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One thing I did with my old XP box that refused to die, before I finally upgraded it to modern times, was loading it up with the biggest old hard drives I had laying around, stuck it in a corner down in the basement, attached it via Ethernet to my local network, shared all those drives and basically turned it into a NAS (network attached storage). I then used it as my backup server, saving backups of all my other computers to this old XP machine.

I just made sure I went into my router's admin menu and blocked all incoming and outgoing traffic from the Internet to that machine. This is often easily accomplished via the Parental Controls feature in the router.

But I still think turning your into a Linux box is a good idea. It is surprising, with all the free applications out there, how capable a Linux box can be. There are many who have totally converted to Linux from Windows and never look back.

IMO, no. That program may be able to protect an XP system today, but a new vulnerability could be discovered tomorrow (or later on today) that Microsoft will not fix and the program cannot cover.

IMO, XP systems should only be used as isolated "stand-alone" system with no network access at all.

If you have old hardware that still runs and you don't want to send it to a proper electronics recycling center, I recommend putting Linux on it. It keeps the hardware useful and provides new learning experiences for you.

I stopped using Yahoo mail many years ago because of the issue you noted and switched to gmail.

I also use Outlook 2016 to retrieve my emails (the ones I want to keep) and to write/reply to emails, manage my contacts, and for the calendar to keep track of my appointments, birthdays, etc.

IMO, there is no "best".

I am an avid cyclist. I check the weather every day before I go out. I check every local TV station, Accuweather, the Air Force base which is less than 1 mile from my house and they all always say something different!!!!!

The Base is actually the most accurate - but I try to ride 30 miles - that's about 15 miles out and guess what? The weather will be different there. It could be raining there but still sunny at my house.

So you just need to try them all and pick the one that is consistently more accurate for where you live, and for where you are going.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Login Win 10
« on: May 07, 2020, 03:08:58 PM »
I always use a local account.
Me too.

Computer Problems, Questions and Solutions! / Re: Windows 10 Defrag
« on: May 07, 2020, 02:33:03 PM »
Just to clarify a couple things. (1) For hard drives, if you have left Windows defaults alone (which is recommended), Windows 10 will automatically defrag your hard drives periodically (weekly). You don't ever have to manually defrag them. The only time I might manually defrag a hard drive is when I attach a used drive I don't know the condition of to my computer (after I scan for malware, of course!).

In other words, just leave the defaults alone and you will be fine.

(2) Just to ensure there's no confusion, Windows will never, as in NEVER EVER defrag a SSD. This is because SSDs store data differently than hard drives do and therefore, NEVER need defragging. In fact, it would be detrimental because it adds unnecessary wear and tear (particularly, writes) on the SSD. For another, because of how TRIM and wear leveling works on SSDs, no defragging utility could ever efficiently defrag a SSD.

For those reasons, the defrag tool in Windows is not even called a "defrag" utility. The tool is called "Optimize Drives".

Think of a hard drive as you would a drawer in a file cabinet with the pages (file segments) of the report (file) you need scattered (fragmented) in no particular order from front to back. To retrieve all the pages in the right order, you have to stand in front of the file cabinet and rifle through the drawer sequentially, going back and forth, front to back many times (perhaps 100s!) across the entire drawer (platters) to each storage location, picking up the pages in the correct order. This takes a lot of time - especially if page 1 is in the front and page 2 is in the back then page 3 is somewhere near the middle, and so on. And remember, this is a mechanical arm (read: slow) moving back and forth, with friction generating heat and creating wear and tear too.

For a SSD, think of a mail sorting box. You simply stand in front of the box and directly grab each page of the report in the right order. It takes the same amount of time and effort to grab every page, regardless where it is located. It does not matter if the pages are next to each other and in the correct order (not fragmented) or if the pages are scattered all over the place. It takes the exact same amount of time to gather up the whole file in the correct order. And this is not a mechanical arm moving a magnetic Read/Write head back and forth. It is done totally through intelligent electronics (read: very fast).

Note when a drive is attached to or installed in a computer, the drive identifies itself as, among other things, by drive type. For example, as a hard drive or a SSD to the BIOS/Chipset. The operating system, in turn, reads that identification information and then appropriately uses and maintains or "optimizes" that drive according to its type.

