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Thanks Corrine  :D
But it's not the newspaper contact info I'm asking about.  That's actually printed in the paper, and as you said, on their website as well.

I'm trying to figure out how to find the right person at MS, Walmart, Norton and McAfee.  By sending them this letter, I want to notify them that this disreputable business is using their name, logo, and in some cases, link to website, probably without their permission.  As I said, I seriously doubt these global businesses have purchased advertising space from techisonline!

Thanks Basil  :D
Yes, the National Do-Not-Call List (in the USA) that I referred to in my original message sounds like the same kind of thing as your Telephone Preference Service.  As I wrote, I did report the offense to 3 different (but related) agencies.  They notified me that they were opening an investigation, but I have not heard anything else from them.

Also, I want to report some other info that I've discovered about this techisonline, via Google.
First I found this website:  419Legal - Internet Fraud and Online Scam Forum.  And associated with that, Fraud and Scam News.  I have not yet had a chance to look into the reputation of this organization, but at first glance, appears to be "not so much".  Of the 3 articles I read, all had serious grammatical errors.  But it looks to have an extensive database of articles, and at least they're getting the word out there :thumbsup:

And on that website, an article naming techisonline:  "The Truth Behind Fraud Call Centers Technical Support Scams", July 21, 2010.
Certainly if you receive call from comantra, supportonclick, thenerdsupport, securesecurityinfotech, thesupportonline, go4isecure, thesparksupport, winpctech, compstep, ordinateurassist, advpccare, techisonline, techonsupport, fixonclick, Log4Rescue and that too offering tech support then it means you are having call chat with online scammers who are right there to defraud you.

And from the same site:  "Microsoft Plans Legal Action Against Fraud Companies and Fake Callers", July 14, 2010.  It does not mention techisonline specifically though.
Therefore pertaining to this security giant has confirmed to terminate it’s relationship with certain partners , who were found misleading the people and considering legal action against companies.

In addition, another somewhat obscure website Pi55ed Consumer, which writes reviews, accepts and publishes complaints, and advocates good practices to avoid fraud, scams, etc., and as well has a forum.  They have received 2 complaints about techisonline, one in May, and one in September, 2010, here:  However one of them was not a "cold call", but they actually contacted techisonline on purpose.

So anyway, just wanted to share :D

Sorry for the 2nd post -- can't edit after a few minutes.

I posted my original story in another forum a month or so after posting this.  There someone recently reported that the techisonline domain was about to expire.  So I decided to browse to the site to see if it was still there.  I don't know, maybe they renewed it, but not only is it still there, there are apparent advertisements for Microsoft, Walmart, Norton, McAfee and Tiger Direct (I've never heard of this last one).  Either they were not there when I first visited their site, or I didn't notice them.

I have been thinking, off and on, about writing an article about this experience and trying to get it published in my local newspaper.  I never have gotten around to it.  But I'm guessing that none of the above listed corporations have paid this TechIsOnline group for advertising, and I think I will just have to write them, and let them know about my experience, and that they are using their names and logos, apparently as advertising.

My problem is not knowing how to learn the name and address of the proper person to whom to address such a letter.  I know that I will have a better chance being heard if I address it to a specific person, rather than just a department or office.  I just don't know how to go about finding out whom is the appropriate person.  I remember from college that there is some sort of business directory that could be found in libraries (back in those days, late 1970's) where one could look up such info.  But these days, I'm not sure how that would work.

So I'm hoping someone here can give me some tips about this.  Writing the letter, I've got that down.  But finding the right person to whom to address it, that's the problem.  Thanks for any comments  :D

Oh wow!  I guess it's been a couple of months since I was here.  But just wanted to say "You're welcome"!  I'm glad my posting helped you.

And I'm REALLY glad to read that at least some countries act on this type of thing.  Thanks for that link Corrine :D

Quote from: mikey
However, the prognosis is good for the foreseeable future.
Oh, that is awesome!

Thanks for the info Aaron, it is really helpful.  I've just checked out Windows Home Server, since I'd never heard of it and to be honest, the word "server" confuses me (although I think I'm now beginning to understand).  It sounds like an awesome product which I may actually buy.  (I have a big family photo project planned, and WHS sounds like can provide plenty of storage, not to mention the personal website, and as you mentioned backups.)  However for the immediate needs, Acronis will be less expensive.  Anyway, you've given me a lot to think about  :breakkie:

Thanks again, I really appreciate the comments :D

OMG, how long have you had your site back up and running?  I waited and waited, and checked and waited.....until finally I deleted most of my links, thinking you took up other interests, or something.  Oh, you know I'm so there!

