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LandzDown Lounge / Re: What are you currently listening to?
« on: August 16, 2016, 05:43:53 AM »
Let's see what's on the playlist right now...
Starcastle - Lady of the Lake
Hang Massive - Skanegatan
REO Speedwagon - 157 Riverside Avenue, and Lay Me Down - live from "The Session" on PBS 1971
Lawrence Gowen (with Styx) - a Criminal Mind
SHEL - The Battle of Evermore (live)
But when those are done playing, it's bedtime!

I just happened to type (on a whim), and it's gone...

I'll have to boot up one of the old computers and see what my user name was back then. I pretty much fell out of the forum when the registration thing started, but still stopped by to see what was up every couple of weeks for years.

Those were exciting times for computers and the internet! I still have all the computers from those days, all the way back to the junky Packard Bell 486 in the mid nineties. Maybe I'll bring them all out of storage in another 10 years or so, heh heh...


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