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Web News / Skype privacy bug sends IMs to unintended recipients
« on: July 18, 2012, 02:19:07 AM »
The following was excerpted from :

Skype has confirmed that its VoIP software contains a bug which could result in instant messages (IMs) being sent to unintended recipients.

Affected Skype clients include version 5.10 for Windows, Skype 5.8 for Mac OS X, Skype 4.0 for Linux,  and Skype 1.2 for Windows Phone.

The developers at Skype have now released hotfix updates
for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Skype clients. The new updates – Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac, and Skype for Linux – reportedly fix the privacy bug that plagued some users. They are also said to correct a problem related to saving files to drives formatted as FAT32.

Web News / Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:59:14 PM »
Starting at general availability, if your PC is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 in 131 markets. And if you want, you can add Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after your upgrade.

[As part of the upgrade, you'll optionally be able to] bring along your personal files.

If you choose to create your own media, you will be able to create your own bootable USB or .ISO file which can be burned onto a DVD for upgrade and backup purposes. If you prefer, you also have the option of purchasing a backup DVD for $15 plus shipping and handling.

If you prefer to shop at a local store, a packaged DVD version of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be available for $69.99 during this promotion.

This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs through January 31st, 2013.

Full details:

More reports:

I just had avast [definitions 111206-0] alert me to an alleged rootkit (hidden file) in c:\windows\system32\drivers\sfloppy.sys   [this file is Microsoft's SCSI Floppy Driver]

given the choices of remove ("recommended") and ignore, I've opted to ignore [and furthermore, to bypass a bootup scan], so that I could investigate the matter further.

the file is identical in content to a copy located in  c:\windows\system32\dllcache

the file appears "clean", per virus total

it's noted on that page that 3 other "anonymous" avast users have also reported this file as being detected as a rootkit today.

there is also a thread about this in the avast forum

I would suggest avast users take note of this thread, and proceed accordingly, until we get an official verdict from avast.

EDIT:   1) Initial reports seem to indicate that this issue is ocurring on XP systems [but not Win7].

2) be advised that avast runs its rootkit scan approximate 8 minutes AFTER the system boots up, so that's when the alert suddenly pops up.

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