Thanks for the info re backups.  Yes, I do understand that I would have to have a pretty big external hard drive to back up both PCs.  Interesting to read about Cobian.  I've come to adore Open Source.  Comodo also looks good.  But in my case, I really need the image type of backup.  I had to reinstall OS on my old XP once, and it was a nightmare.  And it seems the image backup could avoid that (although perhaps not in every case).  As I'm always learning more about my computers, how to use them, and computer technology in general, I may someday have the skills to do a reinstall on my own.  But for now -- no  :tease:

Well anyway, it's great to hear from you, and I appreciate your comments.
All best  :D

Testing / testing SmileyPad in Windows 7
« on: June 02, 2010, 12:27:34 PM »
Hi Friends,
I love SmileyPad, but fear it will not survive further Windows upgrades.  (It can still be downloaded from internet, but is no longer supported by creators, or anyone else.....which is really too bad )(I can't believe no one has picked up SmileyPad, and kept it upgraded debugged; it's a great little program!)  I have it installed and running, using Compatibility, on Windows 7 64-bit.  I've managed to successfully export one folder from XP machine, and imported.  But can't seem to get any other folders working.  I can't even figure out if the problem is in the export from XP or import to W7   Although the folders do appear to contain different values of kb, so I think the smileys are in the exported folders.

It does appear that I will be able to manually add the smileys, one by one -- which will be a pain.  However, installing some new smiley manager will require the same effort.  So I might as well try to get SmileyPad working, if I can.  But before I spend so much time caching all my smileys, I thought I should make sure I can actually use them.

Unfortunately, I've dropped 2 smileys into this message so far, but don't see them here in the editor.  They are 2 that I've added individually.  Here are a couple from the folder that I successfully export/imported --     Yeah, they don't seem to be showing up either.  Let me try Preview....

Ok :cry: looks like I'm not gonna be able to get it working on W7 :(  (The 2 smileys in this sentence are from the editor.)

Does anyone know if there might be some security or other feature of W7, or some setting I could tweak, to allow dropping smileys into editor?

Well, I have done some searching, and found a couple of smiley managers that I might be able to use.
--  One is EmotipadII, on cnet Downloads.  But it's website redirects to some motorcycle website.  So I'm doubting that any kind of support for this product is available.
--  The other is GetSmile 1.952 for Windows 7.  However, it costs $25, and I don't particularly care for that style of smiley :(  I know I can use my own, but seems a lot to pay for just the manager.

Does anyone know of any smiley managers out there, that you can recommend (hopefully free ones but anything up to $25)?

Thanks for your help :D

Hi Friends,
Still setting up new laptop, and just came across Windows 7 Backup.  Wow!

On my XP machine, I do what I call manual backups, where I just save all the files that are important to me to disc, on a regular basis.  But I've been wanting to get an external hard drive and something like Acronis True Image (I think that's the name), and do the system image type of automated backups.  So far, I haven't gotten around to it  :roll:

So I'm excited to see this option on Windows 7.  But naturally I'm curious how the new Windows Backup compares to something like Acronis.  Are they more or less the same thing?  Or are there any significant differences?  I have to think Acronis would need to add more functionality to remain competitive, now that Windows offers this type of backup.

Also, if I do get the Acronis, or some similar product for my XP machine, could I back them each up to the same external hard drive?  Or would I need an external drive for each machine?  Or...I guess if the W7 Backup doesn't meet all my needs, I would just use the Acronis (or other) on both computers....or upgrade the XP to W7 (not my 1st choice!).

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear any thoughts or comments on the W7 Backup feature.
Thank you very much  :breakkie:

LandzDown Lounge / email showing in Members list?
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:59:20 PM »
Hi Friends,
I guess this message belongs here?  I remember years ago posting a similar question.  I saw my email address showing in my member profile, and was concerned because in the options in my User CP, I chose to hide my email address.  The response was that is it shows up to ME, but to no one else.

Now I just noticed it in the Members list, and hoping it's the same answer -- that it shows to me, but no one else?

Thanks for your help  :breakkie:

Suggestions and Site Feedback / Re: text editor glitch?
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:45:51 PM »
Ok, it looks like that may have solved the problem.  I've just posted a medium-sized message without any of the jumping thing.  It wasn't really long, but I'm optimistic that the problem is solved!  (Too bad we can't edit messages in this forum, or else I could just open an old long post and just type a couple of words to test this)

Thanks again :D

Internet / Re: You Guys Digging Windows 7?
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:38:36 PM »
Hi again,
Follow-up questions/comments:
Thanks for the info Aaron.  The WoW64 stuff is even more confusing.  But I do understand that Program Files (x86) is for 32 bit programs.  And that I should follow the prompt from the setup/installer/wizard.

