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Very good advice, Corrine. I had the same problem and had to reinstall the drivers and my touchpad worked. Haven't had any problems with my computer's touchpad since then. :Hammys pint: :mitch:

Let me say that, before anyone else gets bent out of shape, is I expressed my opinion of the auto updates on Win10. I had no intention in insulting people's feelings.

As for the using Linux statements, forget that. Notice I didn't say Apple. Okay, then.

Use whatever you want. I have other things to do. Whether you are a light user, superuser, whatever, do whatever you like. I am just going to stay with Windows 7. I like as much control of my computer as I can get without actually building one.

Let's no start misinterpreting statements which you don't understand. I find it insulting that some take what I say as an insult. No I will not test the Win10 because there are still too many uncertainties around it.  : :2cents:

Don't jump on me because I don't enthusiastically jump on every new thing that comes along from Microsoft or whatever.  If you recall, I started this thread because of reaction I saw from other parts of the WebSphere about the automatic update imposition announcement from Microsoft on Win110.

Who knows, I may wind up having Win10 in the future. So calm down!!

First of all, thanks Corrine and Pete(oh my Lord, we agree on something, oh happy day :mitch:)

I have been thinking long and hard about Windows 10 and the n allowing folk to have updates at their discretion is a major sticking point--and I am not the only one.

My decision to stay with Windows 7, in spite of all the "advantages" of Win10 is based on a beta-like mindset in that Microsoft is gonna do tweaks and improvements, no doubt, I hope, on Wiin10. One of those tweaks I hope will be the manual update option. Manual updating is no problem for me. A Big Brother approach to updates removes my control and many others over implementation of these updates. I also agree with plodr over drivers being cavalierly put on by Microsoft or any other company on computer(s) is not good business.

Like I said, if you want t be treated like babies who don't know to do, or should do, then I  suppose automatic updates would be the order of the day. But I don't like it nor am I foing to switch Operating systems--at least not yet.

There is one year to get the free Win10. Maybe they'll be changes in policies and structures that I'll like.

Very good link, winchester73. So, I guess I'll wait and see when Microsoft starts force feeding its Windows 10musers bad security and other patches, and you will hear the hoots ad yells like you wouldn't believe/ :muahaha: :sos: :moreevil:

Some apparently like having Big Brother do everything for them. I always update my Windows 7 at the usual Tuesday per month. Telling someone that if they don't like the way Microsoft 10 does things, go to Linux seems besides the point. :shock:

I wonder how many Microsoft former or present employees are on this forum, touting all the wonders of their products.  As for myself, I prefer as much control as possible. Since I am a very advanced computer user, I like as much independence as possible. Forcing updates on people like they are children because they were "naughty" in not updating on time insults their intelligence. Why not just say they are too dumb to be true in knowing how to use their computer. :evil: :sos: :tease:

According to Martin Brinkmann over at Ghacks, there is now a confirmation that Windows 10 will be forceably updated by Microsoft, including the Pro editions.

I will wait a long while before taking on this Windows 10 and will stick with Windows 7, perhaps others will also.  :blink:

The idea of being forced to accept updates at a time when one may or may not need them seems autocratic and Big Brother like. :smash:

It even says it in their long agreement:

he Software periodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you.

You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates.

By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.

How nice. Judging by the immediate reactions over at Ghacks, this not sitting well with a growing number of folk.  :sos: :evil: :angry: :shocked:

I came across some unsettling news about Windows 10, which I am still uncertain about using.

Apparently, Microsoft is going to force updates on Windows 10. There will be no option to not update this operating system.  The Windows Updates will be shoved down users throats. :thud: :sos: :muahaha: :blink:

I think that I will have to stick with my Windows 7 as long as possible. With surprises like this, this, no doubt, may not sit well with numerous potential Windows 10 users.

What do you think of this potentially Big Brother move by Microsoft? :evil: :angry:

When I removed this update, I got no more system errors yet Windows Update said new updates are available.  :confused: :shock:

I am not going to install any of these alleged new updates because I found that they are already installed fro last month. How confusing is this getting.  :wub:

Has anyone else had this happen. You uninstall one WU then you get offers of more "recommended updates. These are not optional, according to Microsoft.

And I am still not sure about this Windows 10 but that's another matter. :moreevil:

It appears that for the last couple of months there have been problems with corrupted system files coming to Windows 7 and other computers because of Microsoft Updates. I reported on a corrupted system  file a few days ago which was resolved but now here's a new one--KB3068708.

There is a gut at Bleeping Computer that is really good at spotting these problems and having fixes for them. He goes under the name "SleepyDude." He says this update is alright and that "according to Microsoft its a false report of corruption.




    this update contains the following two manifests that are occasionally updated by the Diagnostic Tracking Service:


    The two files are marked as static files in the update. When an advanced user runs the System File Checker Tool (sfc.exe), the files are unintentionally flagged as corrupted. There is no impact or actual corruption on a device that is running this update, and this issue will be fixed in a later service update."