So again, just leave the defaults alone and you'll be fine. If you or another might have dinked with the defaults, then follow Corrine's advice to makes sure "Scheduled optimization" is set to "on".

Hmmm, I tried it before and really wasn't particularly impressed enough to switch from CCleaner. Yes, the fact it does not try to foist Avast or another program on us is nice. But since that is a common revenue method for many freeware programs, I don't find that particularly annoying. I have for a long time, by habit always selected the custom install options when installing or upgrading any program, paid or free. And I always recommend other do too - if not to opt-out of unwanted extras, but also for those who wish to install the program somewhere other than the default.

I just tried SystemNinja again and the main reason I still think CCleaner is much better remains the same. With CCleaner, users can easily designate which cookies to keep when cleaning. I find that feature invaluable. I regularly visit many forums and other sites daily. So after cleaning with CCleaner, I don't have to re-enter all my log-in credentials. And since I practice what I preach and use unique passwords everywhere, it really is a hassle to re-enter those after every clean up.

I note having to re-enter log in credentials is a common reason I hear from folks for not regularly cleaning out the clutter on their systems. It is also a common reason I hear from users why they use the same password over and over. This is not a problem with CCleaner, like it is with Windows' own Disk Cleanup. I don't see a similar option in SystemNinja, or else I would consider switching. :(

SystemNinja is worth keeping in my toolbox of utilities, but for cleaning out the clutter, CCleaner will still be my cleanup utility of choice.

After an update, Edge opens up with a "Take a look at the new Edge" message and a short button click tour if you want. I just red x it and move on.
That certainly is not exclusive to Edge either. Other browsers will change my home page on first launch after a major update to show off new or improved features.

I always figured it was just another misuse of a term or word by marketing weenies.

I know µ means micro. I think I've understood that since high school calc or physics (I graduated in 1970 so, for a long time).

But I have always pronounced µTorrent as "you-torrent" though I don't know why. I can only assume I first heard, or rather read about it and the author of the article did not know how to insert the ASC-II character; µ from his keyboard. So he put uTorrent instead. I note Wikipedia has it both ways too.

So, to address your wondering question, I think µTorrent has the µ in the name simply because the folks at BitTorrent - the company name for the developers who created µTorrent - wanted to call it that. 

Moderate/mediate - do you understand either/both?
:( Of course I do. And yet I see no mediating going on in that PM thread - at least not by those who are supposed to moderate.

I'm defending no-one and everyone
Right - and reading back through this thread, I must have missed where you expressed an understanding of plodr's position too.  ::) I missed where you said you understand why she felt there was a problem with PM playing some video files. And how you understood how the error message might lead one to believe the problem could be related to HTML5. Or why she might feel the staff there was being dismissive.

I guess I need more coffee this morning because reading through this thread again, I see where you excused Moonchild by saying he didn't have the time to test the issue before he told plodr to use her brain. I see where you excused Tobin because he is in the US and does not need a VPN. I see where you excused their behavior because things were "difficult/hectic/repetitive". I see where you excused Tobin because he is not a moderator of that specific forum. I see where you defended PM for not supporting built in pdf reading and DRM due to bloat. I just don't see any defense for Liz's position at all. But you say you defend "everyone" so it must be in there somewhere.

Oh well.

FTR, if Moonchild doesn't want to put DRM support in PM, that's fine. I'm really am perfectly okay with that. As you correctly noted, PM is a browser. It is not a media player. But since PM does support playing several other media formats, I think it would be good if they posted a list of media formats they do support, perhaps on their FAQ page rather than assume all users should automatically know it doesn't support DRM files - so they don't feel compelled to belittle them when they don't. :( Perhaps you could ask your friends over there to do that? Just a thought.

I'm moving on.

Binary Outcast = Tobin and he can only moderate his own area plus his 'special' Off-Topic playground.
It doesn't matter. He's still a member of the staff there. Just because he can't moderate across the entire site does not mean it is okay to run roughshod over posters in the other forums.

The fact is, Liz was treated with undeserving disrespect with personal insults. That is simply wrong - especially from staff members.

As for DRM - that's irrelevant here too. It does not matter if PM supports DRM. What matters is (1) the error message gave no clue that it was a DRM issue, (2) there is nothing on the PM home page or readily accessible data saying that it does not support DRM, therefore it should not be expected to be common knowledge. And (3) and most importantly for this discussion here, those two members of the staff did not need to be so disrespectful. It was rude and uncalled for.

Make some allowances? I don't get why you keep making excuses for and are defending Tobin so vigorously. I guess he's a friend or something. That's fine. But he's pushing 8 years on that site with nearly 7,000 posts. He is not newbit. And he was selected by Moonchild to be a mod on that site despite you downplaying that role. And he joined that thread clearly to pounce on Liz - not to provide technical help in any manner. There was nothing right or just in how that was handled by them.

You can keep defending them. That's your right. But Liz was the one mistreated, not them.

Now I got a martini ready and need to fire up the grill. So I'm outta here. 

Tobin's NOT a site or forum moderator.
I don't know how they set their staff hierarchy up so may not be a "site" (as in "global") moderator. But he certainly is a moderator on the site. As seen on this page, he is the moderator for at least the Binary Outcast Projects and the Off-Topic forums.

PM's a web browser, it's never had DRM
I don't understand your point. Edge, FF, Chrome are web browsers. They support playing DRM content.

Nothing and no-one's perfect, esp. when times are difficult/hectic/repetitive/...
Ummm, I don't see where that plays here either. Difficult and hectic are not factors or excuses. If Liz had asked this same question repetitively, then maybe. But AFAIK, she hadn't. How many times do we see the same questions over and over? Enough for me to have a 60+ page Word document of "canned" texts responses. Plus a bad day may explain one staff members behavior, not both.

Any US/CA-based helpers on the PM site wouldn't require a VPN
I realize that. My comment was in response to you suggesting "he" (presuming you meant Moonchild) didn't set this up. My point is, that should not matter. He should have checked out the link plodr provided. If it didn't work, he would have seen it didn't work. If it worked, he would have seen it was a copyrighted movie and [hopefully] at that point realized it was a DRM issue.

Tobin's US and he made the call on DRM, presumably after eventually running a quick check.
Yes, after another poster suggested it. The "call" was likely a good one. The crass replies from both Moonchild and especially Tobin were not. plodr said nothing in her first 4 posts that caused her to deserve being told by the site admin/owner to "use your brain", for example. Prefacing an undeserved slap in the face with "kindly" does not make the slap less offensive.

Then Tobin, a site moderator, joining in with his derisive comments was no less offensive, IMO. The video played perfectly fine for me with Edge, Chrome, and FF - but not PM. I had no reason to suspect DRM either. Is every PM user supposed to automatically know PM does not support DRM when virtually every other popular browser does? There certainly is nothing on the Palemoon homepage listing its limitation.

The error message says nothing about DRM. But it does clearly mention "HTML5". So did plodr's conclusion that PM can't handle HTML5 call for Tobin to join the thread to call her conclusion "Such bullshit"?

And again, if it is that obvious as Tobin implies, then it seems to me Moonchild should have immediately realized it too - IF only he tried the link in first place. For if he had, he would have immediately seen it was a movie.

A quick search showed that the earliest mention of Pale Moon here at LzD was in March, 2014.  In fact, that was when I switched to it:  Pale Moon Browser.
Yeah, that was just a guess based on the Wikipedia article that says PM came out in Oct 2009. It might have been your SG blog in 2014 when I first started using it. It just seems longer than that. "I'm not into time, Man!" ;)

Quote from: satrow
Perhaps he didn't feel he had the immediate time to set up a working US/CA VPN (not all 'American' VPN's are allowed access, as I discovered) and test it for himself?
I supposed that is possible but I would think since so many PM users live in the US, such a test platform would already be set up.

Speaking of extensions, one thing nice about the new Edge is there is just one programming model for extensions for both the new Chromium-based Edge and Google Chrome. So extensions made for Chrome work in Edge too.

So if you see anyone claiming it does not have good extension support, they clearly have not done their homework or bothered to give Edge any sort of fair chance.

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