Windows is very smart and knows where to install programs if you allow the standard installation.  When installing a 32-bit software program it will automatically be installed in Program Files (x86).  For example, I had a choice when I downloaded Office 2010 between 64-bit and 32-bit.  I selected the 32-bit version and when I clicked the file for installation, the installer properly selected Program Files (x86).
Corrine,  I'm wondering if 64 bit was available, why you chose the 32 bit.  Is there some advantage in doing so?  Or in other words, might there be programs where it might be in my best interest to choose a 32 bit version, even if a 64 bit version is available?

New questions/comments:
I just happened to download a program where the system requirement info says it's compatible with Windows 7 and both 32 bit and 64 bit.  However the setup wizard prompted to install in Program Files (x86).  So that got me thinking again, and trying to understand this issue again.

I wonder if most or all laptop/64 bit operating systems provide this kind of dual compatibility system.  And if many of the various program/applications' creators know this, and therefore claim in their documentation that it's compatible with both 32 and 64 bit OSs?

So now I'm thinking, if that's true, then a program that's truly 64 bit will actually have both a 32 bit and a 64 bit download?  So that there's a difference between a true 64 bit program and a program that's compatible with 64 bit, by virtue of 64 bit OSs that offer this kind of dual compatibility system?

Did that make sense?  Have I finally understood this issue?
Thanks for your help  :D

Suggestions and Site Feedback / Re: text editor glitch?
« on: May 20, 2010, 02:45:18 PM »
Oh ok, I found it.  Guess we'll have to wait until I have a longer message to post, to test it.  But I will definitely let you know.

Thank you very much :D

Suggestions and Site Feedback / text editor glitch?
« on: May 19, 2010, 04:57:41 AM »
Hi Friends,
This isn't a suggestion, but a report of a problem.  It's been happening for quite a while.  So long that I couldn't even guess when it started.  And when it started, I didn't report it, because I thought it was probably temporary, or hoping so anyway.  Plus it doesn't prevent or disable any feature, it's just annoying.  But it has persisted now least a year....1 to 2 years.  Also didn't report it because I can't think of the right words to describe it -- so please understand that.  Unfortunately, it's not something that can be captured in a screen shot.  I've never seen this or had it happen anywhere else, any other forum or text editor.

So, here goes.  I start a new topic, and can type without any problems until the message reaches a length of about 1 & 1/2 to twice the length of the message field.  When I reach that point in this message, I will type a bunch of [Shift + number] characters.  Meanwhile, I'll continue to try to describe it.  With every keystroke, the entire message text "scrolls" very fast.  In fact I would say that it jumps.  It jumps back to roughly the point where it started.  So that when it 1st starts, with every single keystroke in that line the text scrolls or jumps up one line, so that I can't see the line I'm typing.  If I type one letter, it jumps once.  If I type 5 letters, it jumps 5 times, once for each letter.  @#$%^&* Ok, it just started to jump!  And if I type at full speed, it jumps so fast that the text can't be read.

Now I'm 3 lines below the point where the text started jumping. With each letter I type, the entire text jumps back up to the point where the jumping started, 3 lines up.  I don't think that the message field is the same size as the area that contains the message after it's posted.  So in other words, if you're looking at this message as it's posted and measuring 3 lines up, it's probably not the same.

Ok, so here I am 7 or 8 lines below, and each time I type a letter, the entire text jumps beck up to where the jumping started.  When I strike each key, the entire text jumps back down to the line I'm typing.  So if I hit a key and hold it down, the text is positioned normallly where I can read what I'm typing.  And it's immediately adjacent to the bottom of the text field (there's no extra space).  But when I release the key, the text jump back up to where it started.

And actually, here's where it's confusing trying to describe it.  When I hit a key and hold it down, and I say the text jumps down, in reality it's jumping up, so that the line I'm typing (obviously the bottom line at any moment) is visible.  And when I release the key, and I say it jumps up, in reality the entire text is jumping down, concealing everything that I've typed since the problem started.  Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, and well, it IS crazy!

There's still more info I can give you.  OH! Light bulb!  Someone could probably see what it's doing by "taking control" of my computer, you know, like a lot of tech support people do these days?