All I can say is, it's a good thing there are forums like Bleeping Computer, Landzdown to inform us computer users or else we may just have a little nervous breakdown, don't you think. :smash: :winchesty73: :sos:

Since I know this information, and now this forum does, we can perhaps rest or go on with our lives and do something truly meaningful like  :Hammys pint: or go out and exercise  :dance: or any other thing  :tease: :flowers:

Isn't being on the computer fun? :thud: :2cents:

Windows 7 64bit machine here.  This topic has confused me.

How does one know if the update caused corrupted files? Do you have to run scannow to find out?

Or should KB3022345 just be removed if its there?

Just check the links I provided in my first post and run scannow, which is a good idea anyway because it fixes many system file errors automatically. If you find an error, you need to check the logs to see where they are located and try to find substitute files.

Scannow is a good feature of Windows.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. :thumbsup:

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Windows 10
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:24:13 PM »
Pertaining to the somewhat annoying Windows 10 tray icon, for those of us who do not want or need to be reminded about the Winows 10 upcoming operating system, there is a permanent way to remove this icon once and for all.  I read this in How to Geek. There is a Windows Update KB3035583 that you simply uninstall in the Uninstall section of the Control Panel under Windows Update and this Windows 10 reminder tray icon is gone--once and for all.

Some of us--many of us--are still heavily on the fence about this Windows 10 upgrade (we do have a year from July 29th) and don't want something that looks like a possible malware or whatever sitting in the startup tray.

Hopefully, this will be of some use for those who need it. :thumbsup: :smash:

Darksurfer, you always come through with helpful information.  :thumbsup:

Glad to be of help. :lol: :D :)

If I'd known you were having a problem with KB 3022345, I would have provided Go The Power's link a couple weeks ago.  He is a fellow Admin at Sysnative Forums and, with others, works on Windows Update issues.  SFCFix is a tool developed by niemiro, another Admin at Sysnative.

After KB 3022345 was released and the issue with the corrupt files was discovered, Microsoft updated the KB article with the following note:

The current version of this hotfix, Version 2, was published on May 6, 2015. The previous version of this hotfix was Version 1.005. Both versions provide the same functionality and protection except that Version 2 includes a minor update to support devices that do not contain U.S. English language files. However, the current hotfix is not a compatible upgrade to Version 1.005 and may cause an error (800F0922) if it is installed over the old version. We recommend that you install this hotfix if you have not already installed it. If you have installed the original version of this hotfix and you want the added functionality, we recommend that you wait for an upcoming version that will be a compatible upgrade to either version.

Well, if I had known about this issue a few weeks ago, I certainly would have checked it out. Nevertheless, I found it myself and everything is running smooth with no corrupt files now. :mitch:


Glad my discovery helped you out. :Hammys pint:

I was having corrupted system file problems the past few days and did a scannow and the files weren't fixed. I thought about doing a repair via the Windows 7 disk then I stumbled upon the real problem. The error message I got was exactly the same as this one.

This Windows Update was part of the last set of Microsoft updates. The administrator at Bleeping Computer said just remove this particular update but Microsoft has a downloadable fix, also. Either one would work. I just uninstalled it and it worked. No more corrupt system files.

Apparently, many others have been having corrupted file problems on Windows 7 and 8. Maybe someone here has had this problem.

If so, this could be your solution. Just make sure to do another Scannow once you remove this particular Windows Update.

Good luck!!! :thumbsup:

Security Software Programs / Re: Heads up on Zonealarm
« on: April 29, 2015, 01:46:27 PM »
Why would I want to use Windows Firewall with so little options and tweaks.
You are mistaken. Have you ever looked at Windows built in firewall?

Okay, Windows Firewall has options and tweaks and they are cumbersome and confusing. They are not as easy to maneuver through than Zone Alarm or Comodo or Private Firewall or many many others.  :thud:

Why do you think they have developed third party helpers like Tony Wall and Windows Firewall Console. To make it easy to make their way through this menage of confusing rules, etc. ad naueseum. Why couldn't Windows Firewall be easier to use like the Essentials program for anti-virus/spyware program. Microsoft sometimes makes things harder than they need to.

Don't tell me that Zone Alarm is no good. I've used it several years, no problem. :mitch:

I guess that, once again, it is all a matter of choice--what works for you. :breakkie:

Security Software Programs / Re: Heads up on Zonealarm
« on: April 27, 2015, 01:31:38 PM »
Then I would offer that you uninstall Zone Alarm and allow the onboard Windows Firewall to deal with incoming and outgoing traffic.

Why would I want to use Windows Firewall with so little options and tweaks. Zone Alarm, I've used on and off for several years.No problem. I know they got Tiny Wall and Windows Firewall Console and those sort of thongs but the version of Zone Alarm I use is a suite--it has a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware. Three items rolled into one. :dance:

Who could ask for more. I thought about Comodo's suite but it has caused severe problems on my computer--like making me lose everything when I couldn't even boot in. Not good. :sos:

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