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Jokes / Re: Computer jokes
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:25:31 PM »
Stolen from an antivirus program's slogan for today:

Love is in the air...just like malware is all over the Internet!

It works fine, unless it doesn't  ;)

The important thing is that it worked. I didn't even mentioned the driver update, as I was talking on the phone and she wouldn't understand. Just provided that option.

Thank you very very much, once more.  :)

Learned something new too!
My guess (and to address DR M's question) as to why this is a separate setting is PPT presentations are often fed through a variety of video hardware via docking stations, large screen displays or directly to "projectors". Disabling this might help with possible compatibility issues.


Yes, it's indeed excellent news!

Winchester, what that option exactly mean? And why on other computers it's not necessary to chose this option?

(Corrine, yes, I like the "new" Sysnative. I will find the happy dance icon somewhere else. :)  )

Then go into PowerPoint, File>Options>Advanced ... go to the Display section, and tick the box for Disable Slide Show hardware graphics acceleration and OK your way out.



Corrine, there is no :dance: picture anymore!!!  :-\

I will ask for a picture just to show you what is happening.

Another good reason to have an IT person physically (and officially) go look at that machine.

Unfortunately not such a thing in Primary Schools here. My friend will be lucky if they replace her class' computer soon.

Check out and note at the bottom there is a Get support option.

I tried to get support, but then I thought that they could ask me to do things on the computer on which I have no access. I will tell my friend about this option, if she wants to try it, although I don't think she will do so. The strange is that I tried many key words in Google to find something similar, but found nothing at all. Also, I wonder why re-installation didn't fix the issue.


I agree with you about using programs with an annual fee, and of course I don't mean antivirus products.

The particular case has to do with the agreement between Microsoft and public schools, so that every teacher and every student have a free account to Office 365. So no subscription here, but the product of course is the same. I think there is an option for repairing it, but as I said she uninstalled and reinstalled it.

As for the IT support people in staff... In primary schools, there is indeed one teacher, with no any qualification on IT, who takes a teaching period a week "off" to take care of any computer problem occurs. I had this responsibility two years ago, and every time I had no lesson, someone wanted me to check why the computer did not open, or had no internet. I was going to find out that the cable was not connected or the power switch was off... So, you can understand what is happening...

The teacher she asked for my help, described the problem to the principle, and if the problem persists, they will try to find another computer, throwing that one away.  ???

Is her home computer and the other school computers also Windows 10?  What different versions of Microsoft Office besides that specific computer with Office 365?

Yes, all computers are running Windows 10.

I recall that other school's computers have Office 2016. BUT:

Even when she prepares from scratch a new presentation on that computer, the slide show is in the same mess again. It took some time to realize what happens to the slide (reflection on a diagonical axe of a picture's part).

A friend of mine, called me to ask my help about a strange problem she has with the Power Point. It's really a very strange problem, and I will try to explain it as more as I can.

1. The problem is occured only when she uses a specific school's computer. Windows 10, Office 365, teacher's account.
2. The problem: She prepares a Power Point presentation at home, or on another school computer, which works fine when she uses the slides show mode. When she tries to show the same presentation using that specific computer (slide show), the pictures (or anything else) do not appear as they should be. Instead, there is only a part of a picture, diagonically cut. And there is more. This diagonical conceivable "line" is used as a symmetry axe, and the same part of the visible picture is reflected on this axe.
3. She uninstalled Office and installed it again, but the problem remains.

I'm not sure if I described well the problem, but it seems really a problem.

Anyone had such a problem before? Any ideas?

Security Software Programs / Re: MBAM 3.7.1 notes
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:17:50 PM »
Mine is still 3.6.1. Should I update it manually or wait for the update to be offered to me?

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Fun/Heart-warming Stories
« on: February 02, 2019, 01:34:43 PM »
I have been sent this link, about this man's wedding dance. I think it has a place here.

No Facebook account required.

I find the use of the ruler very useful, but I didn't find a way to move it/change the angle.  :-\

I'm answering to my self and this is funny, but I found how to rotate the ruler!

1. Put the mouse arrow on the ruler
2. Use the scroll wheel of the mouse to rotate in any angle the ruler.

It's good.  :)

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Oh, the weather outside is . . .
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:38:21 AM »
Corrine, something like this??

My weather for the next three days: around 15 C highest and 5 C lowest temperature, without rain, but a lot of Sahara dust. People, especially those with breathing problems, children and elderly, are advised to stay inside.

Pierre, I would like to move to Australia for the rest of the winter...

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