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How much data per month?

Oh, at least 25gb a month at 4g speed.

darksurfer, why did you use a third party site instead of the vendor site to download the new version? ::)
Well, winchester73

he first party site didn't let me download it. I don't know if my downloader won't take but it did take. So, I don't see no harm, therefore, no fowl. Besides, Majorgeeks is pretty reliable.

Sometimes, beggars can be choosers. ;)

My internet service is about to end and I need unlimited or high data broadband mobile service. I have been looking at T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, etc. and they are all quite expensive and none offer unlimited internet service.

Does anyone have a good deal for national coverage?

darksurfer, I'm sure you do not mean grabbing an alpha version. That is worse than beta!

Eventually I'll get an announcement that the updated version has been downloaded and is ready to install. I'll wait.

Yes, plodr. I meant to say finale version and , guess what, it's available. Right here at Major Geeks. Check this out:

I downloaded it and it works great  ;D :D ;)

I understand that this latest version is being rolled out slowly. You can't download it at their site. And a possible beta:

I can't download it unless there's something going on at their site. ???

If this is abeta, I'll wait. Betas often still have issues. When the final or alpha version comes out, then I'll get it. ::)

Meet & Greet! / Re: Welcome, CaptainTripps!
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:59:00 PM »
Welcome, Captain ;)

I have now removed the one update that I could find from my system. :-[

I am outraged that Microsoft has sunk this low in their spying efforts. I could expect this from free software in thei bundles and such but this has gone too far.  >:(

Needless to say I am  ot using Windows 10. Their users seem to have enough on their plate. ::)

Web News / Recent Patches to Microsoft Windows 7/8 Now Spy on You
« on: August 31, 2015, 12:52:17 PM »
I read an article at Gizmo's Freeware that claims that several recent patches to Windows 7/8 from Microsoft are now actively spying on computer users.

This has been discussed at other forums and is a cause of major concern.

I have to make up my mind whether to uninstall several of these updates. >:( :o ??? ::)

Not only that but Windows 10 users may have to deal with further spying from Microsoft with their recent updates.

What's goin' on here.


Very good advice, Corrine. I had the same problem and had to reinstall the drivers and my touchpad worked. Haven't had any problems with my computer's touchpad since then. :Hammys pint: :mitch:

Let me say that, before anyone else gets bent out of shape, is I expressed my opinion of the auto updates on Win10. I had no intention in insulting people's feelings.

As for the using Linux statements, forget that. Notice I didn't say Apple. Okay, then.

Use whatever you want. I have other things to do. Whether you are a light user, superuser, whatever, do whatever you like. I am just going to stay with Windows 7. I like as much control of my computer as I can get without actually building one.

Let's no start misinterpreting statements which you don't understand. I find it insulting that some take what I say as an insult. No I will not test the Win10 because there are still too many uncertainties around it.  : :2cents:

Don't jump on me because I don't enthusiastically jump on every new thing that comes along from Microsoft or whatever.  If you recall, I started this thread because of reaction I saw from other parts of the WebSphere about the automatic update imposition announcement from Microsoft on Win110.

Who knows, I may wind up having Win10 in the future. So calm down!!

First of all, thanks Corrine and Pete(oh my Lord, we agree on something, oh happy day :mitch:)

I have been thinking long and hard about Windows 10 and the n allowing folk to have updates at their discretion is a major sticking point--and I am not the only one.

My decision to stay with Windows 7, in spite of all the "advantages" of Win10 is based on a beta-like mindset in that Microsoft is gonna do tweaks and improvements, no doubt, I hope, on Wiin10. One of those tweaks I hope will be the manual update option. Manual updating is no problem for me. A Big Brother approach to updates removes my control and many others over implementation of these updates. I also agree with plodr over drivers being cavalierly put on by Microsoft or any other company on computer(s) is not good business.

Like I said, if you want t be treated like babies who don't know to do, or should do, then I  suppose automatic updates would be the order of the day. But I don't like it nor am I foing to switch Operating systems--at least not yet.

There is one year to get the free Win10. Maybe they'll be changes in policies and structures that I'll like.

Very good link, winchester73. So, I guess I'll wait and see when Microsoft starts force feeding its Windows 10musers bad security and other patches, and you will hear the hoots ad yells like you wouldn't believe/ :muahaha: :sos: :moreevil:

Some apparently like having Big Brother do everything for them. I always update my Windows 7 at the usual Tuesday per month. Telling someone that if they don't like the way Microsoft 10 does things, go to Linux seems besides the point. :shock:

I wonder how many Microsoft former or present employees are on this forum, touting all the wonders of their products.  As for myself, I prefer as much control as possible. Since I am a very advanced computer user, I like as much independence as possible. Forcing updates on people like they are children because they were "naughty" in not updating on time insults their intelligence. Why not just say they are too dumb to be true in knowing how to use their computer. :evil: :sos: :tease:

According to Martin Brinkmann over at Ghacks, there is now a confirmation that Windows 10 will be forceably updated by Microsoft, including the Pro editions.

I will wait a long while before taking on this Windows 10 and will stick with Windows 7, perhaps others will also.  :blink:

The idea of being forced to accept updates at a time when one may or may not need them seems autocratic and Big Brother like. :smash:

It even says it in their long agreement:

he Software periodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you.

You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates.

By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.

How nice. Judging by the immediate reactions over at Ghacks, this not sitting well with a growing number of folk.  :sos: :evil: :angry: :shocked:

I came across some unsettling news about Windows 10, which I am still uncertain about using.

Apparently, Microsoft is going to force updates on Windows 10. There will be no option to not update this operating system.  The Windows Updates will be shoved down users throats. :thud: :sos: :muahaha: :blink:

I think that I will have to stick with my Windows 7 as long as possible. With surprises like this, this, no doubt, may not sit well with numerous potential Windows 10 users.

What do you think of this potentially Big Brother move by Microsoft? :evil: :angry:

When I removed this update, I got no more system errors yet Windows Update said new updates are available.  :confused: :shock:

I am not going to install any of these alleged new updates because I found that they are already installed fro last month. How confusing is this getting.  :wub:

Has anyone else had this happen. You uninstall one WU then you get offers of more "recommended updates. These are not optional, according to Microsoft.

And I am still not sure about this Windows 10 but that's another matter. :moreevil:

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