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........I found the report files. They can be found in C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\mbamservice\ScanResults ......
I could not delete them because Malwarebytes had the folder locked. So I exited the program, purged the folder and restarted Malwarebytes. It then showed no scan reports. I ran a quick scan and 1 report shows and the program seems to be running fine.

So, if you want to purge your reports, it appears safe to do so manually.

That did the trick.
BTW: I didn't need to close the program, but had to grant "administrator" permissions.

If I wasn't such a slow typist, I would have edited my previous post to add:

BTW: "Delete all" made the 7/12/20 report go away.... It appears that it "wants" to keep the last month.  Since I was without power for two days, an exact count, on my machine, may be meaningless.

.....When I click the eye (instead of the trashcan) to view details, the dates on that don't match the date on the scan date.  Weird.
Now that I look ... Same with me. including the one that ran this morning.

I have mine set to scan daily.
There were reports from 7/11/20 thru 8/10/20 in the archives
I was able to delete the 7/11/20 report, the others remained after attempted deletions.
I tried both ways, one at a time, and "delete all".

Running the tool appears to have fixed the problem.

Settings appear to be unchanged.

License information remained
McAfee still running
Defender still set to "Periodic Scanning". The icon disappeared from the tray during the re-installation. It reappeared when I rebooted again.

Thanks to Digerati for the warning about the forced reboot.

No that's not me, but I was going to wait a few days, to see what develops, anyway.

Shut Down -> cut & restore power -> boot, did not make any difference.
Unless I hear about another solution, or get an automatic fix, in a few days, I might uninstall, download, and reinstall.

I'm getting very similar symptoms to those described by Digerati.

If I try to open it, or check for updates, the mouse pointer temporarily becomes an Hourglass, then reverts to an arrow, and nothing happens. 

CCleaner still appears to be functional, and so is the pop-up that nags me to update.

I missed this - it's an indication that it has internet access, possibly spying but certainly checking you have the latest clean/verified version. Disabling 'net access will lead to some delay before CCleaner can be used.
It was "spying" ... Not only checking the version, but checking to see what I did about it.

When I opened the program it notified me that a new version was available.
After I closed the program without updating, the nag pop-up appeared.  ;D

It's specific to the installer(s), not the product.......
When I was using ESET, it was constantly deleting the installation file, and leaving the program alone.

After the Defender scan, my "downloads" folder still has CCleaner installation files going back to shortly after my last ESET subscription expired. The most recent one is from March 2020 when I last updated.

Does the latest installer contain something more objectionable than previous versions?

Is this version specific?

I don't run CCleaner very often, so it's been a while since I updated it.
This topic inspired me to run a Defender "Full Scan"
It didn't find any "threats".
CCleaner still appears to be functional, and so is the pop-up that nags me to update.

Web News / Re: Microsoft Edge News Articles
« on: July 26, 2020, 01:06:05 PM »
Do you have to import your bookmarks from the old Edge to the new Edge?   I'm confused as to whether its an update or a whole new browser installation.

No the transition went very smoothly, but there were so many changes in how the settings are adjusted, that I didn't feel like going through a "learning curve" for my backup browser at that time. 

When/if I'm offered Win 10 v 2004, I'll probably go ahead and adapt.

Web News / Re: Microsoft Edge News Articles
« on: July 25, 2020, 01:51:17 PM »
...... So if I were to download the new Edge app.... what happens to the legacy version?  Does it poof, or do I need to uninstall it.  And do you have to be in the 2004 version to use the new Edge app?
My computer isn't "ready" for 2004 yet ...
I installed the new Edge on Version 1909.
I didn't like it, and uninstalled it.
The old Edge reappeared with all bookmarks, and settings unchanged.

I don't know what happened to the old Edge while I was checking out the new, but the same icon opened the new one during the experiment.

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