Anyway, I just wanted to add a couple more things.  When I'm typing, and the text jumps, the cursor stays where it's supposed to, with the text; in other words, it disappears along with the text I'm typing.

And finally, as I'm typing away, it's key down - text up.  And release key - text down.  After I release the key and the text goes down, hiding what I just typed, and revealing the place I was typing when the problem started -- why don't I manually scroll back down to where it's supposed to be?  Yes, I can manually scroll back down.  But the 1st keystroke I make, and it's jumping again!

Since I've never seen this happen at another forum, or in a text editor of any kind, I don't know if it's a problem on my end, or with the forum software.  I do know that it also happens, and in the exact same way, on my new laptop.  So I'm leaning towards forum software.

Anyway, I'd appreciate if someone has some time, and it's someone who knows how to do the computer sharing thing, if we could get "hooked up", just long enough to witness the problem?  OR if anyone has any idea what's going on or what might be done to fix or workaround, I'd really appreciate it :D

Quote from: Aaron
It switches to Secure Desktop when prompting
So Aaron, you're saying that the prompts come from a place that is....highly secure, and harder for malware writers to penetrate?  Ok, now that does make sense to me  :thumbsup:

And Temmu, you're saying that everything with the blue and yellow shield is one of those special, highly secure things, or related to them?  If so, then yes, it's becoming more clear to me now.

Temmu and Aaron,
Yes, yes, I understand why the admin can't download files directly into Program Files.  (And I think I understand how to change it, if I want to.)  And I understand how the admin account doesn't really provide full administrative permissions, how it's really kind of a specialized regular or standard account, which is granted some admin permissions at certain times.  I was more asking....I'm trying to understand why the developers created W7 in this way.

I was more thinking....  I guess the old adage "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" is the simplest way to express what I'm thinking.  In order to increase our security, we've made it harder to use our computers.  To me, it's much like all the new restrictions on air travel, since "9-11" (in the US) (I'm not familiar with international travel, although I have the impression it's even more restrictive).  In order to increase our security, we've removed some of our freedoms (what we can put in our suitcases, eg).

And I'm concerned that, just like travel restrictions are growing (1st it was metal detectors, then shoe inspections, and now we can't carry shampoo!) this may be the beginning of a trend, that in the interest of security, ordinary users' admin accounts will make it more and more difficult to manage files.

And don't think I don't know, that these are the best solutions that have been found by all our most knowledgeable and skilled professionals, and they are sacrifices we all have to make in the interest of security.  For national and international security, I'm content to leave it up to the professionals.  But for computers, I'm not convinced this really is the best solution.  I don't use my computer for work, but it's as important to me as if I did; so I really want to understand, and try to help find better solutions, even if all I can do is voice my opinion  (:mrgreen:)

Anyway, thanks again for listening :D

Well, thanks for the info anyway guys.  That's about the same way I found, GR@PH.

Quote from: myself
So it makes me wonder if W7 maybe automatically creates a restore point whenever anything is installed?
Besides finding how to create a restore point, I also learned that W7 does automatically create a restore point when something is installed  :D

It seems odd, to me, not to have the option to create a new/manual restore point actually in the System Restore dialog, or even Control Panel > Recovery.  I can't think of any manner in which System Restore in XP is confusing or potentially problematic.  Does anyone know why it's been changed in W7?

That's a good idea about pinning it to the taskbar w/in Control Panel, Corrine.  I didn't know that you could pin a dialog box, but it looks like that's what the "Jump List" is.  I'm not on my W7 machine at the moment, and don't recall anything called a Jump List.  But I'll look for it the next time I have a chance.  I've already pinned the programs that I use the most often to the Start menu, and I will say that seems to work pretty well.  On XP, I practically run my computer from Windows Explorer and Program Files.  I open programs directly from Program Files more often than I open from my desktop!  And I almost never use my Start menu in XP.  That's why it's been such a difficult transition in W7 where the Program Files are harder to access.

Quote from: Corrine
Windows 7 search is incredibly easy to use
Yes, I have noticed that searching in the Help Files is much more productive on W7.  I can probably count on one hand the number of times that searching Help in XP actually turned up a helpful answer--and that's after using XP for...geez, I guess it's been 6 years now.  I think that's why I'm in the habit of posting a question in a support forum such as LzD, rather than search Help!  But in W7, in less than one month, I've already solved several problems from the Help files.

Anyway, thanks for your help :D  As always it's much appreciated  :cheers2:

OH!  I just found the answer.  Sorry there's no way for me to delete my topic (that I can find)

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