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Yes, I only have a desktop computer.

The modem has 3 ports in the back

The name on it is:  ZyXEL  p-600 series


We live in a very rural area in TN. Our internet provider is our phone co. also. We have no choice this is the only internet provider in our area.

When the service man first came out the modem was not  working the way it should. Sorry but I can't remember just what he said when he connected it to his laptop. He then changed the modem & wires. He shut it off & it went back on.

Late that night I went to go on & could not so I called back & they sent another service man out the next day. When the 2nd man came out he was the one who changed the wire to another port & it was off at the time.

He then told me it was not the modem but something to do with the computer but he did not know how to help me with the computer.  They do not fix computers,  just provide the internet connection.

They do not charge for this service as we have to pay a monthly fee. I do not think it is the internet provider but I could be wrong


Hi Corrine,

I did just what you said & here is what was on Cryptographic Services

    Provides fo...
Startup Type
Log on as
   Network s...

Except for Status it all was as you stated.  Troubleshoot is now back to how I first explained it to you.

   I don't know how much more information I can give you as to my problem.  I am one who does not know anything about the computer except how to turn it on & off & ask for help. I am trying to explain my problem as best as I can.

I have a new modem which I explained before, just a modem.

I have a cable from the  computer to the modem which was changed when the new modem was installed. The telephone/internet provider switched the cable to a different port on his 2nd visit.

I am sure you know a lot about computers & that is great but I don't so everything has to be explained to me & I am sorry about that.


I did just what you said & when it shut down the same thing happened, I can't get on.

This time when I hit troubleshoot I got a different message then the last time. Here is what is says:

A problem is preventing the trouble shooter from starting.  Then on the side it said the following.

Package ID    unknown
Path               C:\windows\diagnostics\system\networking
Error code       0x80070427
Source             engine
User                mary-PC\mary
Context           restricted

Don't know if this makes a difference but I thought it might

Thanks & Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi Corrine,

I did what you told me to do, everything was already marked but I still did just what you said. Shut it down but still could not get on till I pulled the wires & connected.

I am sorry to be such a pain but nothing was done any different so I don't know what to do.

When I turned it back on before disconnecting  the wires I went on troubleshoot as I was going to try & copy what it said but not being on the internet I could not copy, sorry.

To read what you say I have to get back on the internet each time.


Ok, here is what the troubleshoot problem says:

Windows can't communicate with the device or resource )Primary DNS server)   then on the right side it says Detector.

I did not copy because I hit troubleshoot & wrote down what it said before I read your reply. If needed I will copy the next time I try to get on.

Like I said if I disconnect the power from the modem & then the internet connection I then can get on.


Hi Corrine,

The service man did the troubleshooting thing & it said if I can remember right something about not connected correctly.

Now on the next one you said to do, I am the one who knows nothing about the computer. I know how to copy/paste but don't know how to paste to Notepad or how to save as flush.bat to desktop.

I am sorry I don't know more about this computer & how it works but I will try anything as long as you tell me how to do it.


Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Getting on the internet
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:59:43 PM »
The problem I am having started on Sun. When I turn on the computer on the bottom right hand side there is something that looks like a tv, most times a green circle will turn for a few minutes & then go away. I then can go on the internet. Now the green circle does not turn & after a few minutes a triangle comes up & say no internet connection.

I called my internet provider & they said to disconnect the power & then the internet came on, this was Mon. Tue same thing happened I called back & they sent someone out, he said the modem was not working right. I got a new one he checked it out & said it was good to go. Later that night I tried to go on & same thing happened, called back this morning & they again sent someone out. He said the modem was working fine as he hooked it up to his laptop.

If you unplug the power to the modem box after the triangle comes on then you get a internet connection. He had no idea what is causing this but said on their end it is working fine so it must be the computer.

I have Windows 7 & the tower is 4 years old. It is a Dell desktop. I am not good on the computer so if anyone can help please explain what to do in easy instructions. I have gotten help from you before so I hope you can help again.


Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Shut down button
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:41:31 PM »
Hi Corrine,

Once again I want to thank you for your help. I did what you said & now I can go to shut down & it shuts off. Your instructions are always great for me as I don't know much about this computer.

Hope you have a great 2018 & thanks again for your help


Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Shut down button
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:40:19 PM »
Started my Dell Windows 7 desk top today with no problem went to shut it down & the shut down button will not work. Have not installed anything new or done anything different. I did a Malwarebytes scan & everything was fine.

I don't know what to do to fix this. I am not good on the computer so I can't help myself.


Should I have a password set up & if so how do I do that?

I never lost the shut down button it just will not work when I hit it.


It is only my husband & I who use this computer & he knows less then I do about computers.  We have never gotten up & locked the computer, never knew how to do this & would not try.

I turn the power on & the screen says locked, if I go to that with the mouse & curser & hit that the computer will then go on the way it is suppose to. I don't see a option that tells me it is still locked. I know my user name but have no clue what the password is.

Now the computer works fine till it is time to shut it off. I always go to start & hit shut down but now that does not work. I have to go to power to shut it down. Up to now I have always turned the computer off  the right way. I never shut it down by pulling the plug. When the computer is off I do at time have to unplug the computer because of bad storms, already lost one computer because of this.

I have Windows 7

Thanks for being patient with me on this


First let me say I know nothing about computers. I tried using ctrl=alt-delete & nothing happens. I did not pull the plug I shut it off by the power button. The same thing is going on today. When I turn on the computer it shows a box that says locked mary, if I hit that the computer then comes on. Under the thing that says mary locked it says switch user.
 I never got a message today that it was not shut down right. To shut down I go to Start menu & hit shut down.
The only thing different yesterday was the computer was left on for about 3 hrs with no one doing anything, then I went on for some time, shut all the things down & tried to shut it off which it would not do.
Digerati said to turn it on & boot it up again, don't know what that means or to gracefully shut it down the correct way.
I just am at a loss as to fix this problem

Yesterday my husband left the desktop computer on & not being used for about 3 hrs. When I went to turn the computer off it will not shut down. Everything was closed but nothing happened. I had to shut it off the wrong way. Help please.  Thanks

Security Software Programs / Re: Windows Update
« on: July 31, 2016, 07:55:23 PM »
Hi everyone,

Thank you for the help as always. There is nothing wrong with this computer but the update failed every time it went to download, which got to be a pain when shutting down.

It is so nice to be able to ask "dumb" questions & get a answer back on how to fix the problem.

Like I have said I know nothing about computers. Now if you ever want to know anything about baking or cooking I am your gal.


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