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Sony don't make anything easy...

This is what I found too about Sony! Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 1

It has a simple solution. Sony BIOS settings are one of the worst bios settings i have ever seen.
The error saying disk controller enabled means laptop is find more than one boot option from bios.

I checked the Bios again, and the second boot option was the Optical drive, not the Hard Disk. Although this is strange, since the first option was to boot from the usb, the change I made here solved the problem, and Windows 10 are now being installed!!! I am at the Updates stage and I hope everything will go smoothly here, because ... I can't have another Updates problem now!!!

Thanks, satrow!

P.S. Just for clarification about the Windows 7 disk I tried before: I did this only to check if the problem had to do with the memory stick, and if a dvd would work with the installation. I had no dvd at home and I could not burn the Windows tool on a dvd to check it.

Windows needs activation, but I guess we have not such a thing now.

I can say only these:

Sony Vaio
Intel Centrino 2
Service tag: C6015ZL7

I don't know where to find more information.

To include the above info in a topic:

I didn't delete the partitions. I formatted them.

Disk 0 (Partition 1) -> 12 GB (OEM RESERVED)
Disk 0 (Partition 2) -> 360 GB (SYSTEM)

I tried two different sticks with Windows 10 but the installation can't be completed, because I get the Check the Disk Controller error in Bios.

I tried a Windows 7 DVD, not mine, with the same result as above.

In Bios there is not such an option. It's a Sony Vaio computer, and I can only change the boot options and the date/time. Nothing else.

I don't know what to do with the MBRWork. Install it in a usb stick? And then?

Would it be better to delete the partitions and let the installation create new?

But the partitions  are still exist. I didn't delete them. I formatted them...

I know they are there because when trying to install Windows 10, I reach the screen with the partitions, but cannot move on (check the disk controller in bios).

This is what I remember:

Disk 0 (partition 1) -> OEM (12gb)
Disk 0 (partition 2) -> (360gb)

As soon as I can have in front of me the computer (tomorrow morning) I will try MBRWork.
Thanks for the hope given! It sounds like ... magic!

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / I just deleted Windows OS
« on: August 30, 2018, 07:06:15 PM »

I was searching for a section that says Computers HUGE PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS, but I found this one as the most similar...

What happened:

1. I had a visit from someone I respect very much, on Monday. My ex advisor-Professor at University.
2. We talked about her old computer, that it needs to be fixed, that needs Windows 10 (it was with 7).
3. She didn't mind if all her documents and settings were deleted.
4. I told her that I could upgrade the computer, and so she brought me the computer today... I have a usb stick -> Windows 10 installation media, so I thought that everything would be simple.


What I did and didn't do:

1. I inserted the usb stick in the usb port of the computer (Sony Vaio).
2. I didn't check the Windows Version.
3. I started the computer.
4. The installation began. I chose to delete everything.
5. I formatted the two partitions (and so I deleted everything.  :-X ).
6. I got the message that Windows cannot be installed. I should check the disk controller in the bios.
7. I stopped the installation, went to the Bios but there is not such a thing.
8. I ... checked the Windows label on the back: Windows Vista.


What can I do?

The facts:

1. The computer has no operation system!

2. I probably can't install Windows 10 (for any case I am downloading the ISO file to burn it to a dvd, but I will not have a dvd till tomorrow I hope!).

3. I thought that I would not need LzD this time. Besides, it's not the first time I would reinstall Windows...

4. I am not as clever as I think.

5. The owner is my Professor!

HELP....  :-\

Why is this?

Due to a potential security issue with the web installer, it is currently unavailable. Please find links to our most popular individual download pages, instead.

The Pale Moon Project homepage

It shows nothing and will not allow me to do anything, like it freezes


D: and then enter
chkdsk /r

I also get the same message with you (The disk is NTFS, and cannot lock the current drive), BUT following with the message in the attachment, which talks about the need of dismounting the volume first.

Anyway, I think that the d: is necessary for getting into your Windows drive. Perhaps after doing this (d: and enter) you can try again what techie told to you in reply 22 (!/i-need-some-help-if-possible/msg199711/#msg199711).

What do you mean it stuck after trying the above? What is showing after cannot lock the current drive?

Perhaps this helps (perhaps not):

I also tried start the computer in command prompt. This is what I also get:


No command could run from here (chkdsk /r etc.)

From How To Start Windows 10 In Command Prompt:

X:Sources directory is a temporary container that is created when you start Windows 10 externally. However, to execute main commands, it is important to switch to the system drive which in most cases is D: when the PC is booted externally, and C: when booted normally.

So by changing the drive, I was able to run chkdsk utility.

D: and then enter
chkdsk /r

No, that is not the same thing. Look at your reference again.

/r implies /f but not the other way around. That is, /f (nor /x) does NOT imply /r.

MY MISTAKE!!! (Mixed the letters here! r implies f, so again MY MISTAKE!!!)


The reply it gave me was "the type of the file system is ntfs. Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected."

A thought (Let the Forum's admins/mods check it first):

What if you use the command with the letter X?

chkdsk /X

From here:  /X forces the volume to dismount first if necessary (implies /F, which implies /R). 

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Interesting and ... funny videos
« on: August 20, 2018, 04:40:26 PM »

I'm not sure if there is a question posed ... but I wouldn't obsess over seeing multiple Office updates showing.

Thanks winchester.

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