was pretty much limited to the darknet markets.

Yes, it's occurred to me that it could be a sting.

I can't speak about the Windows app, but Thunderbird is capable of retrieving from most email providers via POP, IMAP, or both, without worrying about adds.

Yahoo acts just like any other provider.

Google doesn't appear to approve, but Gmail works fine, and they limit their objections to an occasional nag-spam.

A few months ago, I uninstalled it from Firefox, and turned it off in Edge.

The upside - one less update to bother with.
The downside - so far, I haven't experienced any downside.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Login Win 10
« on: May 06, 2020, 05:47:45 PM »
Good to know that the computer using an MS account can still be signed in and used off the internet.

I'll have to do some reading on setting up a local account.
My friend with the slow dsl will be switching to cable so once she makes that change, I might want to tell her about some other things she may want to change.
I always use a local account.
I deleted my Hotmail ID as a login option back when Windows 8 was still "the latest" (still maintain it as a backup email account).

I set my wife up with a local account, the first time she asked for help.
At a later date, I got her an Outlook e-mail account, but did not set it up as a possible Windows login ID.

As far as I can tell you have to disable most telemetry separately.
I did NOT disable automatic updates, and MS appears to know exactly when I need one.

Suggestions and Site Feedback / Re: Not saving log in password Edge
« on: April 19, 2020, 05:14:53 PM »
I know this is an old topic, but I'm not seeing whether or not it was resolved.

I saw that happen a couple of days ago.
I usually use Firefox, but my wife uses Edge.

She was having problems logging into Experian.
The problem turned out to be "memorized" logins with typing errors in the username.
I reset her password, and deleted the erroneous entries.

When I logged in with the correct username and the new password the login went flawlessly, but I was NOT offered an opportunity to have Edge "remember" it.

When I was deleting the bad memorized entries, I had noticed that down below the memorized logins, was a list of logins NOT memorized. They included one with the correct username.

I deleted it, and on the next login, I was offered an opportunity to have it memorized.
Problem solved.
Click on the three dots to the right of the menu bar.
Scroll down and click on "Settings"
Click on "Passwords and autofill"
Click on "Manage Passwords"
See if you have any not memorized, and if landzdown is among them.
If so delete it, logout of landzdown, login again and see if that helps.

No problems, but I use a third party product as my primary AV, with Defender set for "Periodic Scanning". The last Periodic Scan happened the day after I updated without a problem.

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