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Signing in with a Microsoft account seems that solved the issue so far. :)

Question: in case of no internet connection, will I be able to sign in?

Not the same issue, but OneDrive and v. 2004 are connected with some way in this article:

OneDrive app mysteriously blocks Windows 10 v.2004 update

Meanwhile, Microsoft has acknowledged that after updating to Windows 10 2004, some older devices or devices with certain older apps installed that use legacy file system filter drivers might be unable to connect to OneDrive via the OneDrive app. To address this issue, Microsoft is currently working on a fix and will provide an update in its upcoming Windows 10 release.

Meanwhile, I set my Windows to sign in with a Microsoft instead of a local account. All is good. Until the problem returns? Well, I hope no!!!

The problem returned, then "solved", then returned and so on...

It seems that the issue was not solved with the above methods, at least permanently. Everything was fine, until suddenly the problem was back.

I tried something else, and for two days no issues at all, so it seems that the problem is really solved now.

I will try to sum up, as someone else could face this issue.

Have in mind that I use a local account and not a Microsoft account to sign in Windows.

The problem: Every time I sign in Windows, verification of the identity is needed. This affects every Microsoft application, OneDrive, OneNote, Mail app etc.

When this happened: After the last Windows update (2004). My other computer is still running on 1909, it has Teams installed, nothing of what I did in the previous posts was done and no need (yet) for the solution below.

What really helped:

(See attachments)

Although it seems that there is no logic in this action, selecting Stop signing in to all Microsoft applications automatically stopped the problem. I verified my identity and entered the passwords for a last time and that was it.

Of course, in Settings these options are checked (Accounts > Sign-in options):

Automatically save my restartable apps when I sign out and restart them after sign in.
Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart.


Finger crossed, the problem is solved!!!

(I really hope that I won't come tomorrow and say that the problem returned!!! )

What I did:

I realized that the real issue here was not the OneDrive or the OneNote or the Mail app, but that message in my Account info every time I signed in Windows: You need to verify your identity.

So I started searching about that, and a link took me to a Microsoft page where I could verify my identity online. I entered my email and password, and then the alternative/linked email to receive a code. I entered that code, restarted the computer, and no errors now!!!

I have no idea why verifying the identity from settings couldn't solve the problem.

I already uninstalled Teams.

Just realized that every time I log in Windows, I have to enter my password to OneNote too!!!!

The problem returned today, and I really don't have the mood to try anything else...  :( :-\ ???

Glad you found the solution!  If you need to use Microsoft Teams at another time, you can always Use Teams on the web - Office Support.

Right. There is Teams on the Web. Still, I would like applications like that to be more independent. Perhaps no reason to be included in Office. My opinion.  :)

I solved my problem, after many trial and error methods, and of course after many restarts!

During the quarantine days, I read about Microsoft Teams and wrote a blog post about it and how schools can use it to communicate with their students. I borrowed and used a Microsoft teacher account, so I could try Teams and do my experiments. Before the update 2004, everything was running fine, no conflicts with my OneDrive personal account. But after the update, the problems started as I described above.

What I did: Just signed out from Teams! It seems that the account there was creating problems with my account.

Perhaps I solved my problem, besides I don't use Teams, but I think that Microsoft has to look into it, since many people use Teams and don't necessary use Office 365 for other Office applications like Word. Some applications, like Teams, should be more independent.

Have you followed the process to verify your identity?  (Settings > Accounts > Your Account > Verify)

Yes. Every time I log in Windows, I have to do this...

I am finding issues with O365, particularly with people having both work and school accounts.  Perhaps this will help: (Note:  it has the same instructions as the thread it was split from, linked above the poster's issue)

I did what Rena recommends in that thread. Nothing. Every time the computer starts, I have to type my OneDrive password.

This doesn't sound like your problem to me, but you're in a better position to judge.

Yes, it seems that the issue appeared after the update. Minor issue I would say in front of others, but a fix is needed anyway.

I have Office 2016.

Another clue: In my Accounts settings, there is always a warning to Verify my identity.

I have a real problem with this...

If I go to Accounts and Sync your settings, I see that some settings are hidden or managed by my organization and that some features are available only for a Microsoft account.

At Accounts and Sign in options, I have the setting about Restart applications to ON.

What else I can do?  :(

LandzDown Lounge / Re: Beautiful songs
« on: June 29, 2020, 06:20:41 PM »
This Greek song is beautiful. Sad but beautiful and real. You must listen to it, not just read the translation.


A beautiful carriage with two horses

A beautiful carriage with two horses
I want you to bring me when I close my eyes
to wander as a rider for the last time
the world with its flaws and crazy stuff
I want one horse to be white
like the dreams I had as a child
and the other horse to be black
like my bitter and dark life

I will hit my merciless whip
like the unbearable slaps of my fate
and at night it will sound like a complaint
like a sad melody from the bouzouki
I want one horse to be white
like the dreams I had as a child
and the other horse to be black
like my bitter and dark life

It seems every time they wished to print, they had to manually change the setting from draft to standard.

Not every time actually. You can set the printing preferences for Edge.

Open Edge > Settings (the three dots at the upper right corner) > Print > Choose your printer and printing preferences. There is also an option More settings and you can set your preferred printing quality from there.

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