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I came across a checker from ESET called ESET EternalBlue Checker that is supposed to check against WannaCry.

I am using Windows 7 and my system is clean, according to the checker results ;D.

The program is not installed like a zip file.

My problem with the new Malwarebytes 3.1.2 is it keeps wanting to make a network connection, and this is when I am offline. This obviously is a problem. I never had problems with versions 2. :o ???

I hope so, I got my anti-ransomware software up to date, etc.  ::) :-\

It is unfortunate about this latest ransom-ware attack. The corporate mainstream media sort covers it but prevention methods and awareness are very important. As for myself besides my Holy Triad of Protection, firewall, anti-virus and non-Microsoft browser, I use anti-malware, anti-ransomware, scanners and other items.  Oh, and one more crucial item, keep backups of your documents and system of your computer--and keep them current.

I've been almost hit by ransom-ware at least four times, and I repeat ALMOST hit but I had protection that blocked the hackers. I've told family and friends how to do this and have shown them--if they are interested.

Tomorrow could be quite interesting once businesses and folk turn on their computers. They may get a big unpleasant surprise.

This is what many folk may see tomorrow if they go to certain web sites, unfortunately. :o >:( ??? :'(

Hold on, be safe and grab your you-know-what!!!

Web News / Re: Yahoo reveals new hack
« on: February 16, 2017, 11:43:12 AM »
Should I or shouldn't I get rid of my Yahoo account which I've had for almost 16 years, hmmm.  :o What to do, what to do. ???

Unfortunately, even with their efforts to make compatible addons, many of mine still are not available, so I stay away from version 27. And don't ask me about alternatives because I checked, there are none. >:( :o :( ::)

No, darksurfer, it is free.  Merely UNcheck the option for the trial just as always been the case.  If that isn't unchecked at the time of installation, the option to revert to the free version will be provided at the end of the trial period.

Does that mean you won't get the anti-ransomware and realtime protection, right. If that's so, then I better update ASAP, and keep my anti-ransomware.

Contrary to popular belief and some of the download sites, the latest version of Malwarebytes is not free. It is, at best, a trial version in which many crucial features--like real-time protection and anti-ransomware--become disabled after a certain period of time.

If you don't want the paid version, stick with 2.21 version and use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit which are still free.  I see a little slight of hand going on here with the so-called "free" version of Malwarebytes. ::) ???

I'll just wait to see what happens with the addon incompatibility. I have too many that I like to search for work-arounds, etc. :( ::)

Too bad they couldn't fix all the now inoperable addons that can no longer be used.  :( >:( ??? ::)

This will be another Pale moon I will not and cannot use. I am still with 26.5.

Who is thinking about Firefox again, besides me? :'(

I don't see where changing the Gecko part would affect the addons and, two, I have checked for other similar extension and they are not available, or are not as good. So, I will stick to 26.5 because all the extensions work fine with this one exception-- Adblock Latitude, but I don't need that because I can use Adguard which is very good.

I like Pale Moon but I'm going jump through hoops, doing without my precious addons because of this major change. Easy come, easy go.

Oh, I got another avatar which I hope doesn't shape up the forum with malware.  :-[

Just one of those old Freedomlist leftovers I guess.

Corrine, I havee quite a few incompatibles, so it is not much help to try to track down alternatives because I have already tried and they are just ot the same--or even close. I'll jst wait to see if further ""improvements are made to the version 27 dwn the road. :( :o

I tried the new version 27 and I uninstalled it. Several of my extensions are incompatible and, alas, there re no good alternatives. How sad.  I have to say that after using it, I will be stick to the 26.5, in spite of all the "improvements"of the version 27.

I've used Pale moon since 2013, liked its speed, etc. but this is one time I have to draw the line. Unless Moonchild and company can make several more addons compatible, I'll have to use the older version and alternatives. And believe me,  I've checked hard for addon alternatives >:( :( :o ::) :'(

For those of you who still use Zone Alarm, they just released an updated anti-vrus/firewall.

I've been using this program and it does a good job and doesn't eat a lot of resources.

Hi 2harts4ever:

I just use the free version and then go to a site and download the updated version of thr program that needs it. Don't pay for the "premium" version of Sumo if you can help it.

I am beginning to think Sumo is more responsive in finding updates on programs than Secunia which isn't quite as responsive as the older versions. There are, sure enough, other similar programs but they aren't as thorough or a s comprehensive as Sumo and Secunia.

Your best bet would be to keep on constant alert about updates on programs on the internet.  I check sites like Majorgeeks, Snapfiles, Filehorse, Frewwarefiles, Filepuma and Downloadcrew. That's the key.  Sometimes your best approach would be, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," where if the program is working already, don't mess with it.

The decision is up to you. Good luck.

Hi 2harts4ever:

I would highly recommend Sumo, which is Windows 10 compatible. I find that it
s very quick, and for the most part, works well.  ;)

One sticking point is, sometimes it puts beta versions on their list, even when you don't ask for them but I can get by that by checking other sites like Majorgeeks and Snapfiles